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Book of Remembrance 1914-18 Holy Trinity pp 182 - 205


S140.048 Part 09



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NZ 405571

Original Location

Holy Trinity, Church Street East (Old Parish Church). (Closed)

Present Location

The Donnison School Heritage and Education Centre, Church Walk, Sunderland SR1 2BJ

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated May 2001 by Bishop of Durham, Rt.Rev. Michael Turnbull.

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance, A4 size, bound in red with black spine and corners. The words “Great War Memorial Book” are tooled in gold Roman capitals on the front cover. The pages are typed.
For convenience of uploading and viewing, the whole has been divided into thirteen parts as follows:
Part 1 contains the introductions and dedications.
Part 2-7 names the men from Sunderland who served according to the regiment in which they served.
Part 8 lists the men from Sunderland who served with the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy.
Part 9 lists
(a) Army officers
(b) Royal Flying Corps / Royal Air Force.
(c) names of men listed in the Sunderland Echo but not in official records;
(d) those who served with Commonwealth Forces; (e) civilians
Part 10 shows the names of Sunderland men on local war memorials,
plus names from Sunderland, Castletown, and Hylton of those who died, listed by the
regiment in which they served.
Part 11 shows the names from Ryhope and Silksworth;
Part 12 shows the names from Southwick;
Part 13 shows the names from Washington/Barmston/Usworth area.
Since then, further pages have been found which add information to these lists. This is now listed as Part 14.

Materials used

Hard bound book


On flyleaf:
This Memorial Book was Dedicated / by / The Lord Bishop of Durham / The Rt. Rev. Michael Turnbull / on / The 10th Day of May 2001.
The gift of Roly Riddell to / Sunderland Old Township / Heritage Society for lodgement / in the War Memorial Chapel of / Sunderland Old Parish Church.


How money was raised

Sunderland City Council.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Compiled by Roland Riddell.


1. On Armistice Day 2000, the first bound copy was handed over to the Mayor of Sunderland. Another copy was presented to the City Library. The copy dedicated in May was a third copy.

2. Sunderland Old Township Heritage Society helped with obtaining a grant.

3. The three volumes are dedicated to the memory of Mr. Riddell’s daughter, Susan, who died at the age of 30 in 1996.

4. The volume was compiled after Mr. Riddell starting searching for information about his grandfather, Jacob Aldridge, who was killed and is listed on the memorial at Thiepval. Mr. Riddell was amazed to find there was no record of all the Wearsiders who had died in the Great War.

5. The church is now managed by The Churches Conservation Trust.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Sharon Vincent

Sunderland Echo 04/05/2001 reports story and proposed dedication “next week”; 11/05/2001 reports service of dedication.

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Research acknowledgements

Arthur Youern; Roland Riddell; Sharon Vincent; Alan Vickers; Brenda McMahon; James Pasby

Research In Progress

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Book of Remembrance 1914-18 Holy Trinity pp 182 - 205 (S140.048 Part 09)

  A/Cpl.     Acting Corporal; A/LSgt Acting Lance sergeant; 
  Adj.       Adjutant
  AIF        Australian Imperial Force
  Att.       Attached
  b:         Born   
  Bdr.       Bombardier   
  BQMS       Brigade Quarter Master Sergeant
  Batt., Bn. Battalion
  Bty.       Battery (Artillery) 
  Capt.      Captain
  Clr.Sgt.   Colour Sergeant   
  Cpl.       Corporal   
  CSM        Company Sergeant Major
  Died: Home Means died somewhere in UK 
  DOW:       Died of Wounds
  Dvr.       Driver   
  E:         Enlisted   
  F&F        France & Flanders (killed or Died France or Belgium) 
  Far.       Farrier (Horseshoer) 
  Ftr.       Fitter
  Gdsm.      Guardsman
  Gnr.       Gunner   
  KIA:       Killed in Action
  L:         Lived
  L/Cpl.     Lance Corporal   
  Lieut.     Lieutenant   
  Pte.       Private
  Rfm.       Rifleman   
  Sdlr.      Saddler
  Sgt.       Sergeant/Serjeant
  Spr.       Sapper   

