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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Seaside Chronicle





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Whitley Bay

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Printed newspaper supplement of 24 sides. The front cover has a border of acanthus leaves. At top is Britannia with sunburst behind. To the right is a classical style grieving woman.
The names are listed in two columns on each page.
On Page 25 is a picture of the war memorial in Marine Park First School.
The back page bears the quotation from St.John’s Gospel.

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Whitley Seaside Chronicle Roll of Honour / of those who have served and those who have made the final / sacrifice. “Greater love hath no man than this that a man / lay down his life for his friends.”



1. There are several mis-spellings which we have not been corrected.

2. This list does not pretend to be comprehensive.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding

Source of quotation:
“Greater love hath no man than this . . .” St.John's Gospel 15 v 13.

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Seaside Chronicle (W84.30)

WHITLEY BAY  Seaside Chronicle	


Front page

   The Great War,
   Whitley “Seaside Chronicle”
   Roll of Honour
Page 3
   Whitley Seaside Chronicle

   Roll of Honour

   of those who have served and those who have made the final
   and great sacrifice.

   The verses below were written in 1914 by Mr R.H. Forster, of Corbridge-on-Tyne,
   and that Whitley Bay well answered his clarion call is well evident:

   To Northumberland.

   Men of our own Northumberland,       You, whose fathers, when Scots were near,
   Born of a fighting breed,            Buckled their harness on.
   Hear ye not England’s stern demand?  Sped the arrow and plied the spear
   Know ye not England’s need?          In the valley of Hamildon.
   You, whose fathers in days gone by,  Is your love of our land less pure,
   Often answered the warning “cry,”    Is your courage less and sure,
   Will ye tarry when foes are nigh,    Than their’s who battled on Branxton Moor,
   And the call is a call indeed?       In the days that are long since gone?

         You, whose fathers have oft been seen,
         True to their English name,
         Wielding the bayonet’s deadly sheen
         On many a field of fame.
         Who so gallant in days of old,
         The height to storm, or the trench to hold,
         As the Fighting Fifth, as the Old and Bold?
         Cannot you do the same? 
Page 5

                                       Roll of Honour

   Ashforth, Frank.-Lieut., Tank Corps, The  Adamson, Jas. N.-Fitter, B/152 Brigade,
      Crescent, Whitley Bay                     R.F.A., 34th Division, B.E.F., France.
   Ashforth, J. Frank.-L.-Corpl., R.E. 5,       18, Cambridge Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      Waterford Crescent.                    Adams, Gladstone.–Captain, Photographic
