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Mr and Mrs Scott

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Presented to Mr. and Mrs. Scott in January 1920.

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In Memoriam.
To Mr. and Mrs. Scott, by the members of the Pegswood Parish Council and workmen of Pegswood Colliery, in memory of their dear son, Corpl. John Scott, M.M., who was killed in action in August, 1918, at Bullecourt.


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Who commissioned

Pegswood Parish Council

How money was raised

Pegswood Parish Council & Pegswood Colliery staff.


1. “The Chairman referred to the delay in making the presentation. He explained that on previous occasions the presentations had been a simple matter , as the winners of the medals had been present ot receive them, but on this occasion he regretted that the late Corporal John Scott had made the great sacrifice, and of course the parents had to be consulted as to what should be presented with the medal. On previous occasions a case of Treasury Notes had been presented with the medals but on this occasion it had to be an enlarged photo.

2. “The late Corporal Scott," said the Chairman, "had been a local lad; he had been born at Pegswood; his childhood’s days had been spent at Pegswood; he also received his schooling at Pegswood, and when duty called he enlisted from Pegswood. As a boy he took an active part in the Boy Scout movement, and when the call came for men to fight the great battle, he realized that he had a duty to perform and answered the call. From the time of his enlistment, his was a record of duty, nobly done. Enlisting on 6th December, 1915, he proceeded to France on 1st June, 1916. He saw service at Albert, Loos, La Basse, Peronne, Monchy and Vimy, where he was wounded on 17th Sept., 1917. He was sent to hospital at Birmingham on 2nd October, 1917, and returned to France on 1st April, 1918. He was again in action on the Somme, at Arras, Bapaume, and was awarded the Military Medal on 16th June, 1918. It was at Bullecourt on 23rd August, 1918, that he received his fatal wound, from a machine gun bullet whilst leading his men into action. He lies buried at Gommecourt, N.W. Bapaume."

3. Two other brothers had served.

4. The photo has most likely been retained by the family.

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Morpeth Herald 16/01/1920 reports presentation of medal and photo to Mr. and Mrs. Scott.

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