Page 182
  Adamson Francis Douglas, Lieut; 2nd Bn. Border Regt; Nov 16th 1915; Age 24
  Adamson James, Capt ‘C’ Bty R.F.A.; May 5th 1917; Age 32
  Adamson William, Capt (6th) Loyal Nth Lancs; KIA Apr 23rd/24th; Age 31
  Allison Robert Stafford, 2nd Lieut; Denbighshire Yeomanry Bn.  (Roy Welsh Fus);
        DOW: Jun 16th 1917; Age 25
  Ambler Edward, 2nd Lieut; 1/5th Bn. Yorks & Lancs Regt; Apr 26th 1918;
        Age 19 (Bishopwearmouth Cemetery Memorial) 
  Bailes John T, 2nd Lieut; (6th) D.L.I.; DOW: KIA May 9th 1917; at Endsleigh Place
        Hospital London; interred Mere Knowles Cemetery War Grave
        (Official records show 6th DLI War Grave Registers show 9th D.L.I.) 
  Bambrough (H) T C, 2nd Lieut; DLI DOW: KIA Sep 25th 1917; Brother Will with
        Canadians in France (Official records say Bamborough) 
  Banks Bertie Charleton, 2nd Lieut; 8th D.L.I.; Nov 5th 1916; Age 24
  Barber Willard, 2nd Lieut; 2nd Bn. Yorkshire Regt; KIA Jan 5th 1918;
  Barker Arnold Septimus, 2nd Lieut; 7th D.L.I.; Gassed at Ypres May 24th 1916; Died 
        at Singapore May 29th 1917; (Sunderland Cemetery Memorial) (See Brothers 
  Barker Charles William Tone, Capt; MC; 15th D.L.I.; KIA Mar 24th 1918; age 31 
        (See brothers above & below) (Sunderland Cemetery Memorial) 
  Barker Harold Frederick, Major; Mentioned in Despatches; 29th (Durham) Bde
        R.G.A.; attached 126th Bty R.F.A.; Mar 29th 1918; Age 27 (Sunderland 
        Cemetery Memorial) (See brothers above) 
  Barnes Harry Scott (Hal), Lieut; Northumberland Fus; LIA Easter Monday Apr 9th 
        1917; Age 19
  Beattie James Walker, Capt (MD) R.A.M.C.; (OC HMAT ‘Aberdonian’) Died on
        Active service Jul 23rd 1918; Age 65; interred Sunderland Cemetery War Grave 
  Becher Owen D’Abridgecourt, Lieut; 1st Cameronians; KIA France Sat Mar 13th 1915;
  Bell (Alfred) Gordon, MC; 2nd Lieut/A/Capt; 10th D.L.I.; DOW: KIA Abroad
        Wednesday Apr 18th 1917; Wounded in the evening Apr 10th 1917;
Page 183
 Benford John Louis, Lieut; ?  Died Dec 3rd 1918; of Bronchial Pneumonia
 Binns Christopher, 2nd Lieut; 154th Heavy Bty R.G.A.; killed on Ypres-Menin Rd
        Sep 26th 1917; Age 36
 Blumer John, 2nd Lieut; 283rd Bty R.F.A.; DOW Sep 26th 1916; Age 21
 Bond G S, 2nd Lieut; ‘B’ Bty 276th Bde. R.F.A.; Apr 9th 1918; Age 27
 Bray Aubrey Mellish, MC, Capt 8th Bn. Royal Berkshire Regt; DOW received at
        Bray-sur-Somme Aug 8th 1918; Age 24
 Bray George William Reginald, Lieut; 7th Bn. Royal Berkshire Regt; DOW Aug 16th
        1916; Age 23
 Brown Herbert, Lieut; 1/7th Bn. Royal Welsh Fus; KIA Nov 6th 1917; Age 33
 Brown Robert, Lieut; M.G.C., Died Nov 22nd at 11 Woodside, Age 29;
        interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery Family Grave 
 Burkett Harold, Capt/Adj; 10th Bn. K.O.Y.L.I.; Jun 5th 1917; Age 24
 Cairns Herbert, 2nd Lieut; K.R.R.C.; KIA Oct 4th Age 23
 Canning Edward, 2nd Lieut; DCM; (6th) KOSB; KIA Jul 4th
 Carrs Herbert (Crosley), 2nd Lieut; (14th) N.F. DOW General Hospital, St Omer, Oct
        8th 1917; Age 24. (Wounded Sep 28th); interred Longuenesse (St Omer) 
        Souvenir Cemetery France 
 Carter G H, 2nd Lieut; 2/4th Northumbrian Bde. R.F.A. Nov 18th 1915;
        interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 
 Chapman David Markwell, Lieut; 3rd Bn. Rifle Brigade. Mar 25th 1918; Age 42
 Clarke Gilbert Roderick Bernard, 2nd Lieut; 7th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).
        DOW (Gas) Jun 13th 1918; Age 22
 Clark Ernest, Lieut; ?  Died at Lagos Oct 20th 1918;
 Coleman Arthur, 2nd Lieut; N.F.; KIA Jul 1st 1916; (Attached T/S Northumberland 
 Cook George, Capt ?  killed on duty Nov 9th 1917; interred Nov 18th at Allenvale
        Cemetery Aberdeen
Page 184
  Cottam Hubert Frank, 2nd Lieut; 3rd Bn.  attached 7th Bn. Yorks & Lancs Regt; KIA
        Mar 26th 1918; Age 21
  Cox George Pottinger, Capt; 1st Essex Regt. 29th Div. Mediterranean Expeditionary
        Force; KIA Christmas Eve 1916; Age 22
  Darney C E, 2nd Lieut; Black Watch; KIA Sep 2nd 1918;
  Davis  Henry Christopher, 2nd Lieut; (6th) K.R.R.C.; Wounded & missing now KIA
        Jul 2nd 1916; Age 28
  Davison William, Capt ?  Died Jan 19th 1918; in Ruhleben Camp, Germany
  Dewdney Clifford Mostyn French, Capt/Adj; Croix de Guerre; Gloucester Regt;
        KIA Apr 4th 1918;
  Dickinson John, Lieut; MC; 72nd Bde. R.F.A.; Apr 8th 1917; Age 25
  Dicksee Laurence Roland Arthur, 2nd Lieut; 3rd Bn.  Sherwood Foresters; Died from
        Accidental injuries May 9th 1916; (Official records show Dicksee Lawrence 
        Rowland Arthur, killed May 2nd 1916). (Mere Knowles Cemetery Memorial) 
