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Photo: Rodney Higgins


Lamp and statues 1914-18 1939-45 Korea Denwick Lane





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Original Location

Corner of Denwick Lane.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45
c. Korea 1950-53

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled November 11th 1922 by Duke of Northumberland; dedicated by the Bishop of Newcastle.
b. Unveiled November 12th 1950 by the Duke of Northumberland

Memorial Description

Lamp and statues. The memorial consists of a lamp pillar springing from a base of architectural character on which are mounted three bronze figures - a soldier, a sailor and an airman - and with a massive bronze plaque containing the names of the fallen cast in relief. The total height is 25 feet. The base is of masonry, moulded, and of triangular form, with a point facing each of the roadways, and the stone column is of Doric design surmounted by a bronze lantern fitted with electric lamp. The whole stands on a platform. The bronze figures are 6 feet 6 inches high with 4.5 inch pedestals, one on each corner of the base, fronting outward. The plaque is of elegant design, the 187 names thereon being very distinct, and it faces the main highway.

a. The plaques bearing the 1914-18 names and dedication are rectangular, with a slightly domed top, and a moulded pattern around the edges. The names are raised in five columns on each panel, using Roman capitals throughout.

b. The 1939-45 dedication is incised into the sandstone, using Roman capitals, whilst the words "We will remember them" are in lower case italics. The plaques bearing the 1939-45 names are rectangular, with a slightly domed top, and a moulded pattern around the edges. The names are raised in four columns on each panel, using Roman capitals throughout.

c. The Korean plaque is of plain design, with a plain raised edge, and the lettering raised and highlighted using Roman capitals.

Materials used

Heworth sandstone blocks at base, and column of freestone from Greenlaw Quarry. Statues and plaques are bronze.


a. This pillar of bronze is set up in honour of the men of Alnwick who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1920
Their name liveth for evermore.

b. This column of Remembrance / is dedicated to the men of / Alnwick who gave their lives / in the wars 1914-18 and 1939-45. / We will remember them.

c. Korean War 1950-53


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee


a. Considerably over £2,000. Figures cost £120 each for modelling and £300 each for casting. Bronze plaque cost £250. Lamp cost £200.
b. £169 13s 5d.

How money was raised

Land donated by Duke of Northumberland; Public subscriptions

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Hicks and Charlesworth of Newcastle. Figures were modelled by Roger Hedley of the firm of Ralph Hedley of Newcastle. Contractor, Messrs. Green & Son of Warkworth. Casting by Messrs. J.W. Singer & Co. of Frome, Somerset.


1. The tender by Mr. Charles Thompson was withdrawn due to increased costs (Morpeth Herald 29/10/1920). It was later awarded to Messrs. Carse, Builders, who tendered for £750 (Morpeth Herald 03/12/1920). The final tender which was accepted was for Messrs. J.G. Green and Sons, whose estimate was £725/15/0d, which, with extras, rose to £886/5/0d.

2. Alnwick Council agreed that the Electric Supply Co. charge £31 per year to light the lamp at the same time as the other street lamps, and that a spare lamp for use in emergency be supplied.

3. A film of the unveiling was shown in the King's Hall in the week following the ceremony.

4. Engraved commemoration cards were framed and presented to those who joined the forces. A dinner was proposed for the men, and if the Corn Exchange were not large enough, the Guest Hall at Alnwick Castle would be made available

5. One of members of the War Memorial Committee was Mr. C. Percy who was congratulated at having been elected as M.P. for Tynemouth Division.

6. Among subscriptions received were donations from: Duke’s Tenantry £240; Mr. W. Nixon; Mr. A.H. Wall (Alnwick); T.A. Elliott (Sandal); W. Ainslie (Howick); H.A. Paynter and family; C. Leach; D. Fairgrieve; D.E. Fairgrieve; Alex Fairgrieve; Julia Southern; Gilbert Murray; Reavell and Tebbs; John Potts; G. Lingwood (Barbados).

