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Street Memorial 1914-18 Livingstone Street





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NZ 366676

Original Location

Livingstone Street, Lawe Top (demolished).

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled August 1917.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour. It was decorated “by deft hands” with pictures of the flags of the British Empire and Allied flags.


For King and Country / Livingstone Street – Our Roll of Honour. Please remember in prayer the following who are on active service.


Who commissioned

Mrs. Claud Hamilton.


1. Livingstone Street lay on the left (west) side of Baring Street, the steep street that leads up to the Lawe Top and Arbeia Roman Fort from Ocean Road. It was the fourth street from the 'summit' of the Lawe Top.

2 There was a vase at each side for fresh flowers were replenished at intervals.

3 Mrs. Claud Hamilton, whose idea it was, had lost her only son in the war.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Shields Gazette 08/08/1917 reports unveiling.

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James Hoy Archives: James Pasby

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The names on this memorial are being researched by Peter Hoy. Contact:

Street Memorial 1914-18 Livingstone Street (S86.124)



The layout of this memorial is not known.
The following has been extracted from a newspaper
article and has not been compared with a photo
nor with the original.

   For King and Country
   Livingstone Street – Our Roll of Honour.
   Please remember in prayer the following who are on active service.

   *Adamson, Robert        Adamson, George M.
   Adamson Henry.          Allan, James.
   Atkinson, Isaac         ?Earnest, Robert
   Barrow, James           ?Branxton, William
   ?Branxton, James        ?Branxton, Thomas
   ?Branxton, John         Bell, William
   ?Boyack, Anthony C.     Curry, John.
   *Cave, John Henry       Capstick, Frederick
   ?Cahill, Peter          Chapman, James W.
   Cummings, Edward        Fail, John
   Gray, Albert            *Grant, Henry
   Grant, Lewis            Gudgeon, John
   Gudgeon, Robert         Gudgeon, William   
   *Hamilton, Chas. Fred.  Hambling, William
   Harkus, Anthony         Harkus, Robert
   Hawkyard, James K.      Hogarth, John H.
   Hunter, John            ?Heather, Richard
   Hunter, Thomas W.       *Jackson, James
   Lane, Thomas            Lane, James
   Laing, Robert Stewart   Langley, James
   ?Lampen, Thomas W.      Maddison, Charles
   Maddison, Thomas        Marsden, John B.
   Main, Robert            *Morgan, Thomas
   *Morgan, James          *Moffatt, Henry
   Moffitt, ?Abington      McDermott, Henry, sen.
   McDermot, Henry, junr.  Newby, William
   *Newby, Joseph          Newby, Septimus
   Noble, William          Pearson, Joseph     
   Rix, Archie             Richie, Hamilton
   ?Rogers, William        Rogers, Alfred
   Robson, James           Sadler, John M.
   Scott, Thomas           Scott, William
   Stewart, Thomas W.      Stephenson, Russell K.
   Stephenson, John George Smith, Francis Alfred.
   Swift, William Alex.    Thomas, James
   Thompson, James         Thompson, William
   Thompson, Frederick     Todd, James
   Tyler, John C.          Wanless, Leonard
   Wanless, Alfred         Waugh, Scott
   West, Thomas W.         Whitfield, Richard
   Young, George
   Killed in action
   Hamilton, Chas. Fred.   Grant, Henry
   Cape, John Henry        Adamson, Robert
   Morgan, Thomas          Morgan, James
   Moffatt, Henry          Jackson, James
   Newby, Joseph.
   The name of John M. Sadler should be John H. Sadler. 

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