  Eggleston Ernest, 2nd Lieut; 20th D.L.I.; Accidentally killed Jun 2nd while serving 
        with the Army of Occupation, Cologne, Germany; Age 24 
  English Charles Arthur, 2nd Lieut; Border Regt. (Att. London Regt.); KIA 
        May 6th 1917;
  Evans John Rayner, Lieut; (1st) Monmouthshire Regt; KIA Sequehart, Oct 8th 1918;
  Fairclough Robert Leslie, 2nd Lieut. R.E.; Died France May 5th 1917;
  Fairley Duncan, Lieut; 14th Bn. Yorks & Lancs Regt; KIA Jul 1st 1916; Age 26
  Falkous Robert, Capt (30th) N.F.; KIA Jul 1st 1916; (Official records name Falkons) 
  Foley John, Capt 25th (Tyneside Irish) N.F.; Jul 1st 1916; Age 29
  Foster John Maurice, 2nd Lieut; 4th Bn.  Gordon Highlanders; KIA Jul 23rd 1916;
         (Bishopwearmouth Cemetery Memorial) 
  Foulkes George Boyd, Capt 6th Bn. Royal Scots Fus; KIA France Aug 12th 1916; Age 25
  Frost J W, MC; Lieut; 2nd Northamptonshire Regt; Died Mar 24th 1919; from pneumonia 
        at Military Hospital, Oxford, Age 29
Page 185
  Gardner W J, 2nd Lieut. W.Y.R.; DOW: Sep 26th 1916; Age 33
  Gee Reginald Claud Moline, MC; Lieut. (Act Capt) 15th D.L.I.; KIA Nov 7th 1918;
        Memorial Service in Castletown Church
  Goodrick Walter R, Capt; MC; D.L.I.; KIA France Jan 1st 1917; Age 25
  Goodyear Roland, 2nd Lieut; 9th M.G.C.; Missing, now died Apr 12th 1918; Age 29
  Green John Frettiam, 2nd Lieut; 7th D.L.I.; Nov 5th 1916; Age 18
  Gunn  Roland Craig, 2nd Lieut; Sherwood For; KIA France Jan 6th 1917; Age 19
  Haddock William, Lieut; MC; 1st W.Yorks R; KIA Tues Sep 24th 1915; Age 21
        (Fell in action at Holnon St Quentin France) 
  Hands Cecil, 2nd Lieut; D.L.I.; KIA Oct 13th 1917;
  Harker George Ernest, 2nd Lieut; 40th Bde. R.F.A.; KIA May 19th 1917;
  Harrison Frederick William, (MC); 2nd Lieut; 8th D.L.I.; KIA May 27th 1918; Age 24
        (interred Craonne Plateau France) (Bishopwearmouth Cemetery Memorial) 
        (see Roland Edgar) 
  Harrison Osmond, Lieut; R.G.A.; DOW: Feb 5th 1919; Age 20 interred Bishopwearmouth         
        Cemetery Grave; named on Bishopwearmouth Cemetery Memorial 
  Harrison Roland Edgar, 2nd Lieut; 8th Bn. D.L.I.; KIA Feb 27th 1916; Age 25
        (War Grave Records interred Railway Dugouts Burial Ground Belgium) 
        Bishopwearmouth Cemetery Memorial; interred Transport Farm Ypres, 
        Belgium; (see Frederick William) 
  Haswell Frederick, 2nd Lieut; 3rd E.Y.R. (Att 2nd E.Y.R.); KIA Ypres Apr 23rd 1915; 
        Age 19
  Haswell Gordon, Capt; 9th K.O.Y.L.I.; KIA Jul 2nd 1916;
  Hedley John Hunt (Jack), 2nd Lieut; Middlesex Regt; Reported wounded now KIA Mar 9th 
        1918; Age 19. (War Grave records show Hedley John Hunt (Wrong rank L/Sgt.) 4th 
        Bn.  Attached 8th Bn.  Middlesex Regt; KIA Mar 8th 1918; Age 19) (Official 
        Records state 2nd Lieut; 5th Bn.  attached 4th Bn.  Middlesex Regt; KIA 
        Mar 8th 1918) 
  Herbert Charles Stanley, Capt; MC; 15th D.L.I.; KIA May 27th 1918; Age 23
  Heslop  Harold Linton, MD; R.A.M.C.; Died suddenly Oct 30th 1917; at Casualty
        Clearing Stn. abroad; Age 36 (‘Sunderland Echo’ Nov 2nd & 5th 1917) 
        (Bede School Memorial) 
Page 186
  Hetherington T W, Lieut; 12th D.L.I.; KIA Jul 17th 1916;
  Hindsley Eric, Lieut; 1st Sth Staffs; DOW: KIA Apr 11th 1917;
  Hines Austin, 2nd Lieut; 10th D.L.I.; DOW: KIA Belgium Dec 15th 1915; Age 29
  Hines Charles William, Major; 7th Bn. D.L.I.; May 26th 1915; Age 41
  Hogben Henry Francis Thomas, Lieut; 10th Bn.  Middlesex Regt; KIA Nov 22nd 1915;
        (Christ Church Memorial) 
  Hogg Thomas H, Lieut; MC; R.F.A.; KIA Oct 5th 1917; Age 27 (Official Records named
        as Hogge) (Christ Church Memorial) 
  Hounam George Leslie, 2nd Lieut; 20th D.L.I.; DOW: KIA Mar 5th 1918; Age 21½
  Hutchinson Harry, 2nd Lieut; 9th Bn.  attached 2nd Bn. K.O.Y.L.I. KIA Sep 30th 1918; 
        Age 21
  Hutchinson Tom Macintosh, 2nd Lieut; 4th Bn.  E.Y.R.; KIA Nov 13th 1916; Age 19
  Ibbitson William Beveridge, 2nd Lieut; Yorkshire Regt; KIA Jul 1st 1916;
  Irvine Fred Catterson, 2nd Lieut; R.G.A.; KIA France May 19th 1918; Age 33
        (Bede School Memorial) 
  Isherwood Arthur, 2nd Lieut; N.F.; Accidentally killed France Dec 8th 1916;
  Jameson John (Don), 2nd Lieut; 1st Devonshire Regt; KIA France Aug 30th 1918; Age 29
  Jobling Ernest, Capt; Mentioned in Despatches; 6th Bn.  Army Cyclists’ Corps;
        KIA Oct 23rd 1918; Age 25 
  King H S, Capt; MC; N.F.; KIA Oct 3rd 1918; Age 26
  Kirkley Frank Robson, MC; Lieut; ‘B’ Bty 102nd Bde. R.F.A.; Died Nov 13th 1918; of
        Para Typhoid at Casualty Clearing Station in Italy age 27; (interred 
        Montecchio Precalcino Cemetery Italy) (Christ Church Memorial) 
  Legat Andrew Ronald, Lieut; MC; ‘A’ Bty 317th Bde. R.F.A.; KIA (Vimy Ridge)