   Appleby, Cyril.-Corporal, 21st Division,     Officer, Royal Air Force and Independ-
      R.E. 19, Beech Grove.                     ent Force, France. “Newlyn,” Monk
   Anderson, Reginald.–Pte. Northumber-         seaton.
      land Field Ambulance, 50th Division    Adams, Augustus D.–Captain, 7th N.F.
      (M.M.) 5, Delaval Road, Whitley Bay.      and Tanks, France. “Invermeath,”
   Anderson, Mary.–Section Leader,              Monkseaton.
      W.R.A.F., Argus, near St. Omer,        Adams, Albert.–Lieut., R.F.A., France.
      France. 40, Edwards Road, Whitley         Queen’s Road, Monkseaton.
      Bay.                                   Adams, John.–Private, 2/4 Hants Regi
   Anderson, C.F.–Lieut., 15th Batt. Dur-       ment, France. Queen’s Road, Monk-
      ham Light Infantry, 21st Division.        seaton.
      5, Delaval Road, Whitley Bay.          Adams, Garfield.–Corporal, R.A.S.C.
   Anderson, B.L.–Wireless operator,            Remounts. (Mons Star), France. In-
      H.M.S. Czaritza. 5, Delaval Road,         vermeath, Monkseaton.
      Whitley Bay.                           Adams, Albert V.–Corporal, Motor Trans-
   Anderson, J.–Sapper, Royal Engineers,        port, A.S.C., France. Invermeath,           
      A.K. Cable Section, B.E.F. 27, Count-     Monkseaton.
      ess Avenue.                            Adams, Wm. O.–Air Mechanic, Royal Air
   Archer, G.F.–Gunner, Royal Field Ar-         Force. Invermeath, Monkseaton.
      tillery, and after wound, L.R.O. Co.,  Atkinson, Thomas T.-Pte., Army Cyclist 
      Royal Engineers, B.E.F., France. Nor-     Corps. 8, Jesmond Terrace, Whitley Bay.   
      man House, Ashfield Grove, Monk-       Brewis, Athol.-2nd Lieut., 7th N.F. Mason
      Seaton.                                   Avenue.
   Arnison, C.–Major, Tyne Electrical En-    Bodger, Fred.-Private, R.A.M.C. 43, Vic-
      gineers, R.E. “Abington,” Swinburne       toria Avenue. (Mentioned in Despatches).
      Gardens, Monkseaton.                   Bignell, Percy E.-Chaplain (C.F.), 1st
   Allaway, John Blakeman,-Lieut., Lei-         South African Regiment in France. Later
      cester Regiment. 56, Park Avenue,         to 15th Essex Regiment, 43, C.C.S. and
      Whitley Bay.                              58, C.C.S. 30, Lish Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Andrews, Douglas H.–36th Batt. Ma         Bennion, Archibald.-R.N., H.M.S. Glory.
      chine Gun Corps, 36th (Ulster) Division,  Whitley Road.
      B.E.F., France. 14, Queen’s Road,      Bennion, John.-R.N., H.M.S. Hardy.
      Monkseaton.                               Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.
   Abbott, W.H. –R.E. 13, Albert Terrace.    Bolam, G.W.S.-1st Class Air Mechanic,
   Abbott, Norman. –R.A.F. 13, Albert           R.A.F., 43804. 67, Whitley Road, Whit-
      Terrace.                                  ley Bay.
Page 6

