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Book of Remembrance 1939-45 St. Mary and St. Cuthbert





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NZ 275513

Original Location

Church of St. Mary and St. Cuthbert, Church Chare, DH3 3QB. In Memorial Chapel.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 6th June 1948 by Rt.Hon. J.J. Lawson, Esq., M.P.; dedicated by the Rt. Rev. The Lord Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance, 278 mm high x 217 mm wide. It has a grey leather cover with tooled St. Cuthbert’s Cross on the front embossed in blue and silver enamel. The first name of each letter is illuminated. The names are handwritten.

Materials used

Leather cover.


The gift of the / Chester-le-Street Branch / of the / British Legion. This Book / is Dedicated to / the Memory of / the /men and women / of this parish / who lost their lives / as a result of / enemy action / during the / World War / 1939-1945.


Who commissioned

Royal British Legion

Present condition

Becoming rather speckled with age.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

J. Brewster, Nov. 1952.


1. The cover of the Book of Remembrance matches that of the Bible and service books used in the Memorial Chapel.

2. The name of J.C. Armstrong carries an error in the date. H.M.S. Hood was sunk in 1941, not 1940.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall

Chester-le-Street Chronicle and Durham Advertiser 11/06/1948 describe dedication of war memorial chapel and furnishings.

Durham County Record Office ref: EP/CS 14/36

Restoration fund brochure 1967

Parish Church Guide 1960s

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Research acknowledgements

Dorothy Hall; James Pasby

Research In Progress

James Pasby is researching the names on this memorial Contact:

Book of Remembrance 1939-45 St. Mary and St. Cuthbert (C105.05)

CHESTER-LE-STREET.   St. Mary & St. Cuthbert’s Church.


    The gift of the 
    Chester-le-Street Branch 
    of the 
    British Legion.

    This Book 
    is Dedicated 
    to the Memory 
    of the 
    men and women 
    of this parish 
    who lost their lives 
    as a result of 
    enemy action 
    during the 
    World War 
Page 1      

    Adamson, Thomas                  Signalman
      10th Indian Div. Signals       17th Aug. 1942
    Armstrong, J. Cyril      
      H.M.S. Hood                    24th May 1940
    Ashurst, Thomas                  Driver
      128th Coy. R.A.S.C.            19th April 1945
Page 2     

    Bain, Edward James               Private
      A. & S. Highlanders            8th June 1943 (P.O.W.)
    Betts, George                    Private
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry        2nd Nov. 1942
    Blight., John                    Sgt. Pilot
      R.A.F.                         6th Feb. 1942
    Bowman, Ian Gordon Ackroyd       Cf/Eng.
      Merchant Navy                  24th Dec. 1942
    Boyd, Edwin John                 Driver
      Royal Corps of Signals         11th June 1940
    Brennan, James Bernard           Sgt. A.S.
      R.A.F.V.R.                     21st July 1944
    Brennan, Kevin Barry             Sgt.
      R.A.F.                         19th June 1940
    Brown, Eric                      Rifleman
      9th Cameronians                25th April 1945 (P.O.W.)
    Bruce, James                     A.C.2
      R.A.F.                         24th Jan. 1943
    Burnside, Josiah Tremain      
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry        May 1940
Page 3

    Calvert, Edward Hillary         Sgt.
      R.A.F.                        June 1944
    Carr, Jack                      Sgt.
      456 Squdn, R.A.A.F.           21st Jan. 1943
    Carr, Matthew Stafford          Gunner
      135th Field Regt. R.A.        29th June 1943 (P.O.W.)
    Carr, Thomas Henry              W/O Bdr.
      Royal Artillery               24th Aug. 1941
    Clarke, Charles Harle           Radio Officer
      Merchant Navy                 14th Sep. 1940
    Clarke, Donald Owen, G.C.
      Apprentice Merchant Navy      9th Aug. 1943
    Coates, G. Henry                Ord. Seaman
      Merchant Navy                 30th July 1946
    Collins, William Morris         A.A.B.
      D.E.M.S., R.N.                21st Feb. 1943
    Colville, Fred                  Flying Officer
      97 Squdn., R.A.F.             31st Mar. 1944
    Coulson, Joseph Neil            Private
      1st Durham Lt. Infantry       17th Nov. 1944
    Cowan, Norman                   Gunner
      Royal Artillery P.S. Regt.    9th Nov. 1946
    Cree, Norman Alexander          Fusilier
      9th Royal Northd. Fus.        12th Jan. 1944.
Page 4      

