Memorial Details

NEWMP Memorial Image
Panel 23: Photo James Pasby


Plaque 1914-18 Marsden Colliery





Map ref

NZ 408637

Original Location

In the Miners' Hall, Imeary Street, South Shields.

Present Location

South Tyneside Museum, Ocean Road, NZ 367672

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Thought to be 1921.

Memorial Description

The Memorial originally had 30 panels, 6 panels for those who died and 24 panels for those who served. In the centre was the War Memorial Heading plaque bearing the dedication. On each side is a soldier bearing a rifle in profile facing inwards. Six small panels 1.08 m high x 260 mm wide were below the dedication.
To the left and right of the centre were 12 large panels 1.21.high x 260 mm wide on each side in two rows of 6.
Each panel had a raised patterned border, and bears the names in a single column on each.
All lettering is in san serif raised capitals.

Materials used

Bronze / Metal


First panel: Marsden Miners
Second panel: The following / offered their lives for their country.
Third panel: This memorial was erected / to commemorate the gallant men / who offered their lives for their country / in the / Great War / 1914-1919. The following made the supreme sacrifice.
Fourth panel: The following / offered their lives for their country.


Who commissioned

Whitburn/Marsden Colliery.

Present condition

Fair, 22 panels with 8 panels missing.

Ownership and maintenance

Harton Coal Co. until 1947, then taken over by National Coal Board.


1. The panels were removed from the building rather roughly, the screws and bolts holding some of the panels are still stuck in the back of the memorial panels in places. The memorial came from the Miner's Hall, in Imeary Street.

2. Despite extensive research, the missing 8 panels have not been located, we believe these went missing when being dismantled. NEWMP made an appeal in the Shields Gazette in 2010, courtesy of Janis Blower. There was no response. Therefore the names are incomplete.

3. The surviving Memorial plaques were displayed at the Museum on a South Shields History Day. One ex miner remembered it being mounted on a wall in the Miners Hall itself.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: James Pasby

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Research acknowledgements

James Pasby; Tony Harding; Adam Bell, Tyne and Wear Museum and Archive services; Janis Blower; Peter Hoy

Research In Progress

If you are researching this memorial please contact

Plaque 1914-18 Marsden Colliery (W100.07b)