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.

   Bishop, F.-L-Cpl., Lincolnshire Regt. 21  Baird, Joseph.-Pte. N.F., 75, Cambridge
      Beach Avenue, Whitley Bay.                Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Bransby, Wm,-Officer, Merchant Ser-       Blair, John H.-2nd A.M., Royal Air
      vice. 40, Edward’s Road, Whitley Bay.     Force. 19, Delaval Road, Whitley Bay.
   Bell, Norman H.-Cpl., R.G.A., 15th        Baird, George.-Cadet, Royal Engineers,
      Siege Battery. Hartley South Farm.        75, Cambridge Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Bell, H.E.-Corporal, R.A.S.C., M.T. 50,   Bennett, R.-Coy. Sergt.-Major, N.F.
      North Parade, Whitley Bay.                Gateshead House, Windsor Crescent.
   Bell, Tom W.-Private 2/1st Northumbrian   Blair, George N.-Lieut. (Military Cross)      
      Field Ambulance, R.A.M.C.; also 2nd       Machine Gun Corps, 19, Delaval Road,
      Batt. Cameron Highlanders. 6, King’s      Whitley Bay.
      Drive, Whitley Bay.                    Bates, E. W.-Sapper, Signal Section,
   Bailes, Edward.-Private, R.A.M.C. 63,        Royal Engineers. 7, Grafton Road,
       Jesmond Terrace, Whitley Bay.            Whitley Bay.
   Beattie, J.M.-Driver Saddler, R.A.S.C.    Bates, S.H.-Private, Royal Fusiliers. 7,
      8, Naters Street, Whitley Bay.            Grafton Road, Whitley Bay.
   Beattie, Jos.-L-Cpl. West Yorkshire       Bates, Albert H.-Driver, R.A.S.C. (H.T.)
      Regiment. 8, Naters Street, Whitley       “Montana,” Kenilworth Road, Monk-
      Bay.                                      seaton.
   Beattie, H.-A.C.1., R.A.F. 8, Naters      Boylan, C. P.-25th Batt., D.L.I. 10,
      Street, Whitley Bay.                      Windsor Road, Monkseaton.
   Blake, J. D.-Pte., Durham Light           Blyth, Alfred G.-Northumberland Fus-
      Infantry. 5, Duke Street, Whitley Bay.    iliers. 62, Margaret Road, Whitley Bay.
   Blake, R.-Royal Engineers. 5, Duke        Blackwood, J.J.-Sapper, Royal Engin-
       Street, Whitley Bay.                     eers. Promontory View, Whitley Bay.
   Blake, W. J.-Royal Field Artillery.       Blackburn, J. R.-Lieut. 2nd Battalion
       5, Duke Street. Whitley Bay.             South Lancs. Regiment (Prince of
   Blake, F.-Pte, Durham Light Infantry.        Wales’ Volunteers), late 18th N.F.
      5, Duke Street, Whitley Bay.              “Ormidale,” Windsor Road, Monkseaton.
   Baker, John C.-Private, Tanks Corps. 32   Brooks, James.-E.R.A., R.N., H.M.S.
      Tynedale Avenue.                          “Attentive.” 8, Clifton Terrace, Whit-
   Brown, J. Hardy.-Chief Petty Officer.        ley Bay.
      R.N.V.R. 42, Ilfracombe Gardens.       Bonner, Harry V.-(M.M.), Lieut. 36th
   Brown, J. L.-Pte. 1st Northumberland         N.F. (late 18th N.F.) 23, North Parade,
      Fusiliers. 44, Clifton Terrace.           Whitley Bay.
   Brown, Joseph Edward.-Sergt. 24th Royal   Bonner, Jack (M.M.) Pte. 10th Duke of
      Fusiliers. (Medaille Militaire). 43,      Wellington’s (late N.F.) 23, North
      Beach Avenue, Whitley Bay.                Parade.
   Brown, Thomas.-Private, Tyneside Scot-    Buglas, J. F.-Lieut. 1/5 Essex Regiment.
      tish. 5, Melrose Avenue, Monkseaton.      Kenmure, Ilfracombe Gardens.
   Brannen, Jas.-2nd Corpl., Royal Engin-    Bunting, Stanley J.-Gunner, R.F.A.
      eers. 322, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.     53, Roxburgh Terrace, Whitley Bay.
Bird, William.-Sergt., 1st C.M.R. White Bunting, Percy L.-Private 1/2nd West
      House, Marden Road, Whitley Bay.          Riding R.M.C. (T.) 53, Roxburgh
   Bolton, G.E.-22nd Corps., Field Battery,     Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      R.A.S.C., Salonika. 7, Styan Avenue,   Burn, George F.-Royal Veterinary Corps.
      Whitley Bay.                              8, Cambridge Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Barrows, Robert John (nee) Latimer.-      Birkett, Alan.-Lieut., N.F. 23, St.
      R.A.F. 6, Margaret Road, Whitley Bay.     Ronans Road, Monkseaton.
                                             Birkett, Carl.-Lieut. R.A.F. 14, Alex-
                                                andra Terrace, Whitley Bay.
Page 7
                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.                  

