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Roll of Honour served 1914 Ushaw College





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In storage at Ushaw.

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Memorial Description

Roll of Honour on pre-printed form 89cm high x 65 cm wide set in a craved wood frame. There is an outer border of a red line inside a black line. At the top is a scroll and Union flag with the words "For King and Country" in black with red capitals. Below this is the date of "1914" followed by "Roll of Honour" in red with black capitals, and Ushaw College" in black with red capitals. Below this is the statement of the holding of mass for as long as the war lasts. This is in copperplate handwriting. At the bottom are the words "God save the King".
The names were originally in six columns followed by Additional Names" and "Casualty Lists". However, so many names have been added that they can be found in all black areas including the margins.
The names of those who fell are marked with a black cross to the left of the name; those were wounded were marked with a red cross.

Materials used

Paper behind glass


For King and Country / 1914 / Roll of Honour / Ushaw College.
The Community Mass will be offered up every Monday morning / as long as the War lasts for the Army and Navy. / You are requested to remember in your prayers the following students of our College who are now serving their country.


Who commissioned

Ushaw College

How money was raised

Ushaw College

Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed and illuminated by J.J. Longhurst, Blackett Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Ownership and maintenance

Ushaw Historic House and Gardens.


1. The Curator found the Roll of Honour in an upstairs attic above the former dormitories of the former College.

2. The Roll of Honour was included in a special exhibition some months ago on “Ushaw at War”, which is when the Project Volunteers became aware of its existence during a visit to Ushaw.

3. The inscriptions and lists of names need to be read in conjunction with an examination of the photographs of the artefact, which, due to the number of names, and the partially random way in which they have been included, is a very “crowded” document. Some names clearly have been duplicated, and there is a suggestion that some of those initially listed as wounded later succumbed to their injuries.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: John and Mavis Dixon

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Research acknowledgements

John and Mavis Dixon, Claire Marsland – Curator at Ushaw.

Research In Progress

If you are researching this memorial please contact

Roll of Honour served 1914 Ushaw College (U10.07)