   This Memorial was erected
   to commemorate the gallant men
   who offered their lives for their country
   in the
   Great War
   The following made the Supreme Sacrifice
Panel 1 (small)        Panel 3 (small)         Panel 6 (small)
   Appleton, W.           Gray, J.                Stenton, J.
   Atkinson, C.J.         Gascoigne, M.           Stenburg, M.
   Adey, M.               Gibson, I.              Smith, W.H.
   Amers, W.              Gannon, M.              Sweeting, W.
   Asslebrough, J.W.      Geddess, W.             Scott, W.
   Atherton, R.           Gibson, C.              Spours, R.
   Armstrong, J.M.        Gouch, N.               Storey, J.
   Archibold, W.          Graham, J.R.            Spiller, J.
   Adey, W.               Glenwright, T.E.        Skea, A.
   Buzzard, T.            Green, J.G.             Stenton, J.
   Barry, D.              Gibson, N.G.            Thompson, R.
   Bewick, T.             Hood, J.                Taylor, R.
   Bellas, G.W.           Higgins, J.             Turnbull, G.
   Bell, G.               Holland, B.             Taylor, G.
   Bone, T.H.             Hunter, W.N.            Thompson, W.H.
   Burgess, A.            Hill, J.                Taylor, T.
   Bruce, E.              Huddart, J.             Teasdale, T.
   Buzzard, A.            Henry, C.W.             Tennant, N.S.
   Bullock, W.            Hopper, T.              Thompson, V.
   Bennell, J.W.          Harle, J.               Taylor, R.
   Brown, G.W.            Hall, J.W.              Thompson, R.
   Barkass, E.            Henderson, F.           Urwin, N.
   Brown, J.              Hutchins, G.H.          White, G.P.
   Blakey, D.             Hopper, D.G.            Walker, J.
   Berriman, J.           Haswell, W.             Wilson, W.H.
   Butchard, J.           Hewitt, J.H.            Wilkinson, J.T.
   Butchard, H.           Harris, J.              Whale, J.P.
   Baines, W.             Hewitt, A.              Walton, W.
   Buglass, J.H.          Hodgson, A.E.           Waters, O.
   Brown, J.M.            Humble, J.              Ward, M.C.
   Bullock, H.            Hill, D.A.              Wallace, T.
   Bagley, W.             Hope, J.W.              Wareham, R.W.
   Brown, W.              Hart, J.W.              Watson, J.W.
   Bullock, H.            Huddart, J.             Wood, N.
   Cook, T.                                       Watson, C.G.
   Craggs, C.H.                                   White, A.
   Calder, J.                                     Young, J.R.
   Cullen, P.                                     Younghusband, R.
   Cockburn, J.R.
Small panels 2, 4 and 5 are missing   
   The following 
   offered their lives for their country. 
Panel 7 (large)        Panel 8 (large)         Panel 9 (large)
   Allen, J.              Bellas, T.              Breeze, R.
   Atkinson, R.           Brown, H.               Bullock, R.
   Atkinson, W.           Bawn, R.                Bell, R.
   Angus, F.              Burns, G.T.             Bell, W.
   Allen, W.              Buckle, J.W.            Bell, R.
   Archer, W.J.           Bellas, J.H.            Briggs, R.
   Aitken, G.             Bulmer, G.E.            Brown, W.C.
   Allen, J.              Bell, W.                Bellas, T.W.
   Asslebrough, T.        Bell, H.                Bell, G.
   Arundell, J.J.         Bainbridge, J.          Bullock, R.W.
   Alcock, E.             Bayfield, W.            Baines, J.
   Atherton, W.           Burgess, F.             Burnett, C.H.
   Anderson, J.D.         Bridgwood, G.           Bell, T.A.
   Aitchison, R.          Bulmer, F.              Brown, J.W.
   Anderson, L.           Bowman, J.W.            Bell, W.
   Allen, N.S.            Barton, C.              Brown, J.T.
   Atkinson, C.W.         Burgess, W.             Bell, J.
   Arundell, W.S.         Bell, T.                Black, W.
   Anderson, F.S.         Bagley, J.              Bullock, W.
   Atherton, J.           Bell, R.                Bell, S.
   Armstrong, T.          Bell, J.W.              Brown, M.
   Anderson, M.           Bullock, A.             Bullock, W.J.
   Ashton, C.             Buckham, R.             Best, C.
   Aynsley, G.T.          Bardwell, S.            Bell, L.
   Aitchinson, J.         Brown, R.K.L.           Bell, M.
