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Photo: Tony Harding


Plaque 1914-18 School





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NY 802478

Original Location

Formerly in the school, until the school was closed in the 1960s and the building sold.

Present Location

St.Mark's Church at Ninebanks by the font.

Which war


Memorial Description

Plaque of white marble 57.5 cm high x 35.5 cm wide in pink alabaster frame 72.5 cm high x 49.5 cm wide. The names are listed in a single column, with those who died identified by a cross to the left of the name. All lettering is in sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Marble and alabaster


Roll of honour of old / scholars who served in / the Great War 1914-1918


Present condition

Restored and placed in St.Mark's Church, Ninebanks 2018.


1. This memorial was placed in the Church after the school was sold. Then the church was closed. On enquiry as to why the plaque had not been placed in the chapel, the reply was “because it had been in the church”.

2. The memorial was rescued by Mr. and Mrs. Myers of Carrshield, who keep it in their garage.

3 Following restoration, the plaque was placed in St.Mark's Church in September 2018 and was viewed by people attending the "All Quiet in West Allen" event in Ninebanks Village Hall.

4 The restoration was carried out by Heritage Consolidation funded by Whitfield with Ninebanks Parochial Council, Allendale Co-operative Society Ltd; The Gannet Co. Inc.; the Sir James Knott Trust and West Allen Parish Council.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding; Dorothy Handcock; Roger Morris

The Journal 10/09/2018 reports restoration.

Research acknowledgements

Dorothy Handcock; Janet Brown; Tony Harding; Roger Morris

Research In Progress

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Plaque 1914-18 School (C12.01)


   Roll of Honour of old
   scholars who served in
   the Great War 1914-1918
     W. Batey
     A.B. Bell
     J. Elliott
   + M. Elliott
     R. Elliott
   + T. Elliott
     J.G. Fairless
   + J.W. Fairless
     W. Gee    A. Johnson
     M.E. Golightly
     M. Jackson
     W. Jackson
     J. Liddell
     T.B. Short
   + J. Swindle
     J.W. Swindle
   + killed

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