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Photos 1914-18 St. Bede R.C.





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NZ 255819

Original Location

St. Bede's Roman Catholic Church

Present Location

The church has been totally rebuilt. There are no war memorials in there now.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 11th July 1922 by Rev. Fr. W.L. Baines.

Memorial Description

Large frame 4 feet x 3 feet, in which are set photographs of the fallen.

Materials used

Oak frame


St. Bede’s School / Bedlington.
Our Old Boys / Who gave all for us.


Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

J. Smith, Bedlington.


1. The memorial was unveiled at a ceremony in the Locke Memorial Hall, but it was intended to hang it later in St. Bede's School.

2. In his address, Fr. Baines said "There was something they had done in the way of providing a war memorial, but he hoped there would be something of a more substantial character provided, in such form as a church improvement, or even of a new church, in honour of those who fell".

3. There was also a font, which was a personal dedication to a man killed in war service, but after 1939-45, (Korea? Falklands?) paid for out of money paid to his parents. The whereabouts of this is unknown.

4. “July 12 (1922) Group photograph framed in oak unveiled in Locke Memorial Hall, in memory of 33 old scholars of St. Bede’s R.C. School, Bedlington, who fell in the Great War.”

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Old Photo: KMcG.

Morpeth Herald 14/07/1922 reports unveiling ceremony.

Illustrated Chronicle 12/07/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 15/07/1922 reports unveiling.

Was there ever a Railway Row? A History of North Seaton Colliery & Village Mike Kirkup, 1997, ISBN 0 9523422 5 1 Woodhorn Press, 1997, contains the extract quoted in Note 4 above.

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Research acknowledgements

J. Brown; John Swan Perry; Dorothy Hall; Pam Linge; K.McG.

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Photos 1914-18 St. Bede R.C. (B15.11)

BEDLINGTON, St. Bede's R.C. School.

Top row, left to right:
   R. Logan, Pte. 27 N.F.        
   J. McHugh, Pte., 27 N.F.          
   C. Fox, Pte., 10 E.Y.        
   C. Cramer, Pte., 12/13 N.F.   
   Jas. Collingwood, Cpl. 22 N.F. 
   J. McSherry, Pte., 25 N.F. 
   J.W. Richardson, Pte., 20 N.F.
Second row

   C. Jefferson, Pte. 20 N.F.       
   J. Piercy, Pte. 3rd D.L.I.         
   T. Doyle, Pte. 6th R.I.F.   
   C. Jobson, Stoker, H.M.S. "Africa"         
   J. Scott, Sgt. 20th N.F.
   Ed. Collpits, Corp., 25th N.F.
   J. Carrol, Pte. 23 N.F.
   M. Murphy, Pte. 12 N.F.
   A. Dane, Pte. 10 E.Y.
Third row

   W. Hopkins, Pte. 6 E.Y.   
   G. Collingwood, Pte. 22 N.F.     
   R. McNally, L/Cpl. 10 E.Y.     
   W.S. Hannay, Pte. 10 N.F.        
   W. Fitzsimmons, Pte. 6 A.C.C.
   J. Stewart, Pte. 25 N.F.
   P.H. Dodds, Pte. 8 N.F.
   T. James, Pte. E.Y.
Bottom row

   J. Rogers, Pte. 12/13 N.F.          
   J. Bradford, Pte. R.N.D.           
   G.T. Rogers, Pte. 12/13 N.F.        
   J. Dockerty, L.Cpl. 23rd N.F.
   W. Kelly, Pte. N.F.
   I. Hannay, A.B., R.N.D.
   H. Jefferson, Pte. 19 D.L.I.

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