   Allen, H.              Brydon, A.              Buckham, J.
   Adey, A.               Burrell, J.             Buckle, F.
   Atkinson, W.E.A.       Brown, J.E.             Beecroft, J.W.
   aspen, J.              Beadling, T.            Brown, T.S.
   Allen, J.G.            Bolton, H.V.            Brown, N.F.
   Atkinson, F.H.         Burnett, G.             Brass, R.
   Allen, G.              Black, E.               Bell, J.W.
   Atkin, W.T.            Booth, G.               Bainbridge, N.
   Bennett, R.            Bardwell, J.            Brown, R.R.
   Baker, S.              Bradbury, D.B.          Burrell, J.E.
   Burdon, M.             Burns, R.               Brown, G.B.
   Brown, G.              Browning, W.C.          Bawn, J.
   Beckett, R.            Bolam, G.W.             Beckwith, R.
   Bell, D.               Blencow, J.             Cook, J.R.
   Brown, H.              Burnett, R.             Cooper, C.T.
   Breeze, J.             Barry, T.L.P.           Clark, P.
   Brown, G.W.            Bell, T.E.              Coulson, C.B.
   Brady, T.              Bell, J.T.              Creighton, J.T.
   Brown, T.E.            Brady, P.               Cowie, A.
   Brewer, P.             Bruce, J.R.             Cook, J.
   Bone, A.               Bayfield, F.W.          Cable, J.
   Blacklock, J.          Brass, J.               Curry, J.C.
   Burr, J.W.             Beecroft, W.            Carter, F.
   Buzzard, J.E.          Brass, R.               Clemitson, W.H.
   Blencow, H.            Bainbridge, J.          Charlton, A.
   Briheney, J.           Bruce, M.               Corner, G.
   Bassett, V.            Butchard, T.            Clark, P.
   Burnett, J.W.          Buglass, W.             Couch, J.
   Berry, W.              Bainbridge, W.          Clasper, J.
   Brown, G.              Bertie, A.              Couch, W.
   The following 
   offered their lives for their country. 
Panel 10 (large)        Panel 11 (large)       Panel 13 (large)        
   Cable, W.               Chapman, R.W.          Dryer, J. 
   Charlton, R.            Clennick, N.           Donaldson, T. 
   clubbs, R.              Chapman, B.            Dodsworth, T. 
   Cook, J.                Carrington, G.         Dixon, T. 
   Clapham, D.             Cochrane, F.           Dickinson, J. 
   Clare, H.               Clapham, W.            Davison, W.J. 
   Clark, R.               Connor, J.             Dinnis, E. 
   Claughan, R.            Clare, F.              Downey, G. 
   Caswell, M.             Collins, S.            Douglass, J. 
   Cullen, D.              Cawood, A.             Dickinson, G. 
   Clark, W.H.             Clark, G.W.            Dickinson, G. 
   Coxon, W.               Capstick, C.E.         Douglass, G. 
   Capstick, G.            Collighan, J.          Dixon, G.P. 
   Cable, J.S.             Cook, J.               Dodd, J. 
   Curry, H.               Cookson, R.            Davison, J. 
   Cuthbert, W.H.          Canny, T.              Dawe, E. 
   Craggs, R.              Copeland, J.F.         Dinsdale, W.    
   Caswell, J.             Craig, S.H.            Dixon, C. 
   Curry, F.               Charlton, R.           Drake, C. 
   Coyne, F.               Calvert, J.T.          Dunn, J.W. 
   Coulson, T.S.           Clark, A.              Davis, J. 
   Crumbie, A.             Capewell, W.           Day, W. 
   Coates, H.              Cowley, C.             Downey, J.W. 
   Carter, J.              Clark, R.N.            Dickinson, J. 
   Carter, J.R.            Cuthbert, J.H.         Dixon, G.P. 
   Collier, A.             Charlton, A.           Donaldson, H. 
   Cowley, S.              Cliffe, J.B.           Drever, H. 
   Couts, R.               Campbell, K.W.         Dew, G. 
   Chapman, H.             Davis, J.P.            Dodds, S. 
   Cockburn, W.            Duffy, J.              Dillerstone, J.H. 
   Cook, J.R.              Downes, N.             Dunlavey, J. 
   Cunningham, G.          Douglass, A.           Dunn, M. 
   Cowie, H.               Downey, G.             Edwards, A.E. 
   Cooper, H.              Dawson, J.W.           Elliott, G. 
   Cunningham, J.          Dickinson, A.          Elstob, T.C. 
   Cook, E.                Dixon, J.              Emerson, J.J. 