7. Among suggestions received for the memorial were: the building of a garden suburb with cottages for disabled soldiers and sailors (18 votes for, 37 against); the building of a public hall and a rest room for soldiers and sailors (13 votes for, 33 against). The building of a wing or the formation of an endowment fund for the Alnwick Infirmary was proposed and then dropped. A recreation park for use by whole families was suggested (33 votes for and 40 against). It was agreed to canvass the public.
The National Y.M.C.A. had suggested that their scheme for Red Triangle Clubs might be supported by the setting up of a local branch. Men returning would receive a public welcome and cards.
The final committee to discuss the war memorial was comprised of: Sir Francis E. Walker (convenor); Messrs. G. Gibbison, T. Humble, T. Smith, T.R. Hedley, J. Frater, A. Douglas, W. Bell, Jos. Lingwood, W.G. Hindmarsh, J.C. Grant and J.E. Watson.

8. £250 was allotted for the Peace Celebrations. Suggestions for these were: Thanksgiving Service in the Market Place; a procession; treat to children; light refreshments for demobilized men; grocery parcels for the aged poor; treat for workhouse inmates, and a bonfire.
The Committee convened to discuss the Peace Celebrations were: Messrs. D. Purvis, Robt. Rutherford, J. Davison (Alndyke), W. Bell, T.R. Hedley, J. Sharpe, J. Metcalf, J. Ferguson, R.G. Bloomfield, J.D. Henderson, J. Blair and John Armstrong (convenor).

9. The present format of the memorial with three life sized figures was agreed. Costs would be: Monument £2,600; specially designed and framed cards £205; entertainment to men at Peace Celebrations £51; public dinner £300; other expenses £44, total £3,200. The Duke of Northumberland said he would contribute £1,000.

10. In 2007 there are proposals to re-site the memorial in the Column field in order to ease traffic, but this was contested.

11. In 1923 the Prince of Wales paid a visit and laid a "wreath 4½ feet in height, composed of white liliums and carnations resting on a laurel foundation. It was designed to the order of the Duchess of Northumberland and executed by Messrs. Michie and Co., florists, Alnwick."

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown, P. Thirkell; Rodney Higgins; Lonely Tower; old postcards: John S. Perry; Tony Harding; photo of unveiling: Tony Harding

Morpeth Herald 31/01/1919 reports donations received so far; 28/2/1919 reports suggestions; 03/01/1919 reports Mr.C. Percy re-elected as M.P.; 30/01/1919 reports subscriptions received; 05/09/1919 reports final agreement; 13/02/1920 reports on the rejection of the proposal to have guns as war trophies. 12/03/1920 reports on the other war trophies; 28/04/1922 reports on the Green tender; 20/10/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 10/11/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 17/11/1922 reports unveiling; 12/01/1923 reports on electricity charges.

Alnwick and County Gazette 21/02/1920 reports proposals; 28/02/1920 lists names for public approval; 11/11/1922 reports proposal to unveil "this afternoon"; 18/11/1922 includes very full report of the unveiling, with four photographs.

Illustrated Chronicle 30/08/1919 reports proposals in Note 6 above. 23/02/1920 page 6; 22/4/1922 reports the firm of Green; 15/09/1922 carries photo of memorial under construction; 08/11/1922 reports proposed unveiling; 13/11/1922 reports unveiling with photos.

Alnwick Gazette Almanack and Diary 1923 carries photos of the unveiling procession credited to Bell Bolton, Amble.

Northern Echo 30/08/1919 reports proposals; 21/12/1920 reports costs to be £3170; 25/10/1920 reports Thompson’s withdrawal of contract.

North Mail 21/02/1920 reports costs etc. and that Denwick stone would be used; 23/11/1920 reports appointment of Carse as builders.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 29/11/1919 reports money raising; 28/2/1920 reports proposals; 30/10/1920 reports withdrawal of Thomson as contractor; 11/11/1922 reports arrangements for unveiling; 18/11/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 21/04/1922 reports acceptance of the tender of Messrs. J.G. Green and Sons.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle and North Mail 13/11/1922 reports unveiling; 04/07/1923 reports visit by Prince of Wales.