w = wounded (Red cross on original)
d = killed or died (Black cross on original
Left hand margin                Right hand margin
    Rev. Geo. Sargent “Chaplain”    w Thos. Chadwick
    Rev. Jas. Carney  “do”          w John Leeming
    Rev. Hy. Gillett  “do”          d Wm. Hubbersty
    Rev. J. Lonergan  “do”          d Wilfrid Bradley
    Lionel Ness                     d Bernard McCormick
  w Wm. Carins                        Thos. Catterall
  d John King                         Ronald Smith
    John Nixon                        Oswin Moody
    Edward Murphy                     Gerald Clifford
    Robt. Maxwell                     Barre Scannell
    E.P. Smith                        Jas. O’Connor
  d Francis Ferrers                   Wm. Haw
    Joseph Mulgrew                    Hy. Gilmore
    J.H. Smith                        Leo Corboy
    Anthony Robinson                w C B Blake
  d H. Marshall                     d Geo. Foggin
  w Rev. John Cavanagh                Walter Spilmont
    Rev. Chas. Wilkin               d Roland Kay
    Rev. John Brown                 w Philip Adamson
  w Rev. Nicholas Brown               Herbert Lucey
    Rev. Jos. Campbell                Rev. John O’Sullivan
    Rev. Francis Bradley              Rev. Denis Lucey “Chaplain”
    Rev. Thos. Meagher (RN)           " Anthony Bryce      “do”
    Rev. John McEnaney                " Peter Caufield     “do”
  w Rev. John Thompson                " J. Kelly           “do”
    Rev. Chas. Taylor                 " Ed. Kane           “do”
    Leo. Towers                       " Patrick O’Sullivan “do”
    Edwin Bennel                    w " Robt. Milroy       “do”
    P. Slater                         " Roger Morrissy     “do”
    A.F. Pickering                    " James Bradley      “do”
    Rodney Maingot                    Edward Pattison
    Francis Holland                 w Lionel Loveridge
    Wm. Doyle                         Wm. Francis Conway
  w R. Hindhaugh                    d Edward Archard
    A.?H Watts                      w Harold Archard
    Hugh McGinity                     John McGrath
    Gerard Finch                      RĂ©ne Pyls
    Carl. De Verteuil               d Rev. Thos. Baines “Chaplain”
    Frederick De Verteuil           w James Gibbons
  w Wm. McFeely                       Francis Brittorous
    Vinct. Pickering                  Charles Marshall
  d John Kelly                        Thomas Leighton
    Jos. I. Campbell                  Bernard Jarvis
    Herbt. Dromgoole                w Philip Sowerby
    Albert Roberts                    Richard Walmsley
    Joseph McCartan                   Harold Holroyd
    John Crilly                     d Leo Hutchinson
    Horace Neville                    Bernard Wilkinson
    Patrick Gaughan                   Alfred O’Leary
    Denis O’ Riordan                  Patrick Delany
    Francis McEvoy                    James Boland
    Wilfrid Finn                      Rev. Thos. Bell “Chaplain”
    John Wood                         Thomas Leach
  d Francis Brett                     John Forrest
  d Geo. Reynolds                     Charles Tipper
    Thos. Bruce                       Godfrey Tipper
  d Cuth. Peckston                    Wilfrid J. Macken
  w David O’Connor                    Alfred Tornquist
    David Cunningham                d Cuthbert McCahy
    Geo. Grogan                     d James Bonner
  d Francis McNiff                    Albert Maingot
    Patrick Dillon                    Philip Bennett
    Austin Fee                        John Watson
  w Arthur McCormack                w Herbert Power
  w Charles Flynn                     Austin Baron
    John O’Kane                     d Wm. Aspinall
  d Austin Tumilty                  w John Glover
  w Francis Burney                    William Marra
    John Phillips                     John Moralee
    Francis Myerscough                John Boocock
  d Matthew Clancy                    James B. Gerry
  w John Magin                        Peter Marmion
    Cuthbert Clifford               w John Duff
  w Richd. Crawford                 w John Gibbons
    George Phillips                   Edward Kelly
    Edward McGough                  d Wilfrid Farrow
  d Horace O’Sullivan               w William F. Dunne
  w Vincent Galloway                  Wilfrid Whelan
    Thomas Cookson                    Charles O’ Reilly
    Harold McNamara                   Rev. John Cuddon “Chap”
    Samuel Brigg                    d Charles Yates
    Oscar Burke                       John Rigby
    Bernard McDermott                 Rev. P. Derbyshire “Chap”
    James Wilkinson                   Robert Yates
    Bernard Wren                      Vincent Fitzsimmons
  d Bernard Barratt                   James Barlow
  d Wilfrid Ruxton                  d Francis Whittam
    Edmund Currie                   d Chas. P. Kelly
    Peter Ward                        Francis Clarkson
    Joseph Fitzpatrick              d Middleton J.K. O’Malley-Keyes
    Thomas Robinson                   Edward Reardon
    Leonard Hildyard                  Francis McAuley