   Craggs, J.              Davis, J.              Emmerson, F.G. 
   Clark, W.               Daglish, J.            Erskine, A. 
   Coates, E.              Douglass, J.W.         Errington, R.W. 
   Cawood, T.              Dickinson, J.          Errington, D. 
   Cawood, R.              Doccher, J.            Embleton, R. 
   Collins, T.             Dodsworth, A.E.        Elliott, C.W. 
   Coates, B.              Doneghan, J.           Edlington, A. 
   Crows, S.               Dixon, J.W.            Emmerson, W. 
   Craig, S.               Dodds, R.              Ellwood, T. 
   Chapman, J.             Davis, W.              Efford, W. 
   Cartin, C.              Doneghan, T.           Elsey, T. 
   Crumbie, W.P.           Davis, J.              Ellwood, I. 
   Carruthers, W.          Davis, J.P.            Elliott, T. 
   Clark, A.W.             Dalton, T.L.           Errington, J. 
   Christenson, R.         Dickinson, J.          Elliott, U. 
   Cook, E.                Docchar, J.W.          Edmondson, T. 
   Carr, I.                Dawson, J.             Ellis, C.T. 
   Cunningham, N.          Dodsworth, G.          Eite, J.T. 
   Carter, T.              Davis, P.              Elstob, A.H. 
   The following 
   offered their lives for their country. 
Panel 14 (large)        Panel 15 (large)       Panel 18 (large)
   Emmerson, R.A.          Hart, R.               Lawson, G.W.
   Edmondson, S.           Halliday, A.           Layton, A.
   Errington, G.           Howie, G.C.            Lawson, J.
   Embleton, T.            Haines, J.H.           Lowery, A.
   Edwards, A.E.           Hardy, T.A.            Leven, J.
   Elliott, R.             Howard, R.H.           Lowdon, M.
   Elliott, G.             Hart, J.H.             Lowdon, G.   
   Edmondson, S.           Hopper, J.             Lake, F.C.
   Edwards, R.             Humble, J.             Logan, P.M.
   Elliott, R.             Hanson, E.             Lamb, T.
   Easton, H.              Henshall, J.W.         Lake, H.
   Ellwoood, H.            Huntley, A.            Lewis, E.
   Errington, G.           Harmer, H.             Linney, J.
   Errington, R.           Hedley, C.             Lomax, S.
   Foster, J.              Hewitt, J.             Lynn, T.
   Fenton, F.              Harvey, P.             Luccock, H.
   Falconer, G.            Hodgson, E.            Louson, W.
   Frazier, B.             Haggerston, W.         Laws, A.M.
   Fail, T.                Hodkinson, J.          Leadbitter, J.
   Fairless, J.            Hanson, C.             Laverick, J.
   Fail, R.                Hutchinson, R.W.       Lowe, W.C.
   Fawcett, J.W.           Harper, G.             Lyall, J.R.
   Fail, J.                Henderson, J.J.        Layton, J.
   Felce, C.               Hedley, T.R.           Lyall, W.T.
   Fowlie, H.              Hedley, M.             Lyall, W.V.
   Foster, J.              Halliday, R.           Lillie, D.
   Fenn, W.                Howe, C.R.             Long, W.J.
   Fothergill, J.W.        Hall, G.               Lloyd, W.
   Follon, G.              Harrison, J.           Leaske, H.
   Fawcett, J.J.           Hall, J.               Laws, J.
   Fee, T.H.               Hendry, J.             Lauder, J.R.
   Farrar, C.              Hall, R.               Lillicoe, J.
   Falconer, J.M.          Henderson, J.          Lake, R.
   Fawcett, J.G.           Hauxwell, E.           Loader, G.D.
   Fox, T.E.               Halliday, G.           Lynch, F.
   Fenton, W.              Harris, G.W.           Loughran, J.
   Foster, J.H.            Hanley, J.             Layton, J.W.
   Fox, A.                 Hawke, W.              Lawson, G.
   Foster, W.              Hastings, B.           Lowdon, S.N.
   Fulcher, J.R.           Hindmarsh, M.          Lillie, A.
   Ferguson, W.            Hepple, A.M.           Leadbitter, J.W.
   Foggon, J.G.            Higgins, W.            Leitch, G.
   Fawcett, J.E.           Hetherington, F.       Logan, J.J.
   Finkle, F.              Harrison, W.           Linney, J.
   Falconer, J.R.          Huggins, F.            Luke, J.
   Ford, G.                Hart, G.               Lowther, J.
   Grey, J.W.              Hutchins, J.           Lamb, G.
   Graham, G.E.            Hedley, J.             Lake, W.H.
