Memorial Details

Photo: Lonely Tower


Angel Statue 1914-18 1939-45





Map ref

NT 995533

Original Location

Outside St. Mary's Parish Church, Castlegate

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 11th November 1923 by Earl Haig of Bemersyde; dedicated by Rev. William Jardine, M.C.
b. Unveiled 21/04/1948 by Major General Harold de Riemer Morgan D.S.O. R.N.F. Dedicated by Rev W.B. Hicks Vicar of Berwick Parish Church.

Memorial Description

Statue of Angel of Peace on a square sandstone base 172 cm x 172 cm, overall height 22 feet (6.70m). The angel is holding a wreath in both hands. Plaques on the sides give the details; these have wide raised decorative edges, with stylised flowers at intervals. The names are in two columns on each plaque divided by a vertical line. The lettering is in raised Roman capitals throughout. At the foot of the front face is a smaller plaque bearing the dedication to 1939-45.

The statue is set in a small rose garden.

Materials used

Cast metal statue on top of sandstone plinth, cast metal plaques.


a. The Great War 1914-1918 / In honour of all who served / in sympathy with all who suffered / and / in remembrance of these the fallen sons / of this Borough / whose names are here inscribed.
They trod the path of Him upon the Rood / perfect in one great act of sacrifice.
b. To the memory of / the men and women of this Borough / who fell in the 1939-1945 war




How money was raised

a. Public subscription. Mr. W. Runciman of Doxford Hall donated £50

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Alexander Carrick R.S.A., R.B.S.

Ownership and maintenance

Ownership St. Mary's Parish Church. Maintenance by Borough Council.


1. "At a public meeting held in the Town Hall, the War Memorial Committee resigned en bloc. A motion to form a new Committee to bring in a fresh scheme was defeated by an amendment leaving the whole question of a memorial to the Town Council, who by their action in refusing to sanction the removal of The Scotsgate, wrecked the former scheme of the Committee to erect bronze commemorative tablets on the walls of the town near The Scotsgate".

2. Although there were already memorials at Spittal and Tweedmouth, all names from the Borough should be added to this one, on the grounds "they had fought and died together, they should be remembered together"

3. In "A Corner in the North" in Chapter 10 the author tells how "Berwick had a tank given to it as a war memorial in recognition of the valour and public spirit of its inhabitants, and naturally Colonel Swinton, as a neighbour of the old Border Town and as the military originator of tanks, who had raised and commanded the first tank unit, was asked to take a leading part in the ceremony of placing it in permanent quarters . . ."

4. At the original meeting to discuss the proposal to erect a memorial, which was addressed by Viscount Grey, Sir Francis Blake, M.P. proposed that bronze plates be chosen, since they were emblematic of war, and that the Scotsgate be removed in order to provide a site for the memorial.

5. There is a plan to commemorate all those who have died in war over the past 50 years in some way. There is no room on the memorial for the names from 1945, and they are honoured only with a dedication. The form the memorial will take has yet to be decided.

6. The garden is planted with roses. There is a small plaque just inside the gate which reads “”Humanity” / The British Red Cross Rose / planted by / Lady Rose Crossman / on 7th November 1994 / to commemorate the 125th birthday / of the British Red Cross.

7. The sculptor, Alexander Carrick, was also involved in the Great War. To see a website, click the link below.

8. The Berwick Advertiser 04/03/1921 reports display of designs at Paxton and Purves with description of memorial

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: P. Thirkell, T. Harding; Lonely Tower; old postcards: Tony Harding

Shields Daily News 11/11/1921 reports Mr. Runciman's gift.

Alnwick & County Gazette 31/07/1920 reports the argument quoted in Note 1 above; 27/11/1920 reports approval of site outside St. Mary's and the decision to include all names from the Borough; 25/11/1922 reports approval of site, and that several hundred pounds were needed.

