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Photo: Dorothy Hall


ROH 1914-18 Teachers' Union





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October 1919?

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Roll of Honour. This might have been on a programme or menu.


Names of Teachers who were killed or served who were members of the Chester-le-Street District National Union of Teachers (Local) Association.



1. The Chester-le-Street Chronicle of 24/10/1919 reports a “Welcome Home” meeting of members. The Roll of Honour is mentioned at the end, but whether this was a physical memorial or merely a list of names is not clear. There does not appear to have been a formal unveiling, and the atmosphere described in the report does not convey the normal solemnity associated with an unveiling.

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Photos: Dorothy Hall

Chester-le-Street Chronicle 24/10/1919

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“Who dies if England live? Rudyard Kipling. 'For all we have and are.'

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Dorothy Hall

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ROH 1914-18 Teachers' Union (C105.35)

CHESTER LE STREET	National Union of Teachers (Local) Association.


   Roll of Honour

   Anderson, Alexander Grieves
   Airey, William Carr
   Anderson, William
   Appleton, Harry
   Atkinson, Kenneth
   Barrass, George Edward Stephenson
   Beck, George Charles
   Bell, Francis
   Bell, John Thomas
   Bell, Raisbeck
   Bourne, Christopher Henry
   Brass, John
   Bulmer, Joseph
   Bulmer, Richard
   Burnett, John
   Clayton, Thomas
   Close, Guest Lawrence
   Craven, Harold D.
   Curry, Leonard
   Roll of Honour

   Curry, William
   Cuthbertson, William Usher
   Davison, John Ernest
   Dennison, Richard Hill
   Dunn, Rowland Crozier
   English, Wilfrid
   Gilder, Thomas Willis
   Gray, Ernest William
   Gleadhill, Edward
   Gowdie, Thomas
   Gowland, Charles Frederick
   Green, Thomas Henry
   Hair, Frederick
   Harker, John
   Harker, Tom
   Harvey, John Thomas
   Hewitson, John
   House, Stephen
   Iceton, John Joseph
   Johnson, Henry Edward
   Roll of Honour

   Johnson, Thomas
   Legg, William Robert
   Little, Thomas Glencrose
   Long, Matthew
   Lowe, George
   Lowson, Robert William
   Mellor, Frank
   Mennear, John Mason
   Metcalfe, Rex
   Micholson (sic),  Ernest Mazzini
   Nicholson, William Peacock
   Nightingale, Thomas William
   Nunney, Peter Hunt
   Parker, James Alderson
   Phillips, John
   Raine, Thomas Robson
   Ridley, James William
   Riseborough, Leathart
   Roberts, George Dodd
   Rollason, Mark Herbert
   Roll of Honour

   Selkirk, Arthur
   Simms, James Joseph
   Skurr, William
   Smith, Ralph Henry
   Standish, James
   Straw, John William
   Taylerson, Sidney Ward
   Thornton, Charles Arthur
   Toyer, Walter Barrington
   Turk, John William
   Turnbull, Lynnfred
   Turnbull, Richard Stanley
   Vint, Thomas
   Wadge, Herbert Willan
   Watson, George Pearson
   White, James Donaldson
   Wilkinson, Joseph William
   Wilson, Robert Henry
   In memoriam

   Killed in Action or Died of Wounds for
   Humanity, Civilisation, Liberty
   “Who dies if England live?
   Who lives if England dies?”
   Ashworth, James Francis Gordon
   Booth, John George
   Brock, Alfred Lawrence
   Buffham, Henry Augustus
   Clark, John George
   Curry, Ralph
   Fullerton, Matthew
   Heslop, John Greenfield
   Metcalfe, Alexander John
   Richardson, Alexander Lister
   Rivers, George Stephenson
   Robson, Thomas
   Stobbs, Henry

   Reported missing presumed killed

   Bennett, Norman
   Waud, Ernest Henry
   We are told that the name of “Henry Augustus Buffham” should be “Harry Augustus Buffham”.

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