   Gardener, J.J.          Hodkinson, J.          Lake, J.
   Green, J.               Hanlon, E.             Leadbitter, J.W.
   Greener, J.T.           Hull, A.               Littlewood, J.H.
   Graham, R.              Hastings, D.           Lowery, J.R.
   Gaffney, E.             Hanratty, O.           Lawrenson, F.
   George, T.              Harle, T.              Lowery, W.
   Gracie, J.              Hetherington, G.       Locke, F.
   The following 
   offered their lives for their country. 
Panel 19 (large)        Panel 20 (large)       Panel 21 (large)    
   Leadbitter, G.          Marshall, G.           Meeks, J.               
   Lilley, D.              McFarlane, B.          McGlasham, J.          
   Leadbitter, J.R.        Musgrove, J.D.         Middleton, J.          
   Lazenby, P.             Mason, W.              Miller, J.W.            
   McGrory, J.             McArdle, J.            Millett, J.             
   Metcalf, M.             McLevd, J.T.           McLaughlan, W.          
   Martin, M.              McGinley, J.           Mountain, T.           
   Maddison, J.            Mackie, A.             Mountain, A.E.         
   Meynell, N.             Martin, C.H.           Mitchinson, I.           
   Mountain, W.            McGregor, W.           McHale, J.              
   Moralee, J.             McCabe, J.             McNamee, J.            
   McTaggert, A.           Montgomery, A.         McTavey, H.             
   Muir, R.                McGrother, F.          Marshall, R.           
   McGrory, M.             Moyser, J.             Maddison, T.W.          
   Mowatt, S.H.            McQue, C.C.            Morgan, J.            
   Mordue, W.              March, R.              Mason, J.G.             
   Mackie, A.              Millett, J.            Nicholson, M.          
   McNab, J.               Muir, T.               Norton, W.            
   McIvor, G.W.            Muir, A.E.             Nicholas, T.            
   Milburn, R.             McGlave, J.            Nicholas, J.            
   Mordue, J.W.            Maxwell, R.            Newham, R.             
   Matthews, R.            Morley, A.E.           Nicholson, W.H.       
   McCormick, J.           Marshall, J.           Normandale, J.         
   Muir, J.W.              McCaffery, J.          Neve, C.H.              
   McIvor, J.              Mackie, W.             Nicholson, M.       
   Mitchinson, W.          Mowatt, J.             Nicholson, H.          
   Mitchell, G.            Mason, G.H.            Neve, C.               
   Marshall, H.            McCabe, T.S.           Norfolk, T.         
   Meikle, T.B.            McDermott, H.          Nicholson, W.        
   McKean, A.              Mowatt, G.R.           Nicholas, H.         
   McGoldrick, M.          McDonald, A.           Nickerson, G.          
   Matthews, R.E.          Mason, T.S.            Newton, J.              
   Montgomery, R.          McAdoo, R.             Newman, G.C.         
   Mitchell, R.W.          Meynell, E.A.          Newbrook, J.            
   Murray, P.              Mouatt, R.             Nicholson, S.          
   Murray, M.              Mouncey, T.            Nicholson, J.        
   Moore, S.               Murray, J.             Nicholas, J.        
   Martin, E.              Meikle, W.             O'Donovan, J.G.        
   Morris, T.              Mason, T.              O'Niel, J.C.          
   Milburn, J.             McVay, G.              O'Niel, M.             
   McCabe, P.              McGarrell, O.          O'Kiefe, P.             
   Martin, W.              Mullen, J.             O'Niel, R.           
   McCowliffe, H.          Mennighan, P.          Orwin, W.A.            
   McCaffery, J.           McGrory, E.            O'Brien, C.     
   Manning, J.             Maddison, T.           O'Niel, T.              
   Mead, M.                Murphy, M.             Orton, A.           
   Mason, W.S.             McGurk, J.             Ogle, A.T.            
   McTaggart, J.           Marshall, H.           Otto, W.            
   Mackley, E.             Morgan, R.K.           Oliver, J.             
   Moore, T.               Moore, W.B.            Oglevie, T.          
   Metcalfe, A.            Mitchell, G.           Owens, N.             
