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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Triptych 1914-18 St. Aidan





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St. Aidan’s Church, on A167 Durham Road South of Ferryhill.

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Memorial Description

Triptych 6 feet high x 2 feet 3 inches wide, with a crucifix in the gable top and the dedication on either side. The doors are 3 feet 6 inches high. The left hand inner door contains 29 names, the right hand inner door contains 28 names.
The central panel contains 56 names listed in two columns. The lettering is painted in black, varnished, using Roman capitals throughout. There is a 2 feet 6 inch wide shelf below bearing a crucifix, two candlesticks and two vases.

Materials used



In loving memory of the men of / Chilton and Windlestone / who gave their lives in the / Great War 1914-1919



1. There was a fire in the church in 1928 but the War memorial tablet and the organ were rescued.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 13/03/1928 reports fire. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders

Research In Progress

Pauline Priano has researched the WW1 names at Chilton Buildings – see Every Name a Story

Triptych 1914-18 St. Aidan (C107.04)

CHILTON      St. Aidan’s Church.
   In loving memory of the men of
   Chilton and Windlestone
   who gave their lives in the
   Great War 
Left door	      Center panel	       Right door	
   Allen F.        Fawcett L.      Lax W.          Smith G.W.
   Abram T.        Ferguson N.     Lowery J.       Snaith F.
   Atkinson A.K.   Forrest T.      Lambton W.      Turner C.
   Buller W.       Fitchett E.     Lowery C.       Teasdale W.
   Binns C.        Flook R.        Lax J.W.        Teador W.
   Burrow B.T.     Gash J.         Langdale R.     Tunstall J.
   Brompton W.     Graham T.       Moody S.        Taylor W.
   Britton M.      Gitten R.       Matthews J.N.   Taylor J.R.
   Beadnell G.     Gargett J.      Moyle T.        Taylor A.
   Blades E.       Garrett J.      Moore T.        Thompson T.B.
   Bennett G.      Hardy G.A.      Neasham C.      Toase E.
   Birbeck C.      Hardy J.W.      Oyston T.       Wesson J.
   Boycott L.      Hudson T.       O'Brien J.      Wharton J.A.R.
   Britton A.      Hopkins G.      Parkin E.       Wilson C.T.
   Charlton L.     Hartnell S.     Peart W.        Williams T.
   Croft J.        Hall J.W.       Prudhoe C.      Walker J.
   Cant J.T.       Hetherington W. Phillipson A.E. Winter J.
   Clement W.      Hughes H.       Peacock W.      Winter T.
   Cumberland. R.  Ingle G.        Pickering A.J.  Wardle J.
   Dixon T.        Ianson G.R.     Rivers R.       Welsh R.
   Davies W.       Johnson. R.     Ross S.         Wynn R.E.
   Duff E.         Johnson W.      Richardson M.   Webb G.
   Davies W.       Jones C.        Robinson W.     Williams J.
   Dixon G.        Knight J.       Stanworth J.    Whitehouse C.
   Donelly J.      Kirkup A.       Smith F.        Watson J.
   Ellwell T.      Lynch J.        Stirling N.     Ward J.
   Elliott R.      Lindsay W.      Savage W.       Woolridge H.
   Hopper J.       Linningham F.   Slater J.       Yare T.
   1914  1919

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