   Craddock, Ernest.-1st Class Stoker,       Charlton, W. A.-Sapper R.E. Late
      H.M.S. “Speedwell.” 61, Cambridge         Northumberland Hussars. 236, Whitley
      Avenue, Whitley Bay.                      Road, Whitley Bay.
   Carling, R. H.-Sapper, Royal Engineers,   Charlton, F.-Driver M.G.C. Late 28th
      37th Division. 24, Queen’s Drive, Whit-   N.F. 236, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.
      ley Bay.                               Charlton, T.-Sergt.-Major Australian
   Collins, Cyril.-Private, N.F., M.M.          Imperial Forces. Late of Whitley Bay.
      Albert Terrace.                        Chalmers, D.-Gunner, R.G.A. 7, Holm-
   Cairns, Stewart.-Private, T.R.B. Late        lands, Monkseaton.
      Kenilworth Road, Monkseaton.           Chapelow, H. W.-Driver, R.A.S.C.
   Constable, W.J.-Corp., R.E. Dispatch         M.T. “Myrtle Ville,” Trewitt Road,
      Rider. “Rosemead,” King’s Drive, Whit-    Whitley Bay.
      ley Bay                                Crabbe, C. H.-Lieut., Tyneside Scottish,
   Clayton, Harold J.-Pioneer, Special          N.F. 4, Linden Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      Signal Company (Ireland) Royal En-     Cole, Fred.-Pte. 18th N.F. 23, North
      gineers. 13, Beech Grove, Monkseaton.     Parade.
   Clayton, Herbert.-Essex Regiment. 13,     Cruddace, A.E.-Corporal, Mechanical
      Beech Grove, Monkseaton, now of Gates-    Transport, A.S.C.
      head.                                  Cutts, Harold J.-Sergt. Royal Marine
   Counter, A.H.-Northumberland Fusi-           Submarine Miners.
      liers. St. Mary’s Lighthouse.          Campey, T.-West Riding Regiment. 17,
   Cusworth, Fred.-Ord/Tel. H.M.S. “Ben-        Hill Heads, Whitley Bay.
      bow.”                                  Campey, M.-Durham Light Infantry. 17,
   Cusworth, G.-1st N.F. and M.G.C.             Hill Heads, Whitley Bay.
   Casson, J. H.-L.-Corpl., Army Service     Campey, J.-Royal Engineers. 12, Hill
      Corps. 13, Ventnor Gardens                Heads, Whitley Bay.
   Carruthers, Roy L.-Sergt. Major, Army     Campey, G.-Canadian Royal Engineers.
      Service Corps. Lough House, Hawthorne     17, Hill Heads, Whitley Bay.
      Gardens.                               Cowper, G. A.-Sergt. R.E. Signal Ser-
   Caisley, J.J.-Private, D.L.I. 21, Rose-      vice, 63rd Royal Naval Division. C/o.
      bery Terrace, Monkseaton.                 Waverley Hotel, Whitley Bay.
   Caisley, N.-Private, R.A.M.C. 21, Rose-   Cowper, G. A.-Sergt., Royal Engineers,
      bery Terrace, Monkseaton.                 c/o Waverley Hotel, Whitley Bay.
   Cominado, Jacob A.-Pte. 17th Northum-     Clark, Gordon, O.B.E.-Lieut., R.N.R.
      berland Fusiliers, N.E.R. Battalion. 4,   6, Queen’s Road, Monkseaton.
      Duchess Street, Whitley Bay.           Chapman, J. W.-R.N.R.T., and later 7th
   Coates, Albert Charles.-Lance-Corporal,      Mine Clearance Flotilla. 65, Jesmond
      11th Northumberland Fusiliers. Ilfra-     Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      combe Gardens, Monkseaton.             Corboy, L. P.-Cpl., Royal Air Force. 34,
   Cape, Wm. B.-1/5 West Yorks. 19 Ox-          Park Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      ford Street, Whitley Bay.              Capey, Ernest P.-Lieut. (M.C.), Royal
   Carroll, Thomas.-Private, R.A.M.C.          Garrison Artillery. 15, Gordon Square,
   Carroll, Stanley-(M.M), Corporal, De-        Whitley Bay.
      spatch Rider, R.E.                     Capey, Thomas C.-Lieut., Labour Corps.
   Carroll, Raymond – (M.M.), Sergeant,         15, Gordon Square.
      Royal Warwicks.                        Corboy, R. J.-Lieut., 495th Sig. Battery,       
   Carroll, Laurie.-L.-Cpl., R.E.               R.G.A. 34, Park Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Carroll, Harry – Corporal, Despatch       Corboy, J. R.-Gunner, 495th Sig. Bat-
      Rider, R.E. All of 11, Esplanade Place,   tery, R.G.A. 34, Park Avenue, Whitley
      Whitley Bay.                              Bay.
   Campbell, G. D.-Private 1st Corps         Carr, W. H.-Pte., R.A.S.C., M.T. 5, Stan-
      Cyclist Battalion. 74, Cambridge Avenue,  ley Crescent, Whitley Bay.
      Whitley Bay.                           Chapman, Percy.-A.B., R.N.V.R. (late
                                                H.M.S. “Curacoa.”) c/o Mitford House,
                                                Station Road, Cullercoats.
Page 8