                           McFadden, V.           Owens, T.              
                           Milton, T.             Oliver, G.W.           
                           Mason, J.E.            Pageter, R.            
                           McDougal, C.           Parker, J.C.    
   The following 
   offered their lives for their country. 
Panel 22 (large)        Panel 23 (large)       Panel 24 (large)    
   Phillips, W.E.          Quin, W.               Ray, J. 
   Pears, J.W.             Quilter, J.            Redpath, J. 
   Pratt, G.               Robe, J.               Robson, C.H.D. 
   Preston, J.             Ratter, S.             Ray, F.
   Parry, S.               Ritson, C.             Robson, R.  
   Platton, V.             Ritson, G.             Redford, W.H. 
   Pratt, J.               Richardson, J.D.       Robinson, J.J. 
   Patterson, T.           Roberts, H.E.          Robson, R.W.
   Purvis, C.              Robson, R.N.           Ramsey, C.T. 
   Pilkington, R.          Robinson, J.J.         Race, W.B. 
   Penman, J.              Richardson, R.D.       Reynolds, T.H. 
   Percy, H.               Robinson, J.           Reed, E.R. 
   Palmer, T.              Ramsey, N.C.R.         Rylance, S. 
   Pritchard, G.           Robertson, L.          Robson, T. 
   Petty, W.               Roper, F.              Robson, J. 
   Paul, T.                Rylance, T.            Race, R. 
   Pearce, G.              Robson, W.W.           Race, E.
   Parker, J.F.            Robe, J.               Richardson, R. 
   Pratt, J.               Robe, F.               Ramsey, W. 
   Palmer, A.              Robinson, L.           Richardson, R.F. 
   Palmer, J.              Robinson, L.           Ray, G. 
   Pritchard, R.           Rowley, T.             Roberts, H. 
   Peart, J.               Robson, G.E.           Richardson, R. 
   Patterson, T.           Robertson, T.          Reeder, H.              
   Pine, W.H.              Rowe, W.               Rivers, J.R.            
   Parker, W.F.            Robson, A.W.           Robinson, W.G.
   Pearson, J.             Ranson, E.             Riley, J. 
   Pears, J.M.             Rice, R.C.             Richardson, G. 
   Peart, T.E.             Rippon, J.             Robinson, J. 
   Pearce, J.              Ray, J.                Richardson, J.H. 
   Palmer, R.F.            Robinson, H.           Redpath, S.
   Pease, F.               Richardson, T.         Robinson, W.
   Parry, W.               Robson, T.W.           Stokes, J.W. 
   Palmer, S.              Robinson, J.J.         Stokes, S. 
   Plater, J.S.            Robinson, J.           Smith, L. 
   Patterson, J.A.         Ramsey, R.             Self, J.
   Perry, J.               Reve, J.               Simpson, J.L.
   Pollard, R.W.           Roberts, A.H.          Spence, H.
   Pearson, R.             Robinson, M.           Shield, W. 
   Pape, T.J.              Reynolds, J.W.         Scott, W.
   Price, W.S.             Richardson, J.         Snell, J.
   Pallister, G.D.         Rowe, R.               Scott, J.
   Paul, J.                Ray, J.                Smith, H. 
   Pallister, T.A.         Redpath, T.            Simpson, J. 
   Pickering, E.           Redford, R.S.          Smith, J.T.
   Preston, M.             Rolph, R.              Simpson, S. 
   Plater, F.              Robinson, W.G.         Stobbs, J.L.            
   Parry, S.T.             Rowe, W.               Spraggon, M.
   Proud, J.M.             Richardson, I.         Sibson, J. 
   Prince, j               Rowell, H.             Spour, R.A. 
   Prince, C.F.            Robson, A.             Smith, A.H. 
   Pease, C.               Robson, J.W.           Simpson, J.T. 
   Profit, W.              Rylance, J.R.          Sherry, W. 
   Profit, T.L.            Rylance, W.            Smith, J.W. 
   Queenan, T.             Radcliffe, C.          Sayers, J.T. 
                                                  Smith, W. 
   The following 
   offered their lives for their country. 
Panel 25 (large)        Panel 26 (large)         
   Smith, R.               Stenburg, J.R.
   Smith, J.W.             Soulsby, J.G.
   Smith, J.F.             Stobbs, C.W.
   Smith, E.               Slater, W.
   Smith, G.               Soulsby, T.
