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Crucifix 1914-18 1939-45 St. Mary R.C.





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NZ 098515

Original Location

St. Mary's Church, St. Mary's Street. In churchyard.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Dedicated 28th September 1919 by Canon Augustine Magill of Brooms
b. Rededicated 14th October 1999.

Memorial Description

Crucifix set on a tall obelisk, total height 16 feet. At ground level is a platform 10 feet x 6 feet. On this are two steps each 6 inches high. On top of this is the pedestal 3 feet high x 6 feet wide x 2 feet 6 inches deep. The obelisk rises above this, and has a Roman cross set within a circle at the bottom on all four sides, and below this the word “Sacrifice” incised in a curve.
On the front of the main block is a slab 2 feet high x 5 feet wide with raised centre top which bears the dedication. The names are listed in five columns, using elaborate gilded Roman capitals. Below this is the prayer.
On the side is another panel for 1939-45, 2 feet high x 18 inches wide.

Materials used

Heworth stone with marble slabs.


a. Erected to the memory / of the men of this parish / who died in the war 1914-1918.
Eternal rest give to them, O Lord, / and let perpetual light shine upon them.
b. World War II 1939-1945



a. Original memorial £250;
b. Restoration and adding names: £1,600

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Mr F. Foyle of Consett; made by Mr. R. Hedley, Newcastle; masonry work by R. Beall of Newcastle.


1. From the local congregation, 800 served of whom 92 were killed.

2. Mr Hugh McCusker, former Royal Navy seaman, worked with war historian Jack Cavanagh to identify 50 names of local men who died in 1939-45. The names were added to the memorial.

3. Canon Magill had “a splendid record of service during the war”.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

Consett Guardian 03/10/1919 reports dedication.

North Mail 29/09/1919 reports unveiling

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle
04/10/1919 reports unveiling.

Consett and Stanley Chronicle 03/10/1919 reports unveiling.

Blaydon Courier 04/10/1919 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Journal 02/10/1999 reports adding of 1939-45 names.

Source of quotation:
“Eternal rest give to them . . .” Mass for the Dead

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Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale

Research In Progress

In 1999 Derwentside Catholic Family History Society published a booklet with research into both WW1 and WW2 names, also lists War graves in Benfieldside Cemetery and the names on Consett War Memorial (St Mary’s War Memorial Blackhill Co Durham ISBN 873138 0 59)

Crucifix 1914-18 1939-45 St. Mary R.C. (B145.01)

BLACKHILL      St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 
  Erected to the memory 
  of the men of this parish 
  who died in the war 1914-1918.
Column 1               Column 2            Column 3
  2nd Lieut. A. Coleman  Pte. P. Cullen       Pte.     J.P. McBride    
  "     "    S. McClay   "    A. Donaghty     "        J. McCarthy     
  Pte. S. Aitcheson      "    J. Doran        "        J.W. McCaughey  
  "    J. Atchinson      "    W. Doyle        "        M. McCourt      
  "    M. Agnew          "    R. Eccles       "        H. McCusker     
  "    J. Agnew          "    J. Finnegan     "        F. McDonald     
  "    P. Boyle          "    T. Finnegan     "        J. McGeoghegan  
  "    A. Brennan        "    W. Foy          "        A. McGough      
  "    P. Carroll        "    H.E. Glasgow    "        P. McGovern     
  "    M. Carney         "    J. Haughey      "        P. McGuckin     
  "    J. Clarke         "    M. Haughey      Cpl.     J. McIntyre     
  "    J.A. Clark        "    T. Haughey      Pte.     M. McKenna      
  "    P. Clarke         "    H. Hornsby      "        T. McKie        
  "    P. Coleman        "    P. Hurson       L/c.Cpl. J. McNally      
  "    P. Collins D.C.M. "    C. Hurst        Pte.     H. Mackin       
  "    P. Corrigan       "    D. Kane         "        H. Malone       
  "    J. Coyle          "    P. Keenan       Sgt.     G. Martin D.C.M. 
  "    Jn. Coyle         "    P. Kirkup       Pte.     P. Martin        
  "    J. Cranny         "    M. Linskey      "        P. Martin        
Column 4                    Column 5
  Pte.     F. Monaghan        Pte.     W. Selby
  "        H. Moore   }       L/c.Cpl. M. Shannon
  "        J. Moore   }Bros   Pte.     W. Shotton
  "        Josh. Moore}       "        J. Spencer
  "        J.T. Moore         "        O. Sullivan
  "        J.P. Moore         "        J. Tennashon
  "        R. Moore           "        S. Thomas
  "        J. Mulhearn        "        M. Thompson
  "        D. Mulligan        "        W. Tinkler
  "        D. Murphy          L/c.Cpl. W. Toner
  "        J. Nelson          Pte.     E. Ward
  "        W. Norton          "        C. Wynnie
  "        F. O'Connor        "        C. Dunne R.N.
  "        H. O'Hanlon        "        E. Lawler R.N.
  "        D. O'Niell         "        P. McCourt R.N.
  "        J. Rafferty        "        E. Warrent R.N.V.R.
  L/c.Cpl. W. Redshaw
  Pte.     J.T. Richardson
  "        J. Roberts
Eternal rest give to them, O Lord. and let perpetual light shine upon them.
Left side
  World War II 1939-1945
  J. Boyle       B. Kenny        W.J. O'Hanlan
  L. Cant        B. Loughran     J. Page
  T. Coleman     F. Meegan       R. Page
  L. Conroy      T. Monaghan     T. Page
  T.E. Ferguson  T. Mulligan     A. Renshaw
  R. Gribbin     T. Murray       J. Thorpe
  P. Grogan      J. Newbould     T. Walsh
  W. Hanna       J. O'Hagan      R. Watchorn
  T. Heslop      H. O'Neill      J. Ward
  M. Hodgson     G. O'Hanlon     J. Welsh
        ROYAL NAVY            ROYAL AIR FORCE
  L.E. Bell      D. McCann       W.M. Batson
  P. Clifford    D. Muldoon      J. Daly
  V. Hurson      C. Smith        J. Fulton
  W. Jopling     J. Swan         F. Gettings
  F. Loy         W. Toole        O. Loy
  P. McBride                     J. McGuckin
                                 G. McKeown
                                 B. Mullen
                                 A. Thorpe

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