    Numa Sellier
    Philip Sellier
    Leo. D. Verteuil
    Leo. V. Farfan
    Robt. Worsley
    Ludovick Gordon
    James Quinn
    Ernest Whittingham
    Julio Lacayo
    Peter Macneill
    Andrew Bernard
    Rev. W.D. Sargent “Chap”
Centre section bottom margin.
    Eugene Nivet                    w Mark Gallagher
    Roy Gerald Mooney                 John Southworth
    Rev. Jos. St. George “Chap”       Rev. Geo. O’Neil “Chap”
Centre section bottom margin continued
                                      James Kennedy
  d Michael Boland                    Harold Hepworth
    St. Yves D. Verteuil              John Coyle
  d Bernard Cary                      Joseph De Macado
Centre section bottom margin continued
  w Cecil De Trafford               d Herbert Regan
  d William Jinks                   w Leonard Cornwall
  d Thomas Etches                     Michel Hayes
    John M. Costello                  James Matthews
Centre section bottom margin continued
    Richard Sheridan                  Robert Sheridan
  w James Duckworth                   Lawrence Wilkinson
    George Kay                        Francis Farrell
    Thomas Hereighty                  P. O’Hara
Centre section bottom margin continued
    Raymond Richaby
    Bernard Wake
  w Hugh Welch
    Joseph Vokes
Central section: Column 1 of 6      Central section: Column 2 of 6
    The Rev. John Myerscough
    John Desprez French Army
    Rev. Jos. Davidson CSSR Chaplain
    James Leeming
    William Kay
    Francis da Costa
    Robt. Cookson
    Robt. Smith
    Francis X. Maxwell                Rev. R. Butler OSB “Chaplain”
    Thomas H. Waugh                 d John McShane
    Gilbert Maingot                   John Newsham
  w James Adamson                   w Wilfrid Corbishley
    Rev. W. Appleby “Chaplain”        William Craigen
    Leonard Bethell                   John Craigen
  w Cuthbert Black                    Charles Cronin
  w Reginald Bradley                d Bernard Daly R.I.P.
  d Robert Bradley                  d James John Daly
    Harold Bristol                  w Austin Dolan
  w William Brown                     Eric Duggan
    Edward Buckley                  d Wilfrid Earle
  d Wilfrid Bunbury                 w Thomas Eatough
    Basil Callaghan                 d Bede Farrell R.I.P.
  w Francis Carins                    Jerome Farrell
    Thomas Carlin                     George Finch
  d Harold Carrington                 Thomas Finch
    John Carroll                    w Henry Finch
  w Thomas Carroll                  d Rev. Wm. J. Finn “Chaplain” R.I.P.
  w Fabian Chadwick                 w Joseph Finn
  w John Chadwick                     Philip Fitzgerald
    Admiral Charlton                w Alastair Fraser
    Edward Charnock                 d Bertrand Gibson
  d Alistair Chisholm                 Leo Gillow
  d Charles Coffey                    James Green
    William Corbishley                Colin Greig
Central section: Column 3 of 6      Central section: Column 4 of 6
  d C. Rogerson                     d Francis Taunton
    Rev. Richd. Carr “Chaplain”       Francis Newsham
    William Watson                    Peter Leighton
  d Herbert Newsham                   Rev. Wm. Leighton “Chaplain”
    John G. Greig                     Rev. John Linehan “do”
    Piercy Grieg                      Henry Marmion
    Rev. Thos. A. Harker “Chaplain” d John Marshall
    James C. Hewett                 w Rev. Geo. McBrearty “Chaplain”
    Edmund Hewett                   w Ernest McDool
  w Patrick Hickey                    D. McNabb “Deputy Surgeon Gen”
    William Hickey                  d George McNamee
  w Charles Higgins                   Rev. James McShane “Chaplain”
  w Vincent Hildyard                  John Melling
    Francis Hinsley                 w Joseph Miller
  d Thomas Hinsley                    John Mills
  w Joseph Hodson                   w Leo. Moore
  w Albert Holroyd                    Philip Morris
    Oswald Horrax                     Francis Mulgrew
  d Maurice Huddleston              w Thomas Myerscough
    John Hyland                       Peter Narey
  d Cyril Kay                         Thomas H. O’Brien
  d Peter Kearney                     Edwin O’Brien
    Leo W. Kinleside RAMC             Charles O’Hagan
    Robert Laing                      Desmond O’ Kelly
    AndrĂ© Lange                       John O’Reilly
    Frederick Larkin                  Rev. Stephen Hines “Chaplain”
    Nicholas Leadbitter
  w Rev. J. Birch “Chaplain”
Central section: Column 5 of 6    Central section: Column 6 of 6
  w Harold Taunton                    Edward Barnes
    Michael Rope                      Edmund Peverell
    Francis J. Galpin                 Rev. Vincent O’Shaughnessy “Chaplain”
    Joseph Newsham                  w William Williams
    James Peck                        Bernard Smith
  w Michael Pippet                    Cuthbert Storey
    John Potts                        William Strickland
    John Prendiville                d William A. Taylor R.I.P.
    Joseph Preston                    John F.W. Thelwall