Newcastle Daily Journal 18/03/1920 reports conflict over Scotch gate proposals; 01/04/1920 reports protest by Society of Antiquaries over proposal to remove Scotch gate; 29/04/1920 reports further on removal of Scots Gate; 30/07/1920 reports resignation en bloc by War Memorial Sub-Committee; 05/08/1920 reports commencement of new scheme; 11/1920 passim reports agreement on site outside St. Mary's Church and form memorial will take.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 18/03/1920 page 10

Berwick Advertiser 20/02/1919 reports public meeting decision to raise £5,000 for a memorial, the form to be decided later; 04/03/1921 reports display of designs at Paxton and Purves with description of memorial; 22/04/1948 reports unveiling 1939-45 plaque. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Northern Echo 15/11/1920 reports proposals; 22/11/1920 reports approval of site; 11/02/1921 reports approval of design; 12/11/1923 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 12/11/1923 reports unveiling with photos.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 19/03/1921 reports acceptance of design; 17/11/1923 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Central Library photograph c1925.

Northumberland Record Office old photo showing HRH Prince of Wales wreath laid 16/05/1928

"At the Going Down of the Son" Derek Boorman. Dunnington Hall, York, 1988.

Scots Magazine November 1992 carries an article on the work of Alexander Carrick who made the memorial.

Morpeth County Library Postcard collection shows the statue set inside a walled enclosure.

The Journal 09/10/1995 reports proposals for post-1945 names given in Note 5 above.

The Glorious Dead. Figurative Sculpture of British First World War Memorials. Geoff Archer, Frontier Publishing; 2009. ISBN 978 1 872914 38 1

Source of quotation:
“They trod the path of Him . . .” Not ascertained.

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Research acknowledgements

Philip Thirkell; the late R.W. Gould; Capt. D. Armstrong; Berwick upon Tweed Town Council; Elspeth Gould; J. Brown; Michael Newrick; Tony Harding; Janet Digby; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

The names for 1939-45 are being sought, with a view to adding them to the memorial, Contact:

Angel Statue 1914-18 1939-45 (B25.01)

Front panel :  
     The Great War 1914-1918
     In honour of all who served
     in sympathy with all who suffered
     in remembrance of these the fallen sons
     of this Borough
     whose names are here inscribed.
     Addison, R.H.       E.S.R.      Buchanan, G.        G.H.
     Ainslie, A.         S.H.        Buglass, J.         T.S.
