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Victory Hall 1919





Map ref

NZ 130810

Original Location

In the main street

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Opened November 1922 by Col. E.P.A. Riddell

Memorial Description

“Victory Hall”



Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee, secretary Mr. W.W. Stringer.



How money was raised

Public subscription.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Built by E. Sanderson, Builder, of Whalton.


1. In the Village Hall is a framed certificate dated August 1922 from Lloyds Bank to the War Memorial Committee showing that the Victory Hall was built for £400 by E. Sanderson, Builder of Whalton together with a receipt for the payment of the account.

2. The hall has undergone renovation and extension and now features a wonderful picture window over the valley.

3. Captain Anderson offered to give £200 as a subscription to the village Hall.

4. Mrs. H. Middleton of Belsay Castle proposed giving a site in the village for the hall.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Morpeth Herald 21/02/1919 reports agreement on village hall;

Illustrated Chronicle 11/11/1922 reports opening of the hall.

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K. and D. Southern; Dorothy Hall

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