St.George’s Gazette Vol. XL (1922) 30th November page 180 mentions the unveiling.

Alnwick Mercury 06/10/1950; 03/11/1950; 10/11/1950 give notice and arrangements; 17/11/1950 reports unveiling. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

"Alnwick In Old Picture Postcards" (P. Deakin; European Library) contains photograph of unveiling ceremony in 1922.

Northumberland Gazette 20/04/2000 reports discussion re pavement round the memorial. The curb round the paving round the monument was gradually being eroded by lorries, so that the path and curb are now at the same height; 02/08/2007; 9/8/2007 all carry articles or letters re proposal the move the memorial.

Morpeth County Library Frith collection of photographs; Postcard collection shows unveiling

Source of quotation:
“Their name liveth for evermore” : Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 44.
“We will remember them” For the Fallen by Lawrence Binyon.

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Research acknowledgements

Mrs. B. Woodhouse (Alnwick & District LHS); Janet Brown; P. Thirkell; Imperial War Museum; Maureen Howe; Tony Harding; Clive Roper; Dorothy Hall; Patrick Easen

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by the Alnwick District WWI Centenary Commemoration Group. Contact:

Lamp and statues 1914-18 1939-45 Korea Denwick Lane (A11.01)

Panel 1
   This column of remembrance
   is dedicated to the men of
   Alnwick who gave their lives
   in the wars of
   1914-1918 and 1939-1945
   We will remember them
Added below Panel 1.
   Korea War 1950-1953
   Fus. A. Brotherston R.N.F. 7.10.1951.
Panel 2 (1914-18)
   Adams, T.W.          Connell, D.       Hanton, A.          Miller, H.        Taylor, W.
   Allison, J.          Cook, C.B.        Harrison, E.        Moffat, J.W.      Taylor, W.M.
   Anderson, G.         Cook, E.R.        Harrison, J.        Moir, P.E.        Ternent, J.
   Anderson, W.         Cotterill, A.     Haythorne, J.A.     Mordue, J.W.      Ternent, J.W.
   Angus, G.            Coulthard, A.     Hedley, J.A.        Murphy, T.        Thompson, A.H.
   Angus, J.            Cuthbert, J.      Henderson, R.       Nettleship, M.    Thompson, B.
   Archbold, A.         Dalton, G.        Hepburn, J.         Nettleship, T.    Thompson, J.J.
   Arries, E.           Davidson, A.J.    Hetherington, H.    Neville, R.P.     Thompson, W.
   Bailey, J.A.         Davison, Alex.    Hetherington,T.A.   Newbury, T.F.     Thorburn, J.
   Balmbra, T.          Davison, And.     Hogg, J.            O'Brien, J.       Thorp, T.T.
   Bates, J.            Davison, G.W.     Houston, H.         Orange, A.        Trobe, T.
   Baxter, J.C.         Dixon, J.         Howe, F.            Patterson, J.     Trotter, G.
   Baxter, W.           Donohoe, G.A.     Hutchinson, R.K.    Pattinson, R.B.   Tweddell, M.
   Bell, W. (N.F.)      Douglas, W.       Inglis, A.          Pattison, R.W.    Tweedy, J.
   Bell, W. (N.F.)      Drummond, T.      Inglis, J.          Paton, W.         Walker, R.
   Bell, W.(Yorks Regt) Duffy, G.W.       Inglis, W.          Pilkington, G.W.  Walkinshaw, R.
   Beswick, E.          Dunlop, J.        Jackson, F.         Purvis, J.E.      Wallace, C.J.G.
   Beverley, C.         Duns, J.          Jackson, J.         Ramsay, T.        Wallace, J.D.
   Bolton, W.S.         Edwards, W.H.     Jobson, A.          Rennison, T.F.    Wanless, R.M.