    Myles Prior                     d J T Thompson
    James Reynolds                    James Thornton
  w William Rigby                   w Thomas Thornton
  d Charles Rimmer                    Leo. Tipper
    Francis Riordan                 w Maurice De Verteuil
    John Rogerson                     Eric Vine
  d George Rogerson                   Francis Walsh
    Cecil Ross                        Anthony Ward
    Clement Ryan                    w Raymond Warner
    John A. Saunders                  John Welch
    David Scanlon                     Edward Welsh
    Otto Scott                        Thomas Whelan
  w Percy Scott                       Oswald H. Whittingham
  w Stuart Scott                      Charles Wilkin
  w Reginald Lough Scully             Joseph Wilson
    Frederick Simpson               w Alfred Wilkinson
    George Sinclair                 w Joseph Wilkinson
    Cecil Smaje                       Cecil McFeely
Centre section: Additional Names
Column 1                         Column 2
  w Rudolf Stourton                   Frederick Beenken
    Henry Cole                      d A. Douglas Dick
  d Rev. Chas.Watson CSSR “Chaplain”  Rev. P. McMenamin “Chaplain”
    Rev. Wm. Meagher “Chaplain”       Rev. F. Moulinet
    Cuthbert Bentley                  Rev. T.H. Evans S.J. “Chaplain”
    John L. Jones                   w Denis Travers
    George Coggins                  w William Kennedy
  d John Conway                       William Callaghan
    Rev. Robt.McGuinness “Chaplain” w Patrick Hayes
    Rev. Jos. Lomax “Chaplain”      w Wilfrid Thornton
    Felix Brown                       Adrian Brown
Centre section: Additional Names
Column 3                         Column 4
    Rev. Julian Bamford  “Chaplain”   Rev. Hy. Atkinson “Chaplain”
  d Robert Bickerdike                 Rev. John Clark “Chaplain”
    Rev. O. Woods “Chaplain”          Rev. Richd. Corcoran "
    Rev. Geo. Madden “Chaplain”       Rev. Oswald Dolan    "
    Rev. W. Pickering “Chaplain”      Herbert Fattorini
    Rev. Fred Gillett “Chaplain”      Rev. Joseph Kelly “Chaplain”
                                    w Wm. Patrick Doyle
                                      Henry Tracey
                                    d Wm. Lund
Centre section: Additional Names
Column 5                         Column 6
  d George Priestman                 Rev. Joseph Leo Prescott “Chaplain”
    Rev. Robt. Bleasdale “Chaplain”  Charles Sinclair
    Francis Campbell                 Rev. Joseph McAuley “Chaplain”
    Stephen Wilson                   Guy Smith
    Rev. Richd. Lynch “Chaplain”     George Turner
  d Charles Hines                    Frederick Chaloner
  d Wm. H. Dunderdale                Edward Hirst
    James M. Roche                 d John Morley
    Rev. Geo. Griffin “Chaplain”     Rev. Jos. A. Gribbin “Chaplain”
    John Mulligan                    William Barrass
    Gerard Morgan                    Alex Barrass
Centre section – Casualty List – 
Column 1                            Column 2 
  d Bernard Daly 18 Feby 1915d       Capt. Bede Farrell “Killed”
  w Albert Holroyd “Wounded”        w Lt. Patrick Hickey “Wounded”
  w Denis Travers “Wounded”         d Rev. Wm. J. Finn “Killed”
  d Capt. W.Taylor “Died of Wounds” d J.T. Thompson “Killed”
Centre section – Casualty List – 
Column 3                          Column 4 
  w Lt F. Chadwick “Wounded”        d Lt. W. Bunbury 
  w Joseph Miller “Wounded”         w Wilfrid Corbishley “do”
  w Thomas Eatough “Wounded”        d Major C. Hines “Killed”
  d John Daly “Killed”              d William Lund
Centre section – Casualty List – 
Column 5                          Column 6 
  d George Rogerson                 w Patrick Hayes
  w Cyril Kay                       w Alfred Wilkinson
  d Alastair Chisholm               w Maurice De Verteuil
  d Francis Taunton                 w Alastair Frasir
Centre section – Other Names – 
Column 1                          Column 2
    Wilfrid Vine                      Edward Ellison
    Cuthbert Eric Findlay             Bernard Coverdale
  w John Cotton                       Joseph Coutts
    Joseph Hughes                     Francis Bothwell
    John Mulcahy                      Arthur Daly
    John Whinham                      Raymond Corboy
Centre section – Other Names – 
Column 3                         Column 4
    Richard Dilworth                  Lawrence O’Meara
    Edward McManus                    William Buller
                                      John Young
Centre section – Other Names – 
Column 5                         Column 6
  ! Austin Wood                       Louis Hynes
                                      Joseph Masterson
Centre section – Other Names – 
Column 7                         Column 8
    Thomas Cunningham                 Lawrence Davin
    Duncan Brown                    d Francis Molyneux
    Geo. Welsh                        Thomas Taylor
    Leo. Landreth                     Leo. Widdop
    William O’Connell               d Thomas Bligh
  w Rev. M. Burdess D.D. “Chaplain”   John Featherstone


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