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Photo: Tony Harding


Book of Remembrance 1914-18 1939-45 Council offices





Original Location

Chilton Council Offices, Durham Road.
In the Public Service area.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance 10 inches high x 8 inches wide with a double line gilded border. The names are handwritten in a single column on each page. They are in alphabetical order up to Page 11, after which they follow no obvious sequence.
It is housed in a glass-fronted case which is attached vertically to the wall.

Materials used

Paper in leather bound book.


On front cover



Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding

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Research acknowledgements

Tony Harding

Research In Progress

Pauline Priano has researched the WW1 names at Chilton Buildings see Every Name a Story

Book of Remembrance 1914-18 1939-45 Council offices (C107.12)

CHILTON	 Council Offices


Front Cover

Page 1

   F. Allen
   T. Abram
   A.K Atkinson
   W. Buller
   C. Binns
   B.T. Burrow
   W. Brompton
   M. Britton
   G. Beadnell
   E. Blades
   G. Bennett
Page 2
   C. Birbeck
   L. Boycott
   A. Britton
   L. Charlton
   J. Croft
   J.T. Cant
   W. Clement
   R. Cumberland
   T. Dixon
   W. Davies
   E. Duff
Page 3

   W. Davies
   G. Dixon
   J. Donelly
   T. Ellwell
   R. Elliott
   J. Hopper
   L. Fawcett
   N. Ferguson
   T. Forrest
   E. Fitchett
   R. Flook
Page 4
   J. Gash
   T. Graham
   R. Gitten
   J. Gargett
   J. Garrett
   G.A. Hardy
   J.W. Hardy
   T. Hudson
   G. Hopkins
   S. Hartnell
   J.W. Hall
Page 5

   W. Hetherington
   H. Hughes
   G. Ingle
   G.R. Ianson
   R. Johnson
   W. Johnson
   C. Jones
   J. Knight
   A. Kirkup
   J. Lynch
Page 6

   W. Lindsay
   F. Linningham
   W. Lax
   J. Lowery
   W. Lambton
   C. Lowery
   J.W. Lax
   R. Langdale
   S. Moody
   J.N. Matthews
   T. Moyle
Page 7

   T. Moore
   C. Neasham
   T. Oyston
   J. O’Brien
   E. Parkin
   W. Peart
   C. Prudhoe
   A.E. Phillipson
   W. Peacock
   A.J. Pickering
   R. Rivers
Page 8

   S. Ross
   M. Richardson
   W. Robinson
   J. Stanworth
   F. Smith
   N. Stirling
   W. Savage
   J. Slater
   G.W. Smith
   F. Snaith
   C. Turner
Page 9

   W. Teasdale
   W. Teador
   J. Tunstall
   W. Taylor
   J.R. Taylor
   A. Taylor
   T.B. Thompson
   E. Toase
   J. Wesson
   J.A.R. Wharton
   C.T. Wilson
Page 10

   T. Williams
   J. Walker
   J. Winter
   T. Winter
   J. Wardle
   R. Welsh
   R.E. Wynn
   G. Webb
   J. Williams
   C. Whitehouse
   J. Watson
Page 11

   J. Ward
   H. Woolridge
   T. Yare
   Dr. Sheedy
   C. Bustard
   J. Atkinson
   R. Blenkinsop
   H. Nixon
   J. Hedley
   J. Parry
   Ed. Routledge
Page 12

   Robt. Harrison
   J. Vitty
   A. Robson
   R.N. Coulton
   Rd. Cheesmond
   J. Elder
   A. Crowther
   W. Hudderstone
   Thos. Boycott
   Ed. Chapman
Page 13

   M. Ward
   M. James
   D. Ewans
   T. Matthews
   E.R.A.N. Charlton
   G. Laverick
   G. Smith
   R. Fisher
   J. Madden
   J.J. Adams
   D. Charlton
Page 14

   W.R. Hedley
   J. Harrison
   T. Milburn
   J. Rothwell
   R. Newby
   G. Gladden
   H. Bolton
   H. Sergeant
   G. Raine
   J.G. Scott
   W. Mawston
Page 15

   R. Alder
   Jos. Chamberlain
   G. Dunn
   W.T. Elwell
   J.D. Eleanor
   Thos. Winter
   P. Dunn
   J. Scrafton
   J. Boycott
   H. Swinbank
   J. Kingsley
Page 16

   W. McKenna
   W. Thomas
   G. Teader
   T. Wesson
   C. Lax
   J. Dixon
   J. Lax
   H. Addison
   A. Stark
   J. Williams
Page 17

   W. Hogg
   T. Burrows
   A. Davies
   G. Prudhoe
   J.C. Winter
   R. Welch
Page 18

   W. Neasham
   E. Leighton
   A. Davies
   Raymond Laverick
   E.B. Greenwell
   Ritchie Laverick
   J. McGowan
   D. Levitt
   T.H. Jackson
   R. Pearson
Page 19

   T. Curley
   J.B. Kelly
   R. Phillips
   J. Dickinson
   W. Edmunds
   L.A. Hewitt
   R. Farnaby
   G.E. Smedley
   R. Hughes
   G.E. Parkin
   W.F. Bryce
Page 20

   S.S. Pratt
   D.T. Boycott
   G.O. Hunter
   O.M. Stewart
   H. Cullum
   T. Raine
   L. Ridley
   J. Atterby
   J. Aspey
   E.W. Hedley
Page 21
   J. Calland
   T.H. Race
   R. Thompson
   E. Savory
   S. Thomas
   J. Neesam
   F. Etherington
   J.W. Robson
   J.M. Vitty
   J. Dixon

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