Memorial Details

Photo: Dorothy Hall


Peace garden 1914-18 1939-45 off Swan Street





Original Location

Newholme Crescent, Evenwood

Which war

a. 1914-1918
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated on 11th November 2011 by Rev. Jane Grieve from St.Paulís.

Memorial Description

Peace Garden.

There is a block of stone which has the top cut away at an angle on which is the quotation in sans serif capitals. The stone stands in a circular paved area, the inner circle being of lighter stones. There is a paved path leading to the centre.

On the front face are two plaques bearing the names for the two great wars. The upper plaque is for 1939-45 and bears have the names in two columns . The lower plaques is for 1914-18 and has the names in three columns. All lettering is in Roman lower case.

Materials used

Stone block


We Will / Remember / Them


Who commissioned

Evenwood and Barony Parish Council.


£18,000 allocated

How money was raised

Durham County Councillor neighbourhood funds via Stephen Hugill

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed through Groundwork North East. Contractors: Trevor Atkinson & Co., Mickleton, Barnard Castle.

Ownership and maintenance

Evenwood and Barony Parish Council


1. Not everybody was in favour. Some wanted the money to be spent on refurbishing the sports ground.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Kevin Richardson; Dorothy Hall

Northern Echo 14/10/2010 reports dissent against the new memorial.

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Research acknowledgements

Martin Clark MILCM., Parish Clerk

Research In Progress

Kevin Richardson is researching the names on this memorial. Contact:

Peace garden 1914-18 1939-45 off Swan Street (E69.04)

World War One 1914 -1918
   2/Lt. T.W. Applegarth     Pte. W. Howlett      Pte. W. Snowball
   L/C J.W. Arkless          Pte. J. Hutchinson   Sgt. J.W. Spence
   Sapper A.K. Atkinson M.M. AB A. Lyons          L/Cpl. W. Storey
   Pte. D. Baister           Pte. J. Maugham      Sgt. E. Towers
   Pte. G.W. Bryant          Pte. J.W. Maughan    Pte. J. Walling
   AB W. Carrick             Pte. M.G. Middlemass L/Cpl. J.W. Walton
   Cpl. C.T. Cox             Pte. J. Million      Sapper H. Wardle
   Pte. R.W. Conlon          Pte. W. Morley       Pte. R. Wardle
   Pte. T. Davis             Pte. W.A. Moses      Pte. R. Wilson
   Cpl. H. Dixon             Sgt. G. Parmley      AB J.W. Wren
   Cpl. G. Dowson            Gunner F. Purvis
   Pte. T.H. Dunn            Pte. J.H. Raine
   Pte. W.E. Earl            Rfm. M.T. Raine
   Pte. J. Ellerker          Sgt. J.J. Richardson
   Pte. J.C. Graves          Pte. O. Rushford
   Gunner W. Gray            Pnr. S.R. Rutter
   Pte. J. Hesletine         Pte. M. Simpson
   Pte. R. Heaviside         Sgt. T.W. Simpson M.M.
   Pte. J. Hewitt            Pte. J. Skelhorn
There are some differences from 
E69.01        E69.04
A. Lynas      A. Lions    (Kevin Richardson's book agrees A. Lynas)
R.W. Conlin   R.W. Conlon (Kevin Richardson's book agrees R.W. Conlon)
G.T. Cox      C.T. Cox    (Kevin Richardson's book agrees G.T. Cox)
J.J. Walton   J.W. Walton (Kevin Richardson's book agrees J.W. Walton)
W. Moses      W.A. Moses  (Kevin Richardson's book agrees W.A. Moses)
W.R. Storey   W. Storey   (Kevin Richardson's book agrees W.R. Storey)
G. Bryant     G.W. Bryant (Kevin Richardson's book agrees G.W. Bryant)
World War Two 1939 – 1945
   Cpl Bell, Joseph Russell         Pte Watson, Thomas Raisbeck
   Pte Brown, Arthur Raymond        PO Watson, Walter
   Gnr Brownless, John George       Pte Wilkinson, Maurice
   Pte Collinson, Maurice           Sgt Young, Norman
   Pte Heaviside, Thomas William    L/A Birch, Angus Henry
   L/Stoker Hudson, Moses Maughan   Pte Peddelty, Maurice Marsterton
   Gnr Lowson, Jack                 CEO Pattison, Percy
   Pte Maughan, George              Dvr Raine, George William
   Pte Prudhoe, John Coates         Pte Welsh, Thomas Featherstone
   Cpl Race, Harry
   Sgt Sanderson, John
   Cpl Snowdon, Thomas
   Pte Stephenson, John
   Pte Stephenson, Thomas Flounders
   L/Sgt Stokoe, Thomas Henry


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