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Photo: Tony Harding


Cottages 1914-18 Colliery





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Original Location

On east side of main street, almost opposite the “Wheatsheaf” pub.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Erected in 1924 as a first-aid station for the colliery. The cottages were opened by Mrs. Clarence Pease. Her husband Clarence opened the first aid station and unveiled the plaque.

Memorial Description

Single storey brick and slate building with large windows and decorative stonework.
There is a large slate plaque 6 feet 6 inches high x 4 feet wide bearing the names listed in two columns.
On the lintel above is a stone plaque giving the dedication, with the dates incised into the stonework on either side. All lettering is sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Brick and slate.


1914-1918 /
"These cottages were / erected 1924 by / Messrs. Henry Stobart & Co Ltd. / in memory of those from / Chilton Colliery who gave / their lives in the Great War"



Approx. £2,000

How money was raised

Colliery Welfare Fund

Present condition

Still in good repair. Obviously well built. Now used as a clinic.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Mr. W.A. Kellett, Bishop Auckland.


1. The cottages were to house two disabled soldiers and their families.

2. The clinic would also provide a child welfare centre.

3. The site of the cottages contains 1540 sq. yds and was conveyed together with the two cottages to the Durham Aged Mineworkers Homes Association on 27th September 1955.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; C. Sanders; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

Durham County Advertiser 20/06/1924 records opening ceremony.

Auckland Chronicle 19/06/1924 reports opening with photographs

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Gordon Gray (Durham Aged Miners Homes); Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

Pauline Priano has researched the WW1 names at Chilton Buildings – see Every Name a Story

Cottages 1914-18 Colliery (C107.01)

          These cottages were 
          erected 1924 by                         
   1914   Messrs. Henry Stobart & Co Ltd.       1918 
          in memory of those from 
          Chilton Colliery who gave 
          their lives in the Great War"
   Allen, F.          Langdale, R
   Abram, T.          Moody, S.
   Atkinson, A.K.     Matthews, J.N. 
   Buller, W.         Moyle, T. 
   Binns, C.          Moore, T.
   Burrows, T.        Neasham, C.
   Brompton, W.       Oyston, T.
   Britton, M.        O‘Brien J.
   Beadnell, G.       Parkin, E.
   Blades, E.         Prudhoe, G.
   Charlton, L.       Phillipson, A.E.
   Croft, J.          Peacock, W. 
   Cant, J.T.         Pickering, A.J. 
   Clement, W.        Rivers, R.
   Dixon, T.          Ross, S.
   Davies, A.         Richardson, M.
   Duff, E.           Robinson, W.
   Davies, W.         Stanworth, J.
   Dixon, G.          Smith, F.
   Donnelly, J.       Stirling, N.
   Elliott, R.        Savage, W.
   Forrest, T.        Snaith, F.
   Fitchett, E.       Turner, C. 
   Flook, R.          Teasdale, W. 
   Gash, J.           Teador, W.
   Graham, T.         Tunstall, J.
   Gitten, R.         Taylor, J.R.
   Gargett, J.        Thompson, T.B.
   Garrett, J.        Toase, E.
   Hardy, G.A.        Wilson, C.T.
   Hardy, J.W.        Williams, T.
   Hudson, T.         Walker, J.
   Hopkins, G.        Winter, J.
   Hartnell, S.       Winter, T.
   Ingle, G.          Wardle, J.
   Johnson, R.        Welch, R.
   Johnson, W.        Wynn, R.E.
   Knight, J.         Webb, G.
   Lynch, J.          Whitehouse, C.
   Lindsay, W.        Watson, J.       
   Linningham, F.     Williams, J.
   Lax, W.            Ward, J.         
   Lowery, J.         Woolridge, H. 
   Lowery, C.         Yare, T.
   Taylor, W          Taylor, A.
   Smith, C.W. 

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