    Cree, Sydney                    Corporal
      6th Durham Lt. Infantry       10th Sept. 1946
    Cruddas, Archibald,             A.C.1   
      R.A.F.V.R.                    22nd Jan.1942
    Cullen, Albert Edward           Private
      2nd Durham Lt. Infantry       April 1940
    Curry, Robert                   Stoker 1st Class
      Royal Navy                    27th Dec. 1943
Page 5     

    Dagg, Lawrence Douglas          Asstd. Steward
      H.M.S. Kelly                  23rd May 1941
    Davison, Charles Clement        Sgt. A.S.
      R.A.F.                        3rd-4th Oct. 1943
    Davison, George                 O. Tel.
      H.M. Victory,  R.N.           10th Dec. 1940
    Davison, Ronald                 Second Officer      
      Merchant Navy                 12th Feb. 1941
    Denny, John                     Private
      Durham Lt. Infantry           16th Oct. 1944
    Dodds, William                  Private
      Durham Lt. Infantry           11th Aug. 1943
    Donald, Henry Albert            Sgt. Pilot
      R.A.F.                        1939
    Dowlen, Norman Frederick        Corporal
      R.A.F.                        5th Feb. 1947
      (Died as a result of war service)
Page 6     

    Edwards, James                  Private
      2nd Durham Lt. Infantry       24th April 1944
    Elgy, Albert                    Sgt.
      R.A.F. Medical                7th June 1944
    Forster William                 Sergt. Ft. Eng.
      R.A.F.                        6th Nov. 1944
    Gascoigne, John                 L/Cpl.  A.A.C.
      6th Airborne Division         6th June 1943
    Goldstraw, Joseph Henry         Private
      R.A.S.C.                      29th May 1940
    Green, W. Henry                 Private
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry       1st Dec. 1942
Page 7     

    Hadden, Alan                    Ft. Sgt.
      609 Squdn., R.A.F.            14th Feb. 1943
    Hakin, William                  Stoker 1st Class
      R.N.                          22nd Aug. 1945
    Hall, John                      Private
      2nd Durham Lt. Infantry       6th April 1943
    Handley, Jack                   Private
      2nd Durham Lt. Infantry       29th April 1944
    Hankinson, John Robert          Private
      2nd Durham Lt. Infantry       5th Aug. 1944
    Haynes, George Benjamin         Private
      Oxf. & Bucks Lt. Infantry     11th Nov. 1943
    Healey, F.                      L/Sergt
      9th Field R.E. Airborne
    Hepple, Ralph                   Ft. Sgt
      R.A.F.                        7th May 1941
    Hepworth, William Kingsley      A.S.
      H.M.S. Ibis                   10th Nov. 1942
    Hetherington, George Dennis     Ft. Sgt.
      R.A.F.                        23rd May 1944
    Hillier, F.J.                   Private (P.O.W.)
Page 8     

    Hindson, Joseph William         Gunner
      A.A. Battery                  4th Jan.1941
    Hodgson, John                   Private
      1st Black Watch R.H.A.        11th Aug. 1944
    Hodgson, Joseph                 Stoker 1st Class
      H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth, R.N.  19th Dec. 1941
    Hollingsworth, William          Pilot Officer
      500th Squdn., R.A.F.          8th Feb. 1942
    Huscroft, Norman                Private
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry       21st May 1940
    Huscroft Robert William         Cook
      H.M.S. Royal Oak, R.N.        14th Oct. 1939
 Page 9     

