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Garden Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 Police HQ





Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Memorial Description

The names are listed in four columns, using white upper and lower case sans serif lettering on a blue background.
The names include those of Police offices who died in performances of their duties, not as a result of war.


Memorial/ First World War 1914-18/ Second World War 1939-1945 / Police Roll of Honour.
This Garden of Remembrance is dedicated to the memory of all Durham Constabulary police officers and staff.



1. John Grainger emails: On the 1st WW names there are two I managed to get on the memorial that were not recorded on the main war memorial, their names are Matthew Middleton and Thomas Euen Nesham. Nesham died after the war but I submitted his death certificate and army record to the CWGC in 2014, and they have added him to their database and the UK Book of Remembrance. He is buried at Jarrow and as there is a private headstone on his grave they will not erect a CWGC headstone but will look after the grave during their normal schedule to ensure it stays a fitting memorial for evermore. In relation to Middleton, he was killed in 1916 and I am unable to find out why he was omitted from the memorial, perhaps his family did not want his name on the memorial, we will never know.

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Photos: John and Mavis Dixon

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John and Mavis Dixon; John Grainger

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Garden Plaque 1914-18 1939-45 Police HQ (D47.150)

Column 1                                     Column 2
   Edward Fry Hunter, H.M.S. Hampshire.      Pte. George Brown, S.Gds.
   Sgt. John William Geddes, R.F.A.          Pte. Thomas Henry Nugent, I.Gds. 
   Gnr. Ernest William Johnstone, R.F.A.     Sgt. John Thomas Jones, R.W. Surr.R
   QMS Robert John Duncan, R.G.A.            Sgt. Walter dodd, North’d Fus.
   Sgt. William Clarke, R.G.A.               Sgt. Hugh Laing Ritson, North’d Fus.
   Sgt. Harry Taylorson, R.G.A.              Cpl. Robert Hunter Straughier, Northd. Fus.
   Bomdr. Ralph Carroll, R.G.A.              Pte. Bertie John James Ball, Devon R.
   Bomdr. Thomas Wilkinson, R.G.A.           L/Cpl. Fred Dawson, W. York.R.
   Capt. Alfred Herbert Brock, R.E.          2/Lt. Alexander Johnston, E.York.R.
   Sgt. John William Hunter, R.E.            Cpl. William Arthur Routledge, Leic.R.
   CSM Thomas Euen Nesham, R.E.              Sgt. Herbert Lister, York R.
   Pnr. John Fletcher Nicholson, R.E.        2/Lt. Hugh Lambroughton, R.Sc.Fus.
   Pnr. George Taylor, R.E.                  Pte. John Bell, S.Wales Bord.
   Cpl. James William Noutch, G.Gds.         L/Sgt. William Glen, Glou. R.
   Pte. William McIlwain, G.Gds.             Pte. Charles Bream, North’n. R.
   Pte. Joseph Trotter, G.Gds.               Cpl. William Ashburn, York & Lanc. R.
   Pte. Barnes Usherwood, G.Gds.             CSM Thomas William McGuire, Durh.L.I.
   Tpr. Matthew Middleton, R.H.G.            CSM Joseph Turton, Durh.L.I.
   L/Sgt. Bernard Dunleavy, C.Gds.           Pte. Roland Swan, Durh.L.I.
   Cpl. Frederick Hazell, C.Gds.             Pte. Albert Edward Theakston, Gord.High’rs.
   L/Cpl. John William Heslop, C.Gds.        Sgt. William Stevenson, Gord.High’rs.
   L/Cpl. James Turnbull Tracey, C.Gds.      Cpl. Thomas Valks, R.A.M.C.
   L/Cpl. Henry Ward, C.Gds.                 Pte. Joseph Cuthbertson, R.A.M.C.
   Pte. Stephen Coulson Clarke, C.Gds.       Pte. Luke Rogers, R.A.M.C.
   Pte. Ralph Herbert Lawson, C.Gds.         Sgt. Moses Heaslip, M.M.P.
   Pte. John Timothy Oliver, C.Gds.          L/Cpl. Horace Cooper, M.M.P.
   Pte. Horatio Robert Bell Pearson, C.Gds.  L/Cpl. Thomas Brunskill, M.F.P.
   This Garden of Remembrance is dedicated to the 
Column 3                                    
   Second World War 1939-1945
   Sgt.Nav. J.S. Allan, R.A.F.
   Sgt.Plt. G.A. Atkinson, R.A.F.                    
   G’dns K. Bell, C.Gds.
   Rifle’n E. Brown, Camn.Regt.
   Capl. J.J. Burgess, H.L.I.
   Lt. H.A. Campbell, D.Well,Regt.
   Flying Off’r H.D. Clark, R.A.F.
   Plt. Off’r E. Crossley, R.A.F.
   3rd Off’r. J.D. Dale, Air T.Aux.
   Sgt. S.A. Errington, R.A.F.
   Sgt. T. Gibson, R.A.F.
   Gnr. W. Goldsborough, R.A.
   Sub.Lt. S. Green, R.N.V.R.
   Sgt. S.T. Kerr, R.A.F.
   Sgt. L. Lanaghan, R.A.F.
   L/Sgt. G.F. Little, C.Gds.
   Cpl. T. Martin, C.M.P.
   Sgt. J. Melville, R.A.F.
   Plt. Off’r. J.J. Nevens, R.A.F.
   Sgt. F. Pallister, R.A.F.
   Cpl. A.W. Parkin, H’hld Cav’ry
   Sgt. R. Poole, R.A.F.
   Ord. Art’fr R.S. Robinson, R.N.V.R.
   Rifle’n R. Short, Cam’n Regt.
   L/Cpl. T.H. Stephenson, I.Gds.
   Plt. Off’r W.H. Walton R.A.F.
       memory of all Durham 
Column 4                                     Column 5
   Police Roll of Honour
   P.C. John Cruikshank                       P.C. Keith Maddison
   Sgt. William Smith                         Sgt. Stephen Phillip Armstrong
   Supt. Joseph Scott                         P.C. Jonathan Kevin Green
   PC Matthew Walls Straughan
   Sgt. Robert Little
   PC Smith Storey
   PC Henry Lawson
   PC William Ralph Shiell
   SC Frank Ridley Littlefair
   SC Robert Reay
   SC Samuel Edgell
   SC William Frank Appleton
   Sgt. Matthew Slack
   SC John Cheeseman
   Sgt. Robert Swan
   PC Thomas Geary
   SC Thomas Nichol Brown
   Sgt. Arthur James Coote
   PC John Parkin
   PC David Roe
   DCI Charles Edward Gibson
   Sgt. John Albert Broadbridge
   D/Sgt. John Elves
   PC Glenn Russel Corder
   DC James Brian Porter
   PC Steven Robert Ingham
   Constabulary police officers and staff.


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