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.
   Clayton, William S.-Lieutenant (Writer    Donaldson, R.-C.S.M., 9th Northumber-
      of “Battlefield Experiences”) 6th Mach-   land Fusiliers. 59, Ventnor Gardens,
      ine Gun Company, Australian Imperial      Whitley Bay.
      Forces. 13, Beech Grove, Monkseaton.   Davison, Thomas.-2nd Lieut., Machine
   Clayton, Norman.-A.B., “Hawke” Batt.         Gun Corps, late Durham Light Infantry.
      Royal Naval Division. 13, Beech Grove,    3, Ashbrooke, Monkseaton.
      Monkseaton.                            Dawson, Percy.-R.G.A. Railway Inn,
   Chrisp, T. J.-Telegraphist. H.M.S.           Hill Heads.
      “Bramble,” East Indies Station. 2,     Dawson, Harold A.-Cpl. R.A.F., 27, Ox-
      Styan Avenue, Whitley Bay.                ford Street, Whitley Bay.
   Casey, J.W.-Lieut., Queen Victoria’s      Dawson, John.-Leading Mechanic, R.A.F.
      Own Sappers and Miners, Indian Army       “Resalrigg,” Queen’s Drive, Whitley
      (late R.A.) 66, Percy Road, Whitley       Bay.
      Bay.                                   Dawson, T. (M.M.) – Durham Light
   Coldwell, John.-Corporal, A.P.C. and         Infantry.
      K.O.Y.L.I., Ireland. 47, Beach Avenue, Dawson, W.-Durham Light Infantry.
      Whitley Bay                               24, Hill Heads, Whitley Bay.
   Day, Alf. E.-Captain (M.C. and Bar), 9th  Davies, Wilfrid A.-Sapper, Royal Engin-
      K.O.Y.L.I. 78, Oxford Street.             eers. “Rhondaville,” 50, Beech Grove,
   Dixon, A.-Lieut., West Yorks. The Links,     Monkseaton.
      Whitley Bay.                           Douglass, G. E.-Sergt., R.A.F., late 20th
   Dixon, William.-Driver, R.F.A. 1, Jes-       N.F. (Tyneside Scottish). 23, Holm-
      mond Terrace, Whitley Bay. (Late 54,      lands, Monkseaton.
      St. Ronan’s Road, Monkseaton.          Dougall, James.-Northern Cyclists’ Batt.
   Dixon, S.W.-Driver, Royal Engineers,         Amble Villa, Kenilworth Road, Monk-
      19, Hill Heads, Whitley Bay.              seaton.
   Dixon, T.E.-Private, 4th West Yorks.      Davies, David R.-Capt., Tyneside Scot-
      19, Hill Heads, Whitley Bay.              tish. “Rhondaville,” 50, Beech Grove,
   Dixon, G.-Serg., M.M., (1914 star), 1/1st    Monkseaton.
      Northumberland Hussars. The Links,     Dees, C.-Q.M.-Sergt., R.E. 25, Highbury,
      Whitley Bay.                              Monkseaton.
   Dickinson, A.-Royal Garrison Artillery.   Dodsworth, F.P.-Lieut. R.A.F. 15,
      5, Station Road, Whitley Bay.             Esplanade Place, Whitley Bay.
   Dickinson, F.-2nd A.M., Royal Air         Dwerryhouse, Alfred H.-1st Class
      Force. 5, Station Road, Whitley Bay.      P.O., R.N.S.B.R.
   Dickinson, P.-Private, Royal Army         Dales, Archie.-Private, Tanks Corps. 64,
      Medical Corps. 5, Station Road,           Eastbourne Gardens.
      Whitley Bay.                           Dodds, James Scott.-Coy. Sergt.-Major
   Dickinson, G.-Engine Room Artificer,         Royal Engineers. 8, Grafton Road,
      Royal Navy. 5, Station Road, Whitley      Whitley Bay.
       Bay.                                  Dodds, E.-Private, East Yorks. 6, Relton
   Dack, J.-2nd A.M., Royal Air Force. 18,      Terrace, Monkseaton.        
      Clifton Terrace, Whitley Bay.          Dunn, R.-Sapper, Royal Engineers. 24,
   Darling, J. B.-Sergt.-Major, 1st Batt.       Duchess Street, Whitley Bay.
      Royal Scots Fusiliers. 4, Laburnum,    Dowling, J. W.-1/6 Lancashire Fusil-
      Whitley Bay, now of Medicine Hat,         iers. 9, Alexandra Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      Calgary, Canada.                       Donald, Ernest.-Private, 2/5 Battalion
   Darling, Jos. P.-C.P.O., R.N.V.R.            Somerset L.I. 25, North Parade, Whit-
       “Barco,” Ashbrooke, Monkseaton.          ley Bay.
   Davidson, Thomas.-Capt., 2nd Vol. Batt.   Ellison, J.-Engineer Lieut.-Commander
      Northumberland Fusiliers, and 2nd         Royal Navy. 82, Oxford Street, Whit-
      Lieut., Royal Army Service Corps, H.T.    ley Bay.
      11, Park Avenue, Whitley Bay.          Eley, William.-D.L.I. “Longridge,”
                                                Evesham Avenue, Monkseaton.                                                         
Page 9
                                       Roll of Honour. –Continued.                    