        Mar 28th 1917; Age 29
  Longden Frederick Cecil, Capt; 4th DLI Attached 5th; KIA Aug 24th 1918; Age 30
Page 187
  Macbeth Stanley Lieut; London Regt; KIA Sep 15th 1916; (Macbeth Harold) 
  Macbeth Harold John, 2nd Lieut; London Regt; Sep 15th 1916; (Macbeth Stanley) 
  Mail Frank Oswald, 2nd Lieut; R.F.A.; Fell in action Oct 9th 1918; Age 24
  McCormack J F, Capt; Sherwood For; KIA Oct 4th 1917;
  McCormick John, 2nd Lieut; K.O.Y.L.I. (Late RSM D.L.I.); DOW abroad Jul 22nd 1918;
  McIntyre Reginald John, 2nd Lieut; attached 1st HLI; KIA Oct 24th/26th 1918; in
        Mesopotamia Age 21 & 9 months
  Mellor Frank Johnson, 2nd Lieut; Sherwood Foresters; DOW Sep 19th 1916; Age 20
  Middlemiss Thomas Elmslie, Lieut; ‘B’ Bty 223rd Bde. R.F.A.; KIA Oct 17th 1917; 
        Age 26
  Middlewood Albert, 2nd Lieut; DOW; LI (Late CSM E.Y.R.); KIA May 3rd 1917;
  Moon-Ord Charles Denton, 2nd Lieut; 7th D.L.I.; DOW: Dec 2nd 1916; Wounded
        Martinpuich France Oct 10th 1916; Age 31; interred Sunderland Cemetery 
  Moore Edward Hayden, Capt; MC; 2nd Bn. Yorks & Lancs Regt; Apr 25th 1917; Age 24
  Moss Hamilton, Capt; MC; 9th Bn. DOW; (WRR); May 31st 1918; Age 26
  Mustard Robert William, 2nd Lieut; 12th/13th Bn. N.F.; Mar 31st 1918; Age 33
  Nelson Walter, Capt?  killed by enemy action Jun 8th 1918; (Possibly a sailor) 
  Nelson William Jackson, 2nd Lieut; 9th Bn. Kings Liverpool Regt; KIA 
        Sep 27th-30th 1918; Age 30
  Nesbitt Frank Wallace Rowlands, Lieut; 7th D.L.I.; Reported to have Died Apr 18th 
        1918; in War Hospital Polytechnic, Lille, France, while a prisoner of war in 
        German hands as a result of wounds; KIA on River Lys near Merville on the 
        morning of Apr 12th 1918; Age 21 
  Orchard H T, 2nd Lieut; Attached 15th Bn.  Sherwood Foresters; KIA Aug 20th 1917;
  Oughton Reginald, 2nd Lieut; 6th W.R.R.; KIA Oct 11th 1918; Age 22
  Peacock Lindsley, (Act Capt) Lieut; Punjab Regt; DOW: KIA Sep 19th 1918; Age 27
Page 188
  Pearce J, DCM; MM; 2nd Lieut; W.Y.R.; Died Nov 13th 1918; from Bronchial Pneumonia         
        in France
  Phorson Douglas Stuart, Capt; D.L.I.; KIA Dec 16th 1916; Age 27
  Pickup George, Adj/Capt; MC; Kings Own Lancs Regt; killed Aug 20th 1918;
        Served Gallipoli and Mesopotamia since Mar 1915;
  Pollock Louis, 2nd Lieut; 2nd D.L.I.; KIA France Oct 17th 1918;
  Potts Henry H, 2nd Lieut; R.E.; DOW Jul 31st 1917; Age 28
  Potts R W, 2nd Lieut; M.G.C.; DOW: KIA Mar 24th 1918; Age 23
  Pratt Francis Norton, Capt; 2nd Bn. Yorks & Lancs; KIA Sep 18th
  Pumphrey Arnold, Capt; DSO; 20th D.L.I.; KIA Sep 21st 1917;
  Pumphrey Hubert, 2nd Lieut; 10th Cheshire Regt; KIA Friday Apr 26th 1918;
  Richardson William Harold, 2nd Lieut; D.L.I.; KIA Saturday Apr 14th 1917; Age 24
  Ritson Arthur Stewart, 2nd Lieut; 5th D.L.I.; Missing now KIA Nov 5th 1916; Age 24
        (Bishopwearmouth and Christ Church Memorials) 
  Ritson Francis, Capt; ‘A’ Coy 5th Bn. Dorsetshire Regt; KIA at Messines Ridge
        Jun 17th 1917; Age 26 (Bishopwearmouth and Christ Church Memorials) 
  Robertson James Horan, Lieut; 7th Bn. Black Watch; (According to Church Plaque) 
        Official Records state 8th Bn. Black Watch attached to 11th Bn.  and 
        KIA Jul 18th 1916; (St George’s with Trinity Church, Stockton Rd). 
        Possibly related to Capt. Matthew Struan Robertson
  Robertson Matthew Struan, Capt; 9th Bn.  Gordon Highlanders; KIA Mar 2nd 1916;
        (According to St George’s Church Memorial: 1st Bn.  Gordon 
  Roberts Gerard Chip-Chase, Lieut/Col. 14th Bn.  Gloucester Regt; KIA Jun 8th 1916;
  Robinson Noel Stafford, Major; R.F.A.; DOW: KIA France Aug 2nd 1918; Age 35
  Robinson Percy D, Lieut; 9th N.F.; KIA Jul 7th 1916;
  Rudd  Arnold, 2nd Lieut; Mentioned in Despatches; R.E.; Mar 27th 1918; Age 22
        (KIA Nr Albert France) 
Page 189
  Rule Edgar, Lieut; 4th CUR; KIA Sep 29th 1918; Age 21
  Rupp F A, Lieut; Border Regt; Wounded & Missing; now KIA Jul 1st 1916; Age 23
  Seatter George Andrew, 2nd Lieut; D.L.I.; KIA Sep 9th 1918;
  Senior Edward, Capt; Special List; Died of heart failure Jun 23rd 1920; Age 44
  Shepherd Norman Robinson, Capt; 7th D.L.I.; KIA Nov 4th 1916; Age 33
  Simson William Kingsbury, 2nd Lieut; N.F.; KIA Jun 6th 1917;
  Smith John Dowse, Lieut; D.L.I.; Died of pneumonia Nov 3rd 1918; Age 26
  Smitt R J, Lieut; R.E.; IWT; Died Jul 31st 1918; in British Military Hospital
        Mesopotamia Age 43
  Spanton Cyril Holtby, 2nd Lieut; Motor Transport ASC; Nov 23rd 1918; Age 21
  Spoor Herbert, Capt; MC (R.A.M.C.); Lost his life (Dec 13th 1917) trying to save
        Soldiers from a burning dugout
  Squire J, Lieut; R.E.; DOW: KIA 1917; Age 24
  Stockdale Arthur William Sinclair, 2nd Lieut; 7th D.L.I.; KIA May 24th 1915;
        (Christ Church Memorial) 
  Stuart Douglas, Capt; D.L.I.; KIA Somme Dec 16th 1916; Age 27
  Taylor Hugh, Capt; 2nd Scots Guards; killed on active service; Reported missing
        Dec 18th 1914; Reported killed Dec 25th 1914; Age 33
  Thomas Harold Morris, 2nd Lieut; Y.R.; KIA at the Front Nov 11th 1916;
  Thompson Charles Milburn, 2nd Lieut; 24th Bn. (Tyneside Irish) N.F.; Aug 26th 1917;
        Age 20 (‘Sunderland Echo’ attached 24th/27th Bn. NF Age 19) 
  Thompson Herbert, Capt; Mentioned in Despatches; 7th D.L.I.; KIA Mar 28th 1918;
  Trewhill Eric Gerald, Lieut; Hon Artillery Company; KIA Nov 13th 1916; Age 24
        (Christ Church Memorial) 
  Walker Reginald Selby, Lt/Col; DSO; HQ VI Corps R.E.; KIA Sep 30th 1918;
        Age 46; Served in France 1914-1918
  Walker Sydney, 2nd Lieut; D.L.I.; KIA 14th 1917; Age 25
Page 190
  Wallace Robinson, 2nd Lieut; D.L.I.; DOW: KIA Oct 2nd 1916;
  Wallace W T, Lieut; MC; R.F.A. (Wearside Bde); KIA Apr 12th 1917; Age 23
  Warriner A L, 2nd Lieut; 5th Worcs Regt; KIA France Oct 11th 1916; Age 20?
        (Worcester) Parents of this town
  Watson James Laverick, 2nd Lieut; N.F.; KIA France Apr 29th 1917;
  Wawn Fred Middlemost, Capt; 1/7th D.L.I.; Reported missing after engagement at
        Hooge Nr Ypres Belgium May 24th 1915; now presumed to have been killed that         
  Wayman Fawcett, Capt/Adj; MC; 20th D.L.I.; KIA Aug 1st (Jul 31st) 1917;
        (Named on Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium) 
  Whitelaw Thomas Mitchell, 2nd Lieut; 8th Scottish Rifles; DOW: May 29th 1918; at
        Development Military Hospital; interred at Bishopwearmouth Cemetery.
  Whittaker William Gaylord, 2nd Lieut; N.F.; KIA Oct 22nd 1917; Age 22
  Wilkinson Frank, Capt; 276 Siege Batt., Northumberland Bde. R.G.A.; Died Nov 13th 
        1918; at 21 Thornhill Gardens Sunderland; Age 23; interred Sunderland 
  Wilkinson George, 2nd Lieut; 5th D.L.I.; KIA Apr 9th 1918; Age 19
  Wiseman Stanley, 2nd Lieut; Essex Regt; KIA France Mar 10th 1917; Age 22
  Wright Arthur W, Capt; R.E.; General List; Died of sickness Oct 13th 1917; at 3rd
        Military General Hospital Wandsworth London Age 39; interred Sunderland 
  Wright Charles James, 2nd Lieut; M.G.C.; KIA Oct 19th 1916;
  Yeaman Keith Sanger, Major; R.F.A.; Died Jun 5th 1918; Cambridge Hospital from
        gas poisoning at Ypres in 1915;, Age 37
Page 191
  Royal Flying Corps
  Royal Air Force
Page 192
  The Royal Flying Corps became the Royal Air Force in 1918 before the end of The War.
  Barr John William, 2nd Lieut; 49th Training Sqdn., R.F.C.; Nov. 14th 1917; 
  Barrass Matthew, Sgt. R.F.A.; KIA: May 13th 1917;
  Burlinson William, A.M. II 22180 Central Flying School (Upavon) R.F.C.; 
        May 31st 1916; interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 
  Carr John Frazier, Sgt.; 11th Sqdn. R.F.C.; KIA: Jul 12th 1917; (Formerly. 1/7th 
  Churchill John, 2nd Lieut; R.A.F.; killed in Air Combat Aug. 14th 1918;
  Cowell C.S., Lieut; R.F.C.; Apr 13th 1917; interred Sunderland Cemetery 
  Crook M., Cpl.; R.A.F.; Died ?  from Pneumonia at 44th Stationary Hospital, Cairo, 
  Featherstone G.A., Lieut; 108th Sqdn. R.A.F.; Oct. 1st 1918;
  Gowdy R C, Sgt.; R.A.F.; Died Sep. 18th 1919; at York
  Hall Thomas Ernest, Cpl.; R.F.C.; KIA: Feb. 1st (Possible wrong first name. See 
  Hall Ernest M., R.F.C.; Died of injuries received in Flying Accident Feb. 1st (See 
  Hall Ernest McAskell, R.F.C.; Accidentally killed abroad Feb. 1st (See above) 
  Hindmarch Joshua, Airman 3rd Class R.F.C.; Died Connaught Hospital Farnborough
        Mar. 9th 1917; from Acute Bronchitis.
  Hogg J.W., 2nd/Air/Mech.; R.F.C.; Died in Action through Fractured Ribs Mar 18th 
  Iliff George, 2nd/Flt/Lieut; R.A.F. killed at Gitz, Germany; age 19 Sept.25th 1918;
  Jaques (?Jacques) John Barclay, MC; Flying Officer A.F.C. D.L.I.; Attached 216th 
        Sqdn. RAF; killed whilst flying (Crashed) April 1st 1920;
  King G.F., Pte. 139485 R.A.F.; Feb. 13th 1921; interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery.
  Kirkup Philip Austin, Capt. 7th DLI (Att. R.F.C.); killed in Flying Accident Apr. 
        11th 1917;
Page 193
  Morck Leonard Stanley, Flight/Lieut; R.A.F.; Died Jun 26th at Fargo Military 
        Hospital, Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain.
  Muir T B, Air/Mech; (RAF); Died Feb 19th at Sunderland War Hospital
  Pater Hugh, 2nd Lieut; 3rd WYR Att. R.F.C.; killed while Flying Tuesday 
        April 17th 1917;
  Souter Thomas H., 2nd Lieut; R.A.F.; KIA: Jul 3rd 1918; Age 18 (CWGC says 4-7-1918) 
  Southwell Charles Reginald, 2nd/Lieut; R.A.F.; killed in Aero. Accident May 6th 
        1918; Age 23 at Yatesbury 
  Spensley Richard, ??R.F.C.; Missing now KIA Oct. 18th 1917; (Late Army Cyclists’ 
  Thompson A.S., Serjeant 25127 R.A.F.; No.102 Sqdn. R.A.F.; Mar. 1st 1919;
  Walton Isaac Graham, Pte. 2nd Class 148129; 3rd Aircraft Depot R.A.F.; Died of
        Dysentery Jul 13th 1918;
  Warner J.W., DFC Lieut; R.A.F.; Missing now KIA: Oct. 4th (No year) 
  Yorke Frederick, Lieut; 6th Cheshire Reg. attached R.A.F.; killed in Aeroplane 
        Accident Jan. 13th 1919; Aged 24. interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery.
Page 194
  Missing from official records
  These are names of people found in the ‘Sunderland Echo’ Roll of Honour but their
  names are not found in any Official records
  Anderson Thomas Died Aug 31st
  Baird James Broom, DOW: KIA in hospital Apr 26th 
  Brady Francis, Died Aug 10th 1919; at 7
  Brodie John Michael, Died suddenly Dec 19
  Brown James Henry, NF KIA Aug 10th
  Brown Thomas, DLI KIA Jul
  Carr Norman, Pte.  killed in Station Aug 18th
  Carter Cecil, KIA Jul 21st
  Clark Joseph Henry, Accidentally drowned at Dover Dec 28th
  Collins Mick, Pte. KIA Jan 25th Friends (‘Sunderland Echo’ Feb 12th 1918) 
  Cook George, Capt?  killed on duty Nov 9th
  Croft William, Pte. M.G.C. KIA ?  
  Davis Thomas E, Pte. 10846 ?2nd? DLI DOW: in General Hospital France
  Davison Charles Ingham, Pte. ?  Died ?  of pneumonia in Hospital abroad
  Denby Dennis, L/Cpl. DOW: KIA France Feb 2nd
  Dickinson William,  Died Nov 12th at Northampton General Hospital
  Duff Abraham Clark,  Died on 20th
  Fairbairn William, Sgt.?  Died France Sep 12th 1919;
  Ferguson William, L/Cpl.?  KIA Apr 9th
  Ferry Walter, Pte.?  Seaforth Highlanders Died Feb 27th from pneumonia at 20th
        General Hospital Camiers France
  Flynn Michael, Gnr?  KIA Apr 22nd
Page 195
  Foster P D, Pte. D.L.I.; KIA Sep 15th
  Foster J W, Pte. D.L.I.; KIA Sep 13th
  Gardiner Matty, Pte.   W.Y.R.; KIA Sep 14th
  Guille Harold, KIA Apr 15th; Husband of May Guille (‘Sunderland Echo’ Apr 27th 
  Hatley Edward Arthur,   Died Feb 17th
  Hemsley Sydney, Died Nov 19th 1919; at Sunderland War Hospital
  Henderson John William, Dvr?  DOW: KIA Mar 23rd
  Hope R W, Pte. KIA Jul 5th; Uncle and Aunt and G/Mother; (‘Sunderland Echo’ 
        Sep 12th 1917) 
  Hopgood Arthur Sydney, Spr?  Died in Hospital France Nov 4th
  Hughes Michael, Died Jul 7th at Highfield Hospital
  Huntingdon Jeremiah, Died Jul 31st ?  Monkwearmouth & Southwick Hospital
  Huntley George, Died Jul 5th
  Irwin  Innis Eldon, DOW: No 1 NZ Hospital France
  Irwing George, Pte. Missing now drowned in France Jan 4th 1918;
  Kelly Thomas, ?  DOW: KIA Nov 14th
  Kirby George, Pte. Ox & Bucks; Died Nov 28th 1919; from pneumonia in Egypt
  Lamb ?  Border Regt; Died of Shell Shock KIA Mar 27
  Laws James McDonald, Pte. KIA May 6th
  Lindsay David, Pte. DCM; Border Regt; KIA Jul 1st
  Lockhart Alan, Died on active service Dec 7th of ‘Enteric Fever’
  McChesney Robert, L/Cpl. DOW: KIA Jul 1st 1917;
  McKeevor John Henry,   KIA abroad Sep 19th Age 37
Page 196
  McMann Michael, Pte. Missing since Dec 7th 1915; ‘The Balkans’
  Moir  Andrew, ?  Died on Apr 10th
  Moore  Angus Harland J, Pte. ?  Missing now KIA Oct 4th 1917;
  Nelson Walter, Capt  killed by enemy action Jun 8th 1918;
  Patterson R, Staff/Sgt./Farrier   Died of pneumonia Apr 24th 1918; Age 33 at
        No 6 General Hospital Rouen France
  Reeves E, (better known as Dover) Pte. ?  DLI DOW: KIA Sep 28th
  Roberts George, Accidentally drowned on active service Jul 19th
  Robertson Thomas Walter, Pte.?  KIA Jun 13th
  Robson J, Pte.?  DOW: KIA abroad Mar 21st
  Smith  Richard, Late 7th D.L.I.; Died Jan 13th
  Stannes Matthew, Died Aug 6th 1919;
  Teasdale Ralph, Died Nov 5th on active service
  Thirlwell William, Pte. Died Hospital Jun 21st
  Thomas Edward Samuel, Died Jan 27th
  Tonkinson Stanley, Died Nov 8? At Sunderland Royal Infirmary
  Walton Ernest Cecil Graham, Pte. DOW: KIA Oct 19
Page 197
Page 198
  These are Men who, although they lived in other countries, they or their
  parents were originally natives of Sunderland; in a lot of cases their
  families were still living here. Many Americans served in the British Forces
  during the Great War
  Preston Robert Percy, Lieut; American Forces; KIA Sep 23rd
  Alcock Thomas Crowhall, L/Cpl; 6459 9th Bn.  Aus Infantry AIF; Died of wounds
        Oct 11th 1918;
  Auld Thomas Smith, ?? Australian Imp Force; DOW: KIA Mar 4th
  Bailey Ernest Lionel, Cpl.; Aus War Museum Aus Corps of Perth, Western Australia;
        Accidentally killed on active service May 17th
  Baird Alexander, Pte. 2886; 47th Bn.  Australian Infantry AIF; Apr 5th 1918;
  Bellwood Ernest Bulmer, Pte. Australian Imp Force; DOW: KIA Oct 14th
  Bootes Charles Ernest, Pte. 510 27th Bn.  Australian Infantry AIF; KIA Nov 5th 1916;
  Burns Joseph, Pte. 2061; 4th Bn.  Australian Infantry AIF; KIA Jan 3rd 1917;
  Cheeseman Sydney Hudson, 2nd Pioneer Batt Australian Imperial Force; KIA Sep 23rd
  Cole George, Pte. AIF; DOW: KIA May 20th
  Conway John, Pte. 4357; 54th Bn.  Australian Infantry AIF; DOW: Jul 21st 1916;
  Cowell Arthur Wellesley, Pte. 251; 28th Bn.  Australian Infantry AIF; DOW: 
        Aug 12th 1918;
  Crichton Joseph Michael Smith, Australian Ex Force; KIA Dardanelles
  Dawson John M, Pte. 1065; 11th Bn.  Australian Imp Force; KIA Gallipoli Aug 1st
  Donaldson R H, Pte. Australian Imp Force; DOW: 
  Ducker R W, Pte. Australian Imp Force DOW: KIA Jun 9th
  Fay John, L/Cpl. 16th Bn.  AIF; killed in action Belgium Sep 26th 1917;
  Haggerston Robert, Pte. 124; 35th Bn.  Australian Infantry AIF; KIA Jul 27th 1917;
Page 199
  Hamilton George Sharp, Pte. AIF; Died abroad Nov 23rd
  Heron Pte. J, KIA at Dardanelles with Australian Imperial Forces 
  Hewitt James Graham, Sgt. 5926; 24th Bn.  Australian Infantry AIF; KIA Oct 5th 1918;
  Hoskings R M, Pte. AIF; KIA Sep 10th
  Jarvis Thomas, Gnr. 2540 7th Light Trench Mortar Australian Infantry AIF; 
        Sep 20th 1917;
  Marshall W R, Gnr. Aus Heavy Art HQ Staff; DOW: KIA Sep 28th
  Maxwell William, Pte. 22nd Bn.  AIF; KIA France Aug 18th
  Miller Joseph, Sgt. 3985; 21st Bn.  Australian Infantry AIF; Aug 26th 1916;
  Nesbit Thomas, Sgt. 5th Australian Imperial Force; KIA Dardanelles
  Ogle William, Pte. 2213; 4th Bn.  Australian Infantry AIF; KIA Aug6th/9th 1915;
  Renwick Alfred, Pte. Australian Ex Force; Died of severe illness Jan 13th at
        Fovant Mill Hospital
  Robinson John G, Pte.; Australian Infantry Bde; DOW: Aug 4th
  Robinson T, Pte.; Australian Infantry Bde; KIA Mar 2nd
  Siddell John William, Cpl.; AIF; KIA Mar 16?
  Surtees William, 2nd Lieut; AIF; M.G.C.; DOW: Apr 14th
  Thompson George, Cpl. 1763; 25th Australian Infantry AIF; Died of meningitis 
        Feb 14th 1916;
  Weir Thomas, L/Cpl. 22nd Bn; Aug 5th 1916; Aus Imperial Force
  Wilson Rowland, Q/M/Sgt.; Australian N & M Ex Force; Accidentally killed on
        Active service Oct 1st 
  Worthington Charles Boldon, L/Cpl.; AIF (Lewis Gun Sec); KIA Oct 23rd
  Wotherspoon John A F, Spr.; Australian Imp Force; Jan 8th
  Young Herbert Leonard, 5th Pioneers AIF; Died France Jan 13th 1919;
Page 200
  Allen William Randolph, Pte.; Can Bn; KIA Abroad?  
  Anderson David Stewart, Lieut; 20th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regt.); 
        Jun 28th 1916;
  Barlow Joseph, Pte.; 1000189 16th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.); KIA 
        Aug 8th 1918;
  Beken Horace Carl, Sgt.; 90th Winnipeg Rifles 1st Canadian Contingent; KIA Ypres 
        Apr 24th 1915;
  Bell Edward Crosby, Pte. 552541; Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regt.); 
        KIA Oct 30th 1917;
  Blackbell George Scott, Bomb; 78th Canadian Artillery; Died Nov 14th of flu in 
  Blaikie Stanley, Pte.; 14th Bn. Canadian Infantry; KIA Aug 9th 1918;
  Boldon Charles, Pte.; 64th Bn. Canadian Infantry Forces;?  
  Brown John, Pte.; Canadians; KIA Sep 16th 1916;
  Burdes William, Pte.; 5th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regt.); KIA 
        Apr 9th 1917;
  Calvert William Herbert, Pte. 477139; Royal Canadian Regt; KIA Sep 16th 1916;
  Craggs Albert Edward, Pte.; Canadian AMC; Died Apr 28th at Jubilee Hospital
        Victoria, British Columbia
  Dunning Arnold, Pte. 775477; 87th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regt.); 
        Aug 15th 1917;
  Ellmore William, Pte. 414333; 40th Bn. Canadian IN.F.; Died of heart failure
  Emmerson Edward (Ted), Spr.; Canadian Engineers; Died Jan 29th from pneumonia in 
  Garvey John Andrew, Gnr.; 8th Bde. Canadian FA; KIA Aug 13th 1918;
  Hayes T C, Pte. 1st BC (Canadian Contingent 7Bn 1st) at Boulogne France DOW: May 12
  Herdman Bert G, Canadian Highlanders; KIA Apr 9th 1917;
Page 201
  Hooton L, Sgt. Canadians; KIA Aug 8th
  Huggins John Thomas, Pte.?  KIA May 5th 1916; (L: Canada) 
  Jameson Syd, Pte. 21486; 8th Canadian Bn.  90th Winnipeg Rifles 1st Canadian
                 Expeditionary Force; KIA Belgium Monday Jan 3rd
  Johnson Alf, Gnr.; Canadian FA; KIA Oct 18th
  Kendal J J, (Jack) ?? Canadian Infantry; DOW: Jun 15th
  Kraft Charles, Pte. 160397; 10th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regt.); Apr 9th 
  Law Leonard, Sgt.; Canadians; DOW: KIA Oct 4th 1916;
  Lee F, Pte. Ios/42; 6th Canadian Light TM Battery; DOW: Feb 12th 1918;
  Lee Joseph Allan, Pte. 886195; 188th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regt.);
        Died of sickness Oct 20th 1916;
  Logan Sheraton Bernard, Pte. 115136; 31st Bn. Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regt.); 
        Apr 9th 1917;
  Marshall John, Pte. Canadian Contingent; KIA Apr 15th 1916;
  McAllister Stephen Patrick, Pte. 34564; 1st Field Ambulance Canadian Army
        Medical Corps; Aug 5th 1916; Age 29; interred Bishopwearmouth Cemetery 
  Miller Alf, Pte. 78th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.); KIA Jun 18th 1917;
  Milne James, Pte. Canadians; DOW: KIA at Ramsgate Canadian Hospital Jan 21st
  Milton Alfred Ernest, Pte. 2373359; 16th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.);
  Moses George, Pte. 460357; 61st Bn. Canadian Infantry; Died of jaundice Nov 24th 
  Moss Frederick John, Spr. 1078225; 1st Bn. Canadian Engineers; DOW: Sep 28th 1918;
  Pinkney Charles, Sgt.; Canadians; KIA Nov 10th 1917;
  Pinkney John Edwin, Cpl. 58303; 20th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regt.);
        DOW: May 11th 1917;
  Rae Jas, Pte.; Canadian Infantry; killed on Jul 6th (‘Sunderland Echo’ Jul 14th 
Page 202
  Ramsay John, Cpl. Canadian Contingent; KIA Oct 1916;
  Ramsay John Pinkney, Cpl.; Canadian Infantry; KIA?  Somme Sep 24th 1916;
  Ramsey Thomas, MM; Sgt.; 3rd Canadian Infantry; KIA Aug 8th 1918; Passchendaele 
        Ridge (Amiens) 
  Robertson Thomas Walter, Pte. 451920; ‘B’ Coy 58th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Central 
        Ontario Regt.); KIA Jun 13th 1916;
  Sharp R, Sgt.; 50th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regt.); KIA Feb 14th 1917;
  Shaw John Frederick, Gnr. 1st Bde. Canadian Field Artillery; KIA Jun 3rd 1916;
  Sigsworth T C, Gnr.; Canadian TMR; Missing now KIA Jun 3rd 1916;
  Singleton Robert Clifton, Spr. 503409; 2nd Tunnelling Coy Canadian Engineers; 
        Jun 2nd 1916;
  Smith John Edward, Pte. 171002; 24th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regt.); DOW: 
        Apr 12th 1916;
  Stayman George William, L/Cpl. 23217; No 4 Coy Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario 
        Regt.); KIA Jun 2nd 1916;
  Thompson Ernest, Gnr.; 8th Bde. Canadian Field Artillery; DOW: KIA May 9th 1917;
  Tilley Arthur Boston, Cpl.; Canadian Contingent; KIA Jun 15th
  Urwin John Proctor, 432272; General Depot 49th (Alberta Regt.) Canadian Infantry;
        Died Sep 9th 1919; at Tooting Hospital
  Vipond  Horatio Nelson, Pte.; Canadian Ex Force; KIA Oct 16th
  Wake Clayson, Pte.; 75th Bn. Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regt.); KIA 
        Sep 2nd 1918;
  Wilkinson Robert, Art/Eng/Eng Officer 16065; HMCS ‘Grisle’ Royal Canadian Navy; 
        drowned Dec 12th 1916;
Page 203
  Allen John Candlish, Lieut; NZ Infantry; DOW in Hospital Oct 18th 
  Bradley Thomas Gilbert, Pte.; Auckland Bn. NZ Contingent; KIA Aug 9th
  Budge J A, Rfm.?  KIA France Aug 29th
  Eggleston W, NZ Forces; KIA Mar 30th
  Mansell John Henry, Pte. 12/2583; Auckland Reg NZEF; Mar 24th 1920;
  Petty John, Pte. 9/565; Machine Gun Bn. NZ Machine Gun Corps; Jan 3rd 1919;
  Ramsey R G, Sgt.; (NZ) Seventh Reinforcements; ?  (Late Sunderland) 
  Tulloch John C, Pte.; NZ Infantry Brig; KIA Oct 5th 1916; (Late of Sunderland) 
  Ward Walter J, Rfm; NZ Ex Force; KIA France Apr 5th
  Wight Kenneth E, 2nd Bn.  Auckland Reg NZEF; KIA France Jul 31st 1917;
Page 204
  Cowell  William Ralph, Major; DSO; Cape Corps; KIA Palestine Sep 20th
  Crick  Charles William, ?  Died Age 58 at Pietermaritzburg while on active Service
  Kidd  George H, Pte.; 2nd Reg Sth African Contingent; KIA Oct 12th 1916;
  Neilson James, Bomb; Sth African Heavy Artillery; KIA Aug 24th
  Williams Frederick Percy, Pte. Sth African Infantry; KIA Apr 12th 1917;
Page 205
  Other Services and Civilians
  Burdess Matthew Forster, Chaplain 4th Class ‘The Rev’ Army Chaplains’ Dept.
        Attached 1/6th Bn.  Gloucestershire Regt; Apr 18th 1917; Age 39; (interred 
        Villiers-Faucon Somme France) (Official records state killed in action Apr 
        18th 1917) 
  Marsh Ethel, Staff Nurse; Died Oct 24th 1917; at Northumberland War Hospital, 
        Gosforth; Wesleyan Chapel Burial Family Grave
  Taylor Fred Garratt, Friends Ambulance Unit; killed by shell Sep 25th 1915; at 
  Travers Albert, British Red Cross; Accidentally drowned at Amara, Tigris Oct 26th 
        1916; Age 29
  Vowell George Watson (Wattie), killed on voluntary work May 30th 1918; after
        3 years in France Age 21 


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