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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Holy Sepulchre





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NZ 265877

Original Location

Holy Sepulchre Church.
Near the entrance to the Church.

Present Location

North wall of chancel

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled Easter Day April 1923 by Scoutmaster Richard Miles.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour 3 feet high by 2 feet wide, in a plain wide wooden frame with gold inner edge.
There is a plain border of alternate rectangles.
The information is hand painted in Gothic script, using black ink, but with illuminated capital letters, and the dates 1914-1918 are in red.
In each corner is a tiny circle 1 inch in diameter, each with a miniature picture: top left, Jesus carrying the cross (?); top right, St. George slaying the dragon; bottom left a bugler sounding Reveille; bottom right, a bugler sounding Taps. It is set in its original frame.

Materials used



To the glory of God, and in memory of these / men from this Parish who fell in the / Great War 1914-1918, the stained / glass window is placed in this church.


Present condition

Restored in 1998 after being found in a cellar.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Richard Miles, assisted by Cecil Morgan and Ross Miles.


1. At the time of the Great War, Ashington was still a separate place from Hirst.

2. This was restored in 1998 and placed on the north wall of the chancel.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Janet Brown; Tony Harding

Morpeth Herald 27/04/1923 reports unveiling;

News Post Leader 23/04/1998 feature 75 years ago 23/04/1923 reports unveiling of a “framed oak memorial”.

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Research acknowledgements

Janet Brown; Rev. P. Bennison, Mr. Fear and Mr. W. Kennedy of Holy Sepulchre Church; Tony Harding

Research In Progress

Alan Grint is researching the Names on this memorial. Contact
Ashington Memorial Group are researching the names on their local War Memorials Contact:

Roll of Honour 1914-18 Holy Sepulchre (A17.08)

   To the glory of God, in memory of those
   men from this Parish, who fell in the
   Great War 1914-1918, the stained
   glass east window is placed in this
    Robert Allen            Thomas Earl           John Macdonald        Benjamin Simm
    Anthony Allsopp         Joseph Easton         James Maxwell         Walter Simm
    John Anderson           Thomas Embleton       John Matthews         Thomas Simpson
    James Atkinson                                Thomas Marshall       William Singer
    Percy Atkinson                                James Mawson          John Rt. Smailes
                            Archibald Fail        John R. Middlemiss    John Wm. Smith
                            J.W.Featherstonehaugh David Mills           William Smith
    William Baker           David Jas. Finlay     Thomas Wm. Moore      Edward Smith
    James Barnfather                              George Mordue         Ralph Snowdon
    William Barnfather      William C. Gauld      Robert Mordue         Ralph Spratt
    James Barkwell          Robert Gleghorn       Robert Mordue         George Strong
    George Bell             John Graham           Robt. Morris          William Sweet
    Robert Bell             Robert Gregory        William Morris
    William Bell            Thomas Gunn           John Muras
    George Beresford                              George Murray         Harry Tait
    John Bickerton                                                      William Tait
    Charles Young Bowart    Alan Hagerty                                John Templey
    John Boutland           John R. Hall          James Nelson          James Thompson
    James Brotherton        Sidney Hall           William Nelson        James Thompson
    Andrew Burton           Thomas Hall           John Nunn             William Thompson
    Ernest Barnfather       Thomas Hart           John Nevin            Thomas Thain
                            George W.Harrison                           Gilbert Turnbull
    Victor Campbell         Thomas Havill         Henry Ord             James Turnbull
    James Frederick Chapman Thomas J. Henderson   William Ornsby        Robert Turner
    Edward Clark            William Hills         George Owens          Thomas Tyrrell
    John Clark              John Hodge            Thomas Owens          Thomas Timlin
    Thomas Cobbledick       Peter Hogg
    Harry Collins           John Huntley                                Daniel Veitch
    Thomas Collins          Edward Hennessey      William Park          Thomas Vosper
    Robert William Coe                            Harry Patterson
    John Thomas Coe         George A. Johnson     Norman Patterson
    -   Coulson             Thomas W. Johnson     George Paxton         Robert Wade
    James Crawford          William Johnson       Jacob Patrick         George Watson
    John Davison            Aaron Johnstone       Neil Patrick          John Wm. Watson
    Thomas Davison                                Pearce R. Purdy       Edward Westle
    Thomas Dance                                  John Purvis           George Westle
    Robert Davison          John Keeney           George Patterson      Thomas J. Wilson
    Robert Davison          Joseph Keeney                               Thomas Dodds Wood
    George Dinsdale         John George Keers     George Reavley
    John Richard Dinsdale   Frederick Keers       John S.T. Robertson
    Christopher Dixon                             Joshua H. Rutter
    Harry Donkin                                  William A.E. Robinson John Wm. Yearham
    Peter Doyle             John Lawrence                               Thomas Yearham
    Thomas C. Downie        John Ledgerwood       Victor Savage         James Brown Young
    Roy Duncan              Edward Lee            James Scott
    Robert Dunn             James Ernest Logan    John Scott
    Nelson Dyball           Matthew Locke         John C. Scrowther
    Robert Dodds

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