   Bonnier, C.E.        Egdell, D.J.      Johnston, J.        Renwick, R.       Warren, R.
   Boyle, R.            Egdell, E.W.      Lawson, W.          Ritchie, W.L.     Watson, G.
   Bradford, G.         Egdell, J.        Lee, J.             Robertson, G.C.   Weatheritt, R.
   Brewis, J.W.         Egdell, T.        Lockey, T.K.        Robinson, B.      White, A.
   Brown, F.A.          Elliott, W.P.     Lorimer, J.W.       Robinson, G.      White, T.W.
   Brown, R.W.          Everett, W.W.     Lorimer, T.W.       Roper, G.         Willcox, E.B.
   Brown, T.            Fairgrieve, A.O.  Lothian, J.         Rowe, W.J.T.      Willcox, G.T.
   Burn, E.W.           Farrow, J.C.      Lothian, T.         Scott, R.B.       Willcox, J.
   Burnett, E.          Fife, J.          Lundy, F.           Simpson, J.P.N.   Willcox, S.
   Burnett, T.W.        Foreman, R.       MacLaughlan,G.A.    Smith, F.C.       Wilson, H.
   Carlan, R.           Forster, Jas.     Marr, J.            Spittle, H.       Winchester, M.
   Carlisle, T.F.B.     Forster, Jno.     Maule, E.           Spittle, T.       Wood, R.W.
   Carr-Ellison, O.F.C. Frater, J.        McFadden, W.        Stevenson, A.     Wood, W.T.
   Chrystal, R.D.       Furlonger, V.     McNally, J.         Stevenson, J.S.   Young, A.
   Clarke, W.W.         Gelson, T.        Michie, G.A.        Stewart, M.R.     Young, G.
   Cleghorn, J.         Gibb, J.M.        Michie, H.G.        Straughan, T.A.   Young, W.L.
   Cockburn, W.         Gibbison, G.      Milburn, W.H.       Tate, J.          Young, C.E.
   Common, H.A.         Goodfellow, J.    Miles, H.           Tate, M.          Young, A.C.
   Cairns, J.H.M.       Gray, A.C.                            Taylor, R.
Panel 3(1939-45)
                        Donaldson, R.          Holleywell, E.              
   Anderson, R.J.       Dover, J.A.            Holleywell, J.          Porteous, W.
   Angus, D.            Dunn, J.R.             Hannah, C.              Richardson, R.A.
   Angus, T.            Egdell, C.             Hayes, G.A.             Richardson, A.
   Bailey, G.F.         Egdell, W.D.           Hudson, G.W.            Storey, J.
   Bailey, J.F.         Egdell, T.             Ions, W.                Skelly, G.A.
   Bell, F.             Elliott, J.W.          Johnson, L.W.           Shelford, A.C.
   Black, R.            Elvidge, A.            Jobson, R.              Sisterson, J.W.A.
   Brewis, V.G.         Fender, J.D.           Lillico, C.W.           Thompson, C.
   Brown, J.B.F.        Finnigan, W.           Lockey, T.              Thompson, J.
   Brotherston, G.      Goodfellow, E.         Lorimer, A.M.           Thompson, W.
   Carr, T.             Graham, W.L.           Lundy, F.               Thompson, W.
   Cherrey, R.G.        Gerner, G.A.           Michie, A.              Wallace, J.H.
   Cook, J.D.           Gair, J.W.             Melvin, T.              Weightman, F.G.
   Craiggs, A.C.        Gibbison, G.(Jun'r)    Morton, R.              White, J.
   Collier, D.M.        Henderson, C.          Mole, J.                Wilkinson, G.
   Dowie, A.            Hall, C.               Mills, G.W.             Wilson, W.
   Drysdale, J.         Hall, W.F.             Macfarlane, G.R.        Wood, E.
   Dobson, A.           Hall, W.               Nixon, R.               Weddell, J.
                        Northumberland, 9th Duke of                    Willcox, H.

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