     Ainslie, J.L.       R.F.A.      Burgon, H.          N.F.
     Aitken, G.M.        R.S.        Burgon, J.          A.& S.H.
     Amass, A.J.         S.R.        Burgon, J.          R.E.
     Anderson, J.        R.N.        Burgon, J.          S.G.
     Anderson, J.        R.H.        Burn, R.            K.O.S.B.
     Anderson, P.        N.F.        Burns, B.L.         K.O.S.B.
     Armour, R.          H.L.I.      Burns, C.           N.F.
     Armstrong, W.       R.H.        Burns, J.           N.L.F.
     Atkinson, W.        N.F.        Burns, J.           K.O.S.B.
     Austin, T.          N.F.        Burton, G.          C.C.
     Ayre, R.            R.N.        Butler, J.          N.F.
     Bain, J.            K.O.S.B.    Cairens, A.W.       S.A.C.
     Balmbro, R.                     Calder, A.          R.N.
     Baxter, J.          R.S.        Campbell, F.        N.F.
     Bell, R.F.          N.F.        Carter, G.R.        K.O.S.B.
     Beveridge, M.       E.Y.R.      Carruthers, M.S.    A & S.H.
     Black, M.R.         A.I.F.      Carvell, T.         R.F.A.
     Black, W.R.         D.          Cavanagh, J.        R.N.R.
     Black, W.J.         R.F.        Clark, T.H.         S.R.
     Boal, J.E.          N.F.        Clazie, A.          K.O.S.B.
     Bookless, W.        K.O.S.B.    Cleghorn, J.        N.F.
     Booth, G.           K.O.S.B.    Clements, R.C.      N.F.
     Booth, J.           N.F.        Cochrane, W.        S.R.
     Boston, J.H.        R.S.        Cockburn, A.        K.O.S.B.
     Borthwick, A.       N.F.        Cockburn, G.T.      K.O.S.B.
     Borthwick, J.       K.O.S.B.    Cockburn, J.        K.O.S.B.
     Borthwick, J.       R.A.F.      Cockburn, J.S.      K.O.S.B.
     Borthwick, S.       R.H.A.      Cockburn, M.        N.F.
     Boyd, G.P.          I.G.        Cockburn, M.        N.C.B.
     Boyd, N.J.L.        R.H.        Cockburn, M.        K.O.S.B.
     Bremner, R.         G.H.        Conboy, J.          K.O.S.B.
     Brennand, J.        K.O.S.B.    Couchman, C.W.      K.O.S.B.
     Brett, G.           R.F.A.      Coultard, A.        K.O.S.B.
     Brock, A.L.         D.L.I.      Crawford, G.        N.F.
     Brock, E.           D.L.I.      Croll, W.L.         R.H.
     Brodie,             K.O.S.B.    Crow, W.S.          R.E.
     Brogan, F.          M.G.C.      Crombie, T.H.       N.F.
     Brotherton, J.      N.F.        Crosbie, T.         K.O.S.B.
     Brough, H.          R.N.        Cummings, D.        K.O.S.B.
     Brown, J.           N.F.        Curry, A.           K.O.S.B.
                                     Herriot, G.A.       C.C. 
Bottom front panel :

