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Plaque Aden 1963-67 St.Thomas





Map ref

NZ 249649

Original Location

St.Thomas Church, Barras Bridge. On the east wall.

Which war

Aden Emergency 14th October 1963 to 30th November 1967

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 20th June 2017

Memorial Description

Plaque 24 inches wide x 30 inches high (608 mm x 762 mm). The names are listed under the cap badge of the regiment. Lettering is in sans serif white capitals.

Materials used



Aden 20th June / 1967 Made the ultimate sacrifice / Gone but not forgotten.


Who commissioned

The Northumberland Branch of the Aden Veterans' Association commissioned the Stone Memorial in remembrance of all who were tragically killed on the 20th June 1967.*



How money was raised

Surplus from the Chester-le-Street War Memorial fund.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Jim Carroll, made by Caithness Stone.


1. Cap badges are embedded in the memorial. The cap badges are from the Regiments of those killed on the 20th June 1967.
a) The RNF cap badge was supplied by Jimmy Goodwin. It was his fatherís cap badge from the 2nd World War and cannot be replaced.
b) The 1 Lan. Regt. POW cap badge is no longer available the one on the memorial was provided from the Lancashire museum by a former member of the Regiment. It was his own personal cap badge. Dave Pennington.
c) The RCT cap badge was provided by an RCT member who served in Aden.
d) The A & SH cap badge was provided by the museum at Stirling Castle.
e) 1 KOB cap badge was provided by an Aden Veteran.

2. In Silent Valley little Aden there was a Funeral with full Military Honours at the then British Military Cemetery at 8.00 hrs on Sunday 25th June 1967. Those buried were:

Sgt. E Butler, Sgt. R Garth, Dvr. N G Fraser, Dvr. N A Geall, Dvr. F Pouton, Dvr. J Tevendale, Dvr, M N West, Dvr. R N Goldworthy, Maj. J W Moncur, 2lt. J A H Davis, WOII. P M Hoare, Lcpl. T Liddell, Fus. B H Wyllie, Fus. G T Hoult, Fus. W M Crombie, Fus. C T Smyth, Fus. L Stewart, 2lt. R A Young, Pte. A Ferguson, Maj. B A E Malcolm, Sgt. J R Webb, Pte. J T Hunter, Pte. J A Mcintosh, Pte. J E Moores, Mr H Alexander.

3. * Driver Robert Alfred Morley died in 1963.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: John Adey; James Pasby

Additional Notes

a. There is a name on this Memorial who was not killed on the 20th June 1967. Driver Robert Alfred Morley, born 1943, died in 1963. There should only be 8 names from the RCT relating to the date 20th June 1967.

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Research acknowledgements

John Adey; Jim Carroll; James Pasby

Research In Progress

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Plaque Aden 1963-67 St.Thomas (NUT269)

   ADEN 20th June

   I RNF                     RCT
   Maj. J.W. Moncur          S.Sgt. E. Butler
   2Lt. J.A.H. Davies        Sgt. R. Garth
   WO11 P.M. Hoare           Dvr. M.A. Geall
   L.Cpl. T. Liddell         Dvr. R.M. Goldworthy
   Fus. W.M. Crombie         Dvr. F. Pouton
   Fus. G.T. Hoult           Dvr. J. Tevendale
   Fus. C.T. Smyth           Dvr. M.N. West
   Fus. L. Stewart           Dvr. N.G. Fraser
   Fus. B.H. Wyllie          Dvr. R.A. Morley

   ASH                   1 LAN REGT          1 KOB
   Maj. B.A.E. Malcolm   POW                 Pte. A. Ferguson
   Pte. J.T. Hunter     
   Pte. J.F. Moores      2Lt. R.A. Young

                         Mr. H. Alexander

   Made the ultimate sacrifice
   Gone but not forgotten.

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