    Jackson, George                 Private
      9th Durham Lt. Infantry       26th Feb. 1945
    Jefferson, Henry                Gunner
      Royal Artillery               28th Feb. 1944
    Johnson, John Robert            Gunner
      17/1st H.A.A.  R.A.           25th Feb. 1945
    Johnson, G.                     Sergeant
Page 10      

    Kerr, Samuel Taylor             Sgt.Nav.
      625th Squdn. R.A.F.           12-13th Sep. 1944
    Kirk, Arthur Alvin
      Fleet Air Arm                 17th Jan. 1940
    Knox, William                   L/Cpl.
      9th Durham Lt. Infantry       14th June 1944
    Lawton, William Brabant Gray    Private
      1/5 Queen’s Royal Regt.       24th Jan. 1944
    Lillystone, Henry               1st Engineer
      Merchant Navy                 18th Nov. 1939
    Long, Jack                      A.B.
      Royal Navy                    28th June 1944
    Lewcock, J.                     Gunner
      Royal Artillery               2nd April 1943
    Lodge, C.S.         
      R.A.F.                        6th Oct. 1938
Page 11      

    Marsden, Thomas Soulsby         Col. Sgt.
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry       18th July 1943
    Marshall, Thomas Robson         Ft. Sgt.
      R.A.F.                        29th June 1941
    McGowan, Granville              Captain
      So. Staffordshire Regt.       10th Feb. 1945
    McKellar, Alastair Ross         Captain
      Gordons (att Sierra Leone Regt.) 12th April 1944
    McKitton, Alan                  Private
      11th Durham Lt. Infantry      3rd Dec. 1940
    McPheen, John Synn   D.F.M.     W.O.
      R.A.F.V.R.                    17th Sep. 1944
    Minto, George Hudson
      H.M.S. Penelope  R.N.         18th Feb. 1944
    Moody, Eric R.                  A.B.
      Royal Navy                    3rd Aug. 1940
    Moralee, John                   A.B.
      Merchant Navy                 19th April 1942
    Moore, Herbert Vincent          Private
      Oxford & Bucks Lt.I.          24th Feb. 1945
    Morris, Matthew                 Corporal
      2nd Lothian Border Yeomanry RAC   2nd Feb. 1946
Page 12     

    Morton, John George             Sergeant.
      2nd Durham Lt. Infantry       28th May 1940
    Mowbray, Joseph                 Ft. Sergt.
      R.A.F.                        24th-25th Mar. 1944
    Murray, Malcolm                 A.C.1
      R.A.F.                        5th July 1941
    Mason, G.                       Sergeant.
      Royal Engineers               24th April 1943
    Moody, E.R.         
      Royal Navy                    3rd Aug. 1940
    Nation, Harry                   Marine
      Chatham Division, R.M.        4th Mar. 1943
    Nicholson, Robert               L/Cpl
      Royal Signals                 12th Nov. 1944
    Nixon, Francis Neville          A.B.
      Royal Navy                    22nd July 1944
Page 13

    Oakes, Matthew                  Fusilier
      Royal Northd Fusiliers        15th Mar. 1945
    Owers, Tom Jobson               Gunner
      Royal Artillery               25th June 1942
    Pride, T.S.                     Lieut.
      The Cambia Regt.              20th Jan.1945
    Padden, Gerald T.               Ft. Sgt.
      R.A.F.                        17th Dec. 1942
    Peary, Charles Dennis           Sergeant
      R.A.F.                        20th Oct. 1943
    Place, Florence Elizabeth       P.O.
      W.R.V.S. H.M.S. Condor        29th Oct. 1942
    Price, Edward Henderson         L/Stoker
      R.N.                          15th Nov. 1942
    Proctor, Norman                 Private
      Durham Lt. Infantry           17th July 1943
    Quigley, Cecil                  Telegraphist
      Royal Navy                    9th June 1940   
Page 14      