   Ellison, A. H.-Telegraphist, Royal        Forsyth, Peter.-Lieut., N.F. “Rose-
      Naval Volunteer Reserve. 82, Oxford       neath,” Briar Dene, Whitley Bay.
      Street, Whitley Bay.                   Fox, A.-Lance-Corporal, 1st N.F. 29, Duke
   Embleton, Fred.-Cpl. 4th York and            Street, Whitley Bay.
      Lancashire, 175, Whitley Road.         Fraser, Thomas C.-Private, R.A.V.C.
   Emmerson, Laurence G.-Sapper, Royal          Mobile Section). 5, Victoria Terrace,
      Engineers, Wireless Section. 12, Naters   Whitley Bay.
      Street, Whitley Bay.                   Gray, Arthur.-Private, R.E., M.M. Park
   Ewen, George Dawson.-9th N.F., late          Parade.
      Northumberland Hussars. 27, Duchess    Gray, T. J.-Captain, Northumberland
      Street, Whitley Bay.                      Fusiliers. Whitley Bay. 
   Ford, T.S.-Lieut., R.G.A. Stanley Villa,  Gregg, Edwin.-Lieut., Tyneside Scottish,
      Gladstone Avenue, Monkseaton              East Parade.
   Fell, William.-Pioneer, 59/1st F.F. Co.,  Garry, H. M.-Chief Petty Officer,
      Royal Engineers. 1, Edwards Road,         R.N.V.R. 39, Park Avenue, Whitley
      Whitley Bay.                              Bay.
   Fenn, James C.-Sapper, Royal Engineers,   Gair, Thomas.-Gunner, 10th Batt. Tank
      late 20th London Regiment. 71, Park       Corps. 95, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.
      Avenue, Whitley Bay.                   Gillis, Thomas.-Hawk Battalion 63rd R.
   Fenn, Hedley J. W.-Royal Air Force.          Naval Division. 25, Lovaine Avenue,
      71, Park Avenue, Whitley Bay.             Whitley Bay.
   Furey, James.-Gunner, Royal Garrison      Gilpin, George.-R.N. Transport, 12
      Artillery.                                Mason Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Fleming, W. H.-Sergt., N.F. 19, Waver-    Godfrey, T.S.-Gunner, Royal Marine
      ley Avenue, Monkseaton.                   Artillery. 61, Bideford Gardens. Monk-
   Forster, H. S.-Engineer, Lieut. Royal        seaton.
      Navy. 2, Clovelly Gardens, Monkseaton. Goffin, Percival, Pte. 2/13 London Regi-
   Forster, J. S.-Private, 13th N.F. 2,         ment, 60th Division, 8, Windsor Cres-
      Clovelly Gardens, Monkseaton.             cent, Whitley Bay.
   Forster, A. O.-Lieut., 3rd Batt. M.G.C    Graham, T. W.-Air Mechanic, 26th
      2, Clovelly Gardens, Monkseaton.          Squadron, R.F..., German East Africa.
   Friend, F. H.-Private, N.F. 5, Holm-         5, Clifton Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      lands, Monkseaton.                     Graham, Wm. H.-Coy. Sgt.-Major, 8th
   Field, Geo. W.-Private, 19th Battalion       Durham Light Infantry. 58, Cambridge
      N.F. 12, Laburnum Avenue, Whitley         Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      Bay.                                   Gilholm, G.-Gunner, R.G.A. 3, Hill
   Fleming, Edward Egdell.-Able Seaman,         Heads.
      H.M.S. “Senator,” Royal Navy. Ivy      Gregory, George.-Royal Engineers. 13,         
      Cottage, Trewitt Road, Whitley Bay.       Cambridge Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Fallows, W. E.-A.B., R.N., H.M.S          Gregory, W.-Pte., 1st Garrison Batt.,
      “Cardiff.” 13, Collingwood Terrace,       R.M.F., Italy. 7, Promenade Terrace,
      Whitley Bay.                              Whitley Bay.
   Foster, Alfred E.-Chief Petty Officer,    Gill, J.B.-Corporal, 20th Aux. (P.) Coy.
      R.N.V.R. Queen’s Drive.                   R.A.S.C. (M.T.), France.
   Fryer, J. M.-Private, Motor Transport.    Grainger, F. R.-Mercantile Marine.
      16, Highbury.                             44, Warkworth Avenue.
   Fairey, F. P.-Royal Air Force. 21, Ilfra- Grainger, R. A.-Private, London Scot-
      combe Gardens.                            tish. 12, Holmlands, Monkseaton.
   Fry Edward A.-Sergt., 2nd Regiment        Grainger, N. S.-Sergeant, 1st 5th York
      South African (Spring Bok) Infantry.      and Lancs. 44, Warkworth Avenue,
      South Africa, late 11, Styan Avenue,      Whitley Bay.
      Whitley Bay.                           Glaholm, T. G.-2nd Lieut. Northum-
                                                berland Fusiliers. 68, Cliftonville
                                                Gardens, Monkseaton.
Page 10