     To the memory of
     the men and women of this Borough
     who fell in the 1939-1945 war
Panel 2 :

     Curran, W.          N.F.        Gold, W.            K.O.S.B.
     Dalgleish, W.J.     N.F.        Goodall, J.         S.C.
     Dawson, J.          N.F.        Goodfellow, J.      N.F.
     Dawson, J.          K.O.S.B.    Graham, M.          N.F.
     Dawson, L.          K.O.S.B.    Graham, T.S.
     Davis, P.           N.F.        Grainger, G.L.      R.E.
     Davidson, A.P.      G.H.        Grainger, J.        L.R.
     Davidson, J.        K.O.S.B.    Grainger, J.S.      L.R.
     Davidson, J.        K.O.S.B.    Gray, G.            N.F.
     Demee, H.           S.H.        Gray, G.A.          N.F.
     Dewar, H.           R.S.        Gray, J.            N.F.
     Dickinson, D.H.     K.O.Y.L.I.  Gray, J.            N.F.
     Dickinson, J.       R.N.D.      Gray, T.            S.H.
     Dickinson, W.       N.F.        Green, R.W.         M.M.G.C.
     Dickinson, W.H.     N.F.        Greig, W.           S.C.
     Dickson, A.         M.G.C.      Grey, P.R.          N.F.
     Dixon, S.           N.F.        Grey, W.            N.F.
     Dodds, P.           S.R.        Grieve, W.          N.F.
     Donaldson, R.G.     C.C.        Grieve, T.H.        R.N.
     Dormer, W.C.        L.R.        Hadnum, H.P.        K.O.S.B.
     Dowens, J.A.        K.O.S.B.    Hall, R.            N.F.
     Drummond, J.        K.O.S.B.    Hall, R.A.          K.O.S.B.
     Dryden, T.          N.F.        Harrison, T.        N.F.
     Dryden, W.E.        R.E.        Hartley, T.         N.F.
     Dumble, G.          C.C.        Harvey, S.G.        C.H.
     Dumble, T.          N.F.        Hastie, W.          S.H.
     Dumble, W.          N.F.        Haswell, T.         K.O.S.B.
     Dumble, W.          K.O.S.B.    Hattle, J.B.        R.N.R.
     Duncan, J.G.        S.H.        Havery, J.          N.F.
     Dunn, G.F.          K.O.S.B.    Hay, W.             K.O.S.B.
     Edgar, D.W.         C.C.        Heatherington, A.   K.O.S.B.
     Edgar, D.W.         M.G.C.      Heckels, H.W.       D.L.I.
     Elliott, G.         W.Y.R.      Heckels, J.M.       K.O.Y.L.I.
     Elliott, J.         A.I.F.      Heckels, T.W.       N.F.
     Elliot, N.          R.S.        Henderby, A.        N.C.B.
     Erswell, C.G.       N.F.        Henderson, A.M.     N.F.
     Evans, J.           N.F.        Henderson, J.       N.F.
     Evans, G.H.         C.C.        Henderson, J.H.     C.G.
     Evans, J.T.         N.F.        Henderson, W.       R.E.
     Ewart, W.           R.G.A.      Henderson, W.M.     S.R.
     Ewart, J.           N.C.B.      Heslop, J.J.        N.F.
     Farragher, T.       K.O.S.B.    Heslop, T.          M.G.C.
     Fawcus, J.          N.F.        Heslop, W.          R.S.
     Fedden, C.O.        Punjabis.   Hettle, J.B.        R.S.
     Fell, T.H.          N.F.        Hills, R.F.         R.W.R.
     Fettis, W.          W.Y.R.      Hodgson, W.N.       D.R.
     Findlay, D.J.       R.E.        Hogarth, W.         L. & B.H.
     Fisackerly, G.      S.R.        Hogg, G.            C.C.
     Flannigan, A.       N.F.        Hogg, J.            Y. & L.R.
     Flannigan, D.       K.O.S.B.    Hope, W.            H.
     Ford,               R.N.        Horsburgh, J.       R.N.
     Forster, T.A.       N.F.        Hudson, J.          E.Y.R.
     Forsyth, J.E.       R.S.        Huffam, H.          N.F.
     Forsyth, R.         L.R.        Hunter, D.          A.G.S.
     Freeman, C.         Y.R.        Hunter, J.F.        R.W.R.
     Fryer, W.           K.O.S.B.    Hunter, J.          L.
     Galbraith, A.G.     N.F.        Hunter, R.H.        K.R.R.C.
     Geddes, J.          R.H.        Hunter, W.          N.F.
     Geddes, J.C.        K.O.Y.L.I.  Huntley, J.         N.F.
     Geddes, R.J.        K.O.S.B.    Hush, A.            K.O.S.B.
     Gibson, J.          N.C.B.      Hush, J.            S.H.
     Gibson, R.S.        A.I.F.      Hush, J.            K.O.S.B.
     Gladstone, A.M.     N.F.        Hynes, J.           N.F.
     Gladston, R.        C.C.        Hynes, J.           G.H.
     Glass, D.M.         M.G.C.      Jameson, A.W.       N.F.
     Glass, D.           R.G.A.      Jefferson, P.       D.L.I.
Panel 3:

     Jeffrey, J.         N.F.        McDougall, R.       R.F.A.
     Jones, L.S.T.       N.F.        McDougall, T.       N.F.
     Johnson, C.                     McFarlane, J.       N.F.
     Johnson, J.         D.L.I.      McFeeters, J.       R.F.A.
     Johnson, J.         C.C.        McGregor, W.        K.O.S.B.
     Johnston, J.        K.O.S.B.    McLeman, J.         N.F.
     Johnston, J.A.      R.E.        MacLeod, G.         N.F.
     Johnston, T.M.      H.L.I.      McLeod, W.          N.F.
     Keir, J.W.          H.L.I.      McMechan, J.W.      K.O.S.B.
     Kirk, A.            R.S.        MacNab, A.          N.F.
     Kincaid, R.         C.C.        McVeigh, J.         N.F.
     Kincaid, J.         C.G.        Neilson, T.         R.S.
     Kinleyside, J.S.    R.H.        Neilson, W.E.       M.G.C.
     King, R.            R.S.        Newton, A.
     Knowles, J.         A. & S.H.   Newton. I.S.        K.O.S.B.
     Knox, R.            R.S.        Newbould, H.F.J.    K.O.S.B.
     Laidlaw, T.         L.R.        Nicholson, T.E.     N.F.
     Laidler, H.         S.H.        Nicholson, R.B.     N.F.
     Laidler, W.         S.H.        Neild, T.           R.S.
     Lamb, P.            R.N.        Noble, A.           N.F.
     Landells, J.        R.S.        Noble, C.N.         N.F.
     Lauder, J.          K.O.S.B.    Oag, J.             K.O.S.B.
     Leiper, W.T.        R.S.        O'Brien, J.         R.N.R.
     Leddy, R.G.L.       N.F.        Oliver, A.          N.R.
     Leitch, W.R.        K.O.S.B.    Oliver, J.          K.O.S.B.
     Lewis, W.           R.H.        Oliver, W.J.        C.C.
     Liddell, W.         R.S.        Palmer, J.O.        R.N.D.
     Lindsay, W.         D.G.        Palmer, J.T.        A. & S.H.
     Little, J.          G.H.        Patterson, G.       S.R.
     Lockhart, A.W.      N.F.        Patterson, G.       N.F.    
     Logan, T.W.         H.          Patterson, P.       K.O.S.B.
     Lough, J.           S.H.        Patterson, W.       N.F.
     Lowe, T.W.          C.G.        Pattison, W.        K.O.S.B.
     Ludlow, G.R.        K.O.S.B.    Paxton, J.S.        N.F.
     Lyall, A.           R.M.L.I.    Paxton, P.          N.F.
     Lyall, J.           K.O.S.B.    Pearson, R.         K.O.S.B.
     Lyall, J.K.         N.F.        Pickering, H.
     Lyall, R.           K.O.S.B.    Piercy, A.          N.F.
     Lyon, W.            R.N.D.      Piercy, A.          K.O.S.B.
     Makins, S.          N.F.        Piercy, J.          N.F.
     Manton, R.          L.          Pomfret, P.         C.G.
     Marsh, W.J.         N.F.        Poole, H.           K.O.S.B.
     Marshall, A.        C.C.        Poole, T.L.G.       S.G.
     Marshall, J.        R.A.M.C.    Pringle, F.L.       N.F.
     Marshall, W.        N.F.        Proudlock, W.       R.S.
     Marston, H.         M.G.C.      Purdom, A.B.        O. & B.L.I.
     Mather, W.J.        R.S.        Purves, I.          L.
     Matthews, W.J.      R.H.        Rand, F.            B.R.
     Menin, J.           M.G.C.      Rattray, A.G.       A. & S.H.
     Meston, T.          R.N.        Redfern, J.         K.R.R.C.
     Middlemiss, J.G.    S.A.C.      Reilly, M.          R.F.A.
     Millar, W.          K.O.S.B.    Renton, J.          K.O.S.B.
     Miller, A.          A.I.F.      Renwick, T.M.G.     M.R.
     Mitchell, R.        W.R.R.      Richardson, C.      K.O.S.B.
     Morrison, J.H.      H.          Richardson, G.      N.F.
     Morrison, T.W.      R.N.        Richardson, J.      N.F.
     Morton, H.          R.N.R.      Richardson, M.C.    N.F.
     Movin, E.           K.O.S.B.    Richardson, P.R.    C.R.
     Murray, A.          K.O.S.B.    Richardson, R.McA.  S.H.
     Murray, A.G.        M.G.C.      Richardson, S.      S.H.
     Murray, G.          N.F.        Richardson, S.A.    S.G.
     Muir, R.            R.A.F.      Ridpath, T.         N.F.    
     Musgrave, W.        K.O.S.B.    Ridley, E.          R.B.
     Musgrave, R.E.      S.R.        Roberts, J.T.       R.A.S.C.
     McCall, A.          S.G.        Robertson, G.L.     N.F.
     McCreath, A.B.      N.F.        Robertson, G.       R.N.
Panel 4:

     Robertson, J.A.T.   Can.        Sykes, D.           K.O.S.B.
     Robinson, J.        N.F.        Sykes, O.           N.C.B.
     Robinson, R.        N.F.        Taylor, A.          A.G.?
     Robison, R.A.W.     K.R.R.C.    Taylor, A.          W.Y.R.
     Robson, G.          K.O.S.B.    Taylor, I.C.
     Robson, T.L.        N.F.        Tennant, J.A.       N.F.
     Robson, W.          N.F.        Thompson, A.M.      C.C.
     Robson, W.          K.O.S.B.    Thompson, A.W.
     Rollo, J.           A.I.F.      Thompson, C.V.
     Ross, J.V.          L. & Y.R.   Thompson, H.
     Rowley, J.          N.F.        Thompson, J.
     Rowley, M.          H.L.I.      Thompson, K.T.
     Rowntree, R.J.      N.F.        Thompson, N.        N.F.
     Russell, W.         N.F.        Thompson, T.        N.F.
     Rutherford, J.      N.F.        Thompson, V.        N.F.
     Rutherford, W.      K.O.S.B.    Townsley, A.        N.F.
     Scott, G.C.         H.L.I.      Townsley, A.        R.A.S.C.
     Scott, J.           N.F.        Townsley, M.        K.O.S.B.
     Scott, J.           K.O.S.B.    Townsley, W.        K.O.S.B.
     Scott, J.H.         N.F.        Trotter, J.M.       N.F.
     Scott, J.S.         C.C.        Turnbull, R.        K.R.R.C.
     Scott, R.           N.F.        Turnbull, R.        L.R.
     Scott, T.A.         Mer. Mar.   Turnbull, R.        R.M.L.I.
     Scott, W.F.         N.F.        Turnbull, R.        R.B.
     Seals, J.           A. & S.H.   Turnbull, R.H.      L.F.
     Shields, G.H.       G.C.R.      Turnbull, W.        R.S.
     Shiell, R.D.        N.F.        Waite, W.O.         R.S.
     Short, W.I.         K.O.S.B.    Wakenshaw, A.       N.F.
     Simm, E.            K.O.S.B.    Walker, D.B.        R.A.F.
     Simm, P.            R.N.R.      Walton, W.B.        C.C.
     Simpson, J.P.N.     R.F.        Wastle, R.T.        C.L.I.
     Sinton, W.G.        R.N.        Watson, J.          R.S.
     Sinton, W.          R.N.        Weatherley, J.      N.F.
     Skay, P.            N.F.        Weatherburn, J.S.   A.I.F.
     Skelly, J.          N.F.        Welsh, A.           A. & S.H.
     Skelly, J.G.D.      N.F.        White, W.           N.F.
     Skelly, W.          N.F.        White, H.           S.H.
     Skelton, J.         H.L.T.      White, J.C.         R.N.R.
     Slattery, W.        K.O.S.B.    White, J.R.         K.O.S.B.
     Slee, J.W.          R.F.A.      Whitlie, A.         N.F.
     Sloan, W.S.         S.R.        Whitlie, E.         K.O.S.B.
     Smail, F.W.         N.F.        Whitlie, P.         R.S.F.
     Smith, A.J.         N.F.        Whitlie, W.         R.S.
     Smith, A.N.         N.F.        Willis, M.          N.C.B.
     Smith, T.           W.R.R.      Wilson, D.          N.F.
     Smith, T.           N.F.        Wilson, G.S.        R.S.
     Smith, W.W.         S.H.        Wilson, S.          N.Z.R.
     Spence, J.          N.F.        Wilson, W.          N.F.
     Stephenson, R.R.    N.F.        Winter, R.          A. & S.H.
     Stewart, J.J.       K.O.S.B.    Witton, R.          K.O.S.B.
     Stokoe, J.          Y. & L.R.   Wood, J.            R.N.R.
     Stokoe, R.H.        E.L.R.      Wood, J.J.          N.F.
     Storey, J.          R.S.F.      Wood. J.S.          W.Y.R.
     Steven, T.          W.Y.R.      Wyllie, H.          N.F.
     Stiles, E.W.        N.F.        Yeoman, G.          R.E.
     Straffen, J.        K.R.R.C.    Young, F.           N.F.
     Strassheim, J.      N.F.        Young, G.           C.G.
     Stubbs, A.          S.A.C.      Young, P.           R.S.E.R.
     Studley, L.         E.Y.R.      Young, R.           S.A.C.
     Sturgeon, J.        R.M.L.I.    Younger, J.         N.F.
     Sturgeon, J.J.      K.O.S.B.    Younger, J.         K.O.S.B.
     Swan, J.            R.S.        Younger, J.         R.F.A.
     Swan, R.            N.F.

They trod the path of Him upon the Rood
perfect in one great act of sacrifice.

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