    Ranson, Joseph                  Sergeant   
      Royal Artillery               19th Nov. 1942
    Rawlings, Douglas Ray           Sgt.
      9th Squdn., R.A.F.            9th July 1941
    Rawlins, Ronald Moore           Major
      Royal Tank Corps              25th Nov. 1941
    Ridley, Thomas Edward           Signalman
      Royal Corps of Signals        21st Sep. 1944
    Rowland, Eric                   W/Op Air Gunner
    Sheavills, Wilfred              Private
      R.A.S.C.                      4th April 1945

    De-Smet, Oscar         
      Merchant Navy                 11th April 1943
    Sherwood, Charles Henry         Ft. Sgt.
      R.A.F.                        25-26th May 1943
Page 15

    Simpson, Charles Halsey         Ft. Sgt.
      R.A.F.                        25-26th Feb. 1944
    Smith, Alfred George            Gunner
      R.A./L.A.A.                   11th Aug. 1945
    Smith, William Alfred           Rifleman
      1st Rifle Brigade             2nd Dec. 1944
    Southwick, George Siddle        Sergeant.
      9th Royal Northd Fusiliers    26th Aug. 1946
    Spark, John Havelock            Flying Officer
      18th Squdn. R.A.F.            1st Oct. 1943
    Stennett, Leslie                Ord. Seaman
    Stott, John Henry               Bombadier (sic)
      Royal Artillery               8th July 1944
    Streeter, William               L/Cpl.
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry       22nd Mar. 1943
Page 16     

    Telford, Charles                A.C.1.   
      R.A.F.                        25th June 1940
    Thirtle, John                   A.B.
      Royal Navy                    8th June 1940
    Thirtle, Robert                 Private
      Durham Lt. Infantry           29th June 1942   
    Thornton, William               Private
      Duke of Wellington’s Regt.    2nd Feb. 1944
    Toase, George Royston           Sergeant.
      R.A.F.                        5th Nov. 1944
    Tremain, John Henry             A.C.
      R.A.F.                        8th Jan.1945
    Turnbull, Ian Stuart            Captain
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry       2nd Nov. 1942
Page 17


    Vasey, Jonathan Corbett         Private
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry       18th July 1943
    Virgo, Frederick Charles        Private
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry       8th June 1942
    Virgo, Walter                   L/Cpl
      Royal Marines                 24th April 1942
Page 18      

    Waggot, Harry                   Lieut.
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry       11th June 1944
    Wake, John Edward      
      1st Durham Lt. Infantry       21st Mar. 1942
    Wales, William                  Private
      2nd So. Staffords (att. RAOC) 14th Nov. 1942
    Wardle, Selby, M.M.             Coy. Sgt. Major
      8th Durham Lt. Infantry       13th Aug. 1943
    Watson, Arthur Wilfred, DFC     S/Ldr
      253 Squdn, R.A.F.             22nd May 1944
    Watson, John George             Sgt./Ob.
      R.A.F.V.R.                    29th July 1942
    Wilks, Matthew Henry            Private
      Yorks & Lancs Regt (India Command) 2nd July 1944
    Witham, G.L.                    Driver
    Witherspoon, Sidney George      W.O.
      Pilot R.A.F.V.R.              1st July 1945
    Wilson, J.                      Sergeant
                                    23rd Sept. 1942
Page 19    

    Yorke, Jons Grieveson         Private
      9th Border Regt.              1944
Page 20
    This Book of Remembrance
    was unveiled by the
    Right Hon. J.J. Lawson, Esq., M.P.
    and Dedicated by the
    Right Reverend
    The Lord Bishop of Durham
    on Sunday 6th June 1948
    C.R. Appleton

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