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Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. Andrew Parish





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NZ 049614

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Northumberland Record Office

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Handwritten list in a ledger, 10 sheets. One or two people named were not parishioners, but friends of parishioners. Also contains names of people from Mickley and Prudhoe.


List of the Fallen


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Northumberland Record Office Ref. EP 45/140

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J. Brown; Tony Harding

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. Andrew Parish (B114.03)

   List of the Fallen
   Norman Armitage Arkle       John Thomas Pattinson
   Robert Armstrong            John Lawrence Pumphrey
   Sidney Bewick               John Joseph Reed
   David Bibby                 Charles Richardson
   Herbert Nicholas Davidson   Thomas Ridley
   John Dolan                  Joseph Henry Robson
   John Fairless               Robert William Robson
   Sidney Gibson               Benjamin Slack
   John William Green          Frederick Smith
   Frederick Harvey            John Gordon Steel
   John William Hornsby        Robert Kingsley Steel
   Colin Smith Kynoch          Thomas Edward Stobart
   Grace Kynoch                William Batey Tiffin
   *Gerrard Elliot Little      William Stobart Todd
   Joseph Milburn              Charles Noel Turner
   John Moore                  John English Urwin
   William Todd Moore          William Veitch
   John Nevin                  John Walker
   Basil Rice Nicholl          George Alfred E. Wright
   John Nixon                  James Wright
  *This name handwritten as an added insertion

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