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.

   Glaholm, N. T.-Private, Northumberland    Henderson, G.-Sergt. R.G.A. 11, Prin
      Fusiliers. 68, Cliftonville Gardens,      ces Gardens, Monkseaton.
      Monkseaton.                            Henderson, J.-Corporal, 1/7 West Yorks
   Grant, Ernest.-3rd Tyneside Scottish,        Regiment. 11, Princes Gardens, Monk-
      22nd Northumberland Fusiliers. 5, Ox-     seaton.
      ford Street, Whitley Bay.              Henderson, C.W.-Navy A.B. 2, Vic-
   Gorrill, J.-Lieut. R.G.A. Uplands,           toria Villas, Whitley Bay.
      Monkseaton.                            Heslop, Charles Henry.-6th Batt. N.F.
   Gofton, J.A.-Private, East Lancs. West       late Northumberland Hussars. 23, Hill
      Avenue, Monkseaton.                       Heads, Monkseaton.
   Gofton,- Private, West Yorks. 25, Ash-    Heslop, George Robert.-Driver, Army
      brooke. Monkseaton.                       Service Corps. 23, Hill Heads, Monk-
   Huntly, Charles.-Captain, 4th N.F.           seaton.
      M.C. Marine Avenue.                    Hunter, Geo. Wm.-Private, 55th Re-
   Halkeir, W. W.-2nd Lieut., R.G.A. Late       mount Squadron, R.A.S.C. 70, Mar-
      Park School, Whitley Bay.                 garet Road, Whitley Bay.
   Hamilton, F. W.-Private R.A.O.C. 438,     Hunton, H.- “G.” Special Company
      Park View, Whitley Bay                    Special Brigade, Royal Engineers,
   Hardy, D. (M.M)-Durham Light In-             B.E.F. 35, Park Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      fantry. 15, Hill Heads, Whitley Bay.   Haley, John.-Private, 9th Black Watch.
   Hardy, J. L.-R.M.L.I. 5, Linden Terrace,     22, Countess Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      Whitley Bay.                           Hodgson, J. B.-Gunner, 44th Siege Batty.
   Harper, L. V.-Private, 18th N.F. Albion      422, Park View.
      House, Ocean View, Whitley Bay.        Harris, S. S.-Royal Air Force. 70, Clifton-
   Herron, James.-Signaller, B. Battery,        ville Gardens.
      160th Brigade, R.F.A., 34th Division.  Hutchinson, Walter.-Private, 6th N.F.
      25, Lovaine Avenue, Whitley Bay.          56, St. Ronans Road.
   Hartley, H.-Lance Corporal, West          Hirst, John.-Lieut., South Staffs. “Fal-
      Yorks. “Beaumont,” Oxford Street          wood,” Cliftonville Gardens.
      Whitley Bay.                           Hogg, William.-Lieut., R.G.A. 60, East-
   Hartley, B.-Gunner, R.F.A. (Military         bourne Gardens.
      Medal). “Beaumont,” Oxford Street,     Harle, Alex S.-Co. Sergt. Major, 23rd N.F. 
      Whitley Bay.                              5, Kensington Gardens.
   Hartley, L. C.-Private, East Riding       Harle, Walter.-Lieut., 5th N.F. and Royal
      Yeomanry. “Beaumont,” Oxford Street,      Air Force. 5, Kensington Gardens.
      Whitley Bay.                           Harle, William E.-Major, 5th N.F. 5,
   Hayes, H. W.-Royal Field Artillery. 2d       Kensington Gardens.
      Edwards Road, Whitley Bay.             Harle, Thomas H.-E.R.A., H.M.S. “Fis-
   Hall, Arthur Watson.-R.A.M.C. 32,            guard.” 58, Cambridge Avenue, Whit-
      Delaval Road, Whitley Bay.                ley Bay.
   Hall, Robert Russell.-11th Kite Balloon   Hitchfield, R. D.-Sapper, Royal En-
      Section. 394, Park View.                  gineers. