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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Parochial Hall





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Parochial or Memorial Hall, Dark Lane.

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Roll of Honour

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Dedicated to members of the church who fell.



1. The Rector of Morpeth (Canon Davies) writes: “Owing largely to the kindness of the ‘Morpeth Herald’ and of Mr. Bowman, of Bridge Street, I have been able to make a list of our gallant dead, containing about 178 names. Many names, however, have no initials and it is possible that in other respects the list may be faulty. I should, therefore, be very grateful if relatives or friends of the fallen would rectify errors and make good deficiencies by giving correct particulars, either to the Proprietors of the ‘Morpeth Herald’ or to Messrs. Armstrong and Angus.
The list, when completed, will be placed as a Roll of Honour in our Memorial Hall. It is also intended to place a brass in St.James’s Church.

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Morpeth Herald 18/10/1920 reports list shown here for approval.

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Dorothy Hall

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The names for 1914-18 are being researched by the Morpeth Antiquarian Society. They are concentrating on the Cenotaph, and are working with the pupils at King Edward VI School on their memorial. Contact Angela Teasdale:

Roll of Honour 1914-18 Parochial Hall (M17.29)

MORPETH	Parochial Hall 
This list cannot be guaranteed.
This was a call for more information in the newspaper
and has not been compared with the roll produced
which is now lost.
   Allen, Gnr. Peter
   Allen Pte. T.
   Angus, Pte.
   Armstrong, Pte. Edwin
   Armstrong, Capt. John Norman
   Arnott, Pte.
   Ashton, Lance-Corpl.  Elliott;
   Aynsley, Pte. J.B.
   Barnett, Pte. W.R.
   Bates, Pte. G.
   Bell, Pte. M.F.
   Black, Pte. John
   Black, Pte. R.W.
   Blackhall, Pte. George
   Blackhall, Pte. Wm.H.
   Blanche, Pte.
   Bowman, Corpl. Arthur
   Bowman, Corpl. John
   Bowman, Pte. Thomas
   Brady, Gunner E.
   Brodie, Pte. F.G.
   Brotherton, Pte. George
   Browell, Pte. John Laidler
   Brown, Sergeant J.W.
   Causton, Driver
   Charlton, Spr. Wm.R.
   Clark, J.
   Clark, Bomber J.
   Cook, Pte. W.
   Cooper Pte. R.
   Crake, Trp. G.C.
   Croyle, Pte.
   Croyle, Pte. John
   Dalton, Pte. G.
   Dalton Pte. Michael
   Daglish, Pte. R.A.
   Davison, Lance-Corpl.
   Dodds, Gnr. R.
   Donnelly, Sergt. L.F.
   Douglas, Sergt. Frank
   Douglas, Sergt. W.
   Douglass, Pte. F.
   Dryden, Sergt. R.
   Duncan, J.
   Dunn, Lance-Corporal A.
   Dunn, Sergt. George
   Elliott, Private George W.
   Fagan, Pte. A.
   Fawson, Pte. G.R.
   Fisher, Pte. B.S.
   Foster, C.S.M. Bertie
   Forster, Acting-Sergt. J.
   Fram, Pte. Fred
   Froude, Pte. David
   Froude, Pte. J.F.
   Garvie, Private Oswald.
   Garvie, Rifleman Thomas
   Gibson, Pte. George
   Gilboy, Pte. George
   Givens, Bombr.P.
   Glass, Pte. W.T.
   Goldie, Sergt. J.L.
   Graham, W.A.
   Green, Pte. E.
   Green, Pte. George
   Green, Pte. M.
   Grey, Trp. George
   Grey, Pte. Joseph
   Grey, Sergt. J.W.
   Grey, Pte. R.
   Hall, Pte. John
   Halliday. M.C. Sgt-Major
   Harrison, Pte. John E.
   Hedley, Sergt.Major Robert
   Henderson, Pte. L.H.
   Henderson, Pte. T.
   Hoey, Cyril, Merchant Service;
   Hood, Q.M.S. Thomas
   Hunter, Pte. Charles
   Hutson (brothers)
   Jackson, Lieut.
   Jackson, W.
   James, 2nd Lieut. W. Leslie
   Jamieson, Corpl. E.
   Johnson, Corpl. N.R.
   Kane, 2nd Lieut. A.G.
   Kane, 2nd Lieut. J.G.
   Kemp, Corporal R.
   Knight, Pte. M.
   Lamb, Tpr. J.R.
   Lawson, Lieut. E.G.
   Lawson, Pte. J.
   Lee, Pte. J.
   Lothian, Pte. James
   Lothian, C.M.S. T
   Loughran, P.O. J.C.
   Lowes, Corpl. Robert T.
   Lyons, Pte. F.
   Lyons, Sergt. John
   Marshall, Pte. L.
   Marshall, Corpl. Thomas
   Matheson, Gnr. Edward
   Matthewson, D.G.
   Miller, Trp. J.
   Monaghan, Corpl. O.
   Muckle, Pte. W.
   Murphy, Spr. G. Franklin
   Nichol, Pte. Athol
   Nichol, Sergt. Thomas
   Nichol, Pte. Matthew
   Nichol, Pte. Thomas
   O'Brien, Pte. Edward
   O'Hare, Pte. J.D.
   Oliver, Lieut. Robert
   Overend, Pte. S.A.
   Patterson, Pte. D.R.
   Pringle, Pte. J.A.
   Pringle, Pte. J.A.
   Reay, Pte. W.
   Richardson, Pte. J.G.
   Richardson, Pte.
   Riddell, M.M. Sergt. N.G,
   Robinson, Pte. S.
   Robson, Pte. D.
   Rogers, Corpl. R.
   Routledge, Pte. W.
   Sample, Pte. Alex.
   Shaftoe, Pte. James
   Sharp, Pte. Richard
   Shepherd, Pte. J.
   Slaughter, Sergt. J.W.
   Smith, Pte. Thomas
   Smith, Pte. Thomas
   Soulsby, Corpl. W.R.
   Sproat, Sergt. R.
   Sproat, Pte. William
   Sproul, Corpl. R.
   Stafford, Pte. Thomas
   Stewart, Pte. John
   Stewart, Pte.
   Swinney, Coy.Sergt. F.
   Swinney, M.C., Capt. H. Cecil
   Swinney, Lieut. Norman
   Taylor, Corpl. E.
   Taylor, Pte. E.J.
   Telford, Pte. Thomas
   Thompson, Pte. J.C.
   Trenant, Pte. W.
   Turner, Pte. A.H.
   Tweedy, Pte. T.
   Walker, Pte. T.
   Wastle, Pte. R.
   Waterston, Signaller B.
   Watson, Pte. George
   Watson, Cpl. Joseph
   Watson, Pte. Thomas
   Whittle, Pte. John
   White, Tpr. Arthur
   Wight, Pte. A.H.
   Wilkinson, Pte. Isaac
   Williams, Pte. R.
   Winn, Pte. W.W.
   Wright, Sergt. S.A.
   Youll, Pte. Isaac
   Young, Spr. T.S.
   Yule, Pte. A.

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