   Stiddolph, W.           Slater, J.W.
   Scott, W.               Stelling, F.
   Smith, J.               Smith, J.
   Spours, F.              Seymour, W.
   Spence, R.              Smithwhite, J.
   Swalwell, S.            Shaw, J.J.
   Stobbs, G.W.            Sweeting, W.
   Scurr, W.               Sweeting, C.
   Stobbs, T.              Slater, A.
   Smith, H.               Shore, H.
   Scurr, T.E.             Stephens, G.
   Smith, J.H.             Sedgwick, T.
   Stiddolph, J.G.         Scurrfield, W.
   Stephenson, S.          Sandell, R.
   Smith, A.               Smith, T.H.
   Stinson, T.             Swithenbank, R.
   Sutton, F.G.            Suthern, W.
   Smith, J.R.             Scott, H.
   Stobbart, T.            Sellars, T.C.
   Stenton, J.             Smith, T.
   Stewart, J.             Stewart, J.
   Swift, W.H.             Sowerby, G.W.
   Scott, J.               Sweeting, S.
   Stenton, W.             Smith, J.C.
   Sutton, B.              Simpson, J.M.
   Smith, A.W.             Stewart, F.N.
   Sickling, T.W.          Spencer, J.
   Stephens, T.S.          Spencer, J.
   Smith, E.H.             Spence, J.G.
   Simpson, J.R.           Sherry, J.
   Smith, J.W.             Sim, G.C.
   Smith, T.L.             Smith, J.A.
   Spence, W.M.            Smith, J.W.
   Sloan, J.H.             Stephenson, R.
   Sinclair, R.            Sherry, J.
   Simpson, E.             Seymour, W.
   Surtees, J.E.           Sheriff, H.H.
   Smith, H.               Sibbald, J.
   Slater, G.              Shepherd, F.
   Scurrfield, W.          Sayers, T.W.
   Smith, J.F.             Spence, W.B.
   Scrimingour, J.         Spiller, T.
   Sloan, W.               Soulsby, J.
   Smith, P.               Sparks, G.
   Surtees, H.             Spour, F.C.
   Stolliday, J.           Sowerby, C.
   Sharp, S.               Slater, S.
   Stephenson, G.          Stinson, J.
   Seymour, J.             Scott, C.M.
   Stelling, C.            Simpson, A.
   The following 
   offered their lives for their country. 
Panel 27 (large)       Panel 30 
   Smith, J.               Wilkinson, J.
   Sayers, R.H.            Winter, T.S.
   Scales, F.              Wynn, J.E.
   Smithwhite, R.          Wills, N.
   Stephenson, E.J.        Wilson, G.
   Sowdon, G.              Wallace, T.W.
   Smith, H.G.             Wallace, G.
   Sowdon, R.              Wood, E.
   Scott, E.               Wilkinson, J.
   Smith, J.H.             Wood, E.
   Steele, J.              Wilkinson, J.
   Spiller, T.             Wood, J.
   Shield, J.              Wright, J.
   Smith, W.E.             Wilkinson, J.
   Smith, W.               Wales, G.W.
   Smith, H.               Ward, T.B.
   Stephenson, E.          Westgarth, T.
   Smith, B.S.             Weir, J.
   Stewart, G.R.L.         Wake, R.
   Spiller, N.             Wilkinson, J.
   Staines, G.T.           Wells, M.
   Summers, J.             Wales, G.
   Shotton, S.             Wood, J.W.
   Sugeter, R.             Walker, T.
   Sowdon, W.              White, A.E.
   Shaw, J.                Wilson, F.H.
   Slaughter, W.           Watson, D.
   Scott, T.               Wilson, W.E.G.
   Scott, W.               Walker, J.
   Tulip, G.R.             Welch, T.
   Thornboro, J.R.         Wilson, H.
   Thompson, J.J.          Wood, T.
   Tudberry, W.            Wilson, C.
   Thompson, R.A.          Wylie, R.
   Thompson, S.            Wilson, W.
   Toole, J.               Williamson, J.
   Thompson, J.            Wight, W.P.
   Taylor, H.              Wood, G.
   Taylor, J.              Wilson, J.B.
   Thompson, H.            Wallace, G.
   Todd, J.R.              Wells, D.
   Thompson, F.            Young, J.
   Taylor, R.              Yorston, W.
   Taylor, R.              Young, G.R.
   Tearney, J.             Younghusband, R.A.
   Tearney, R.             Yates, G.
   Thompson, R.            Young, S.
   Thompson, W.            Young, R.
   Thirwell, R.            Young, G.H.
   Thompson, W.            Yates, T.
   Taylor, J.H.            Yarrow, H.                       
   Thompson, J.G.          Yorston, G.W.
   Todd, W.                Young, W.
   Tudberry, W.            Young, J.
   Thompson, J.
Large panels 12, 16, 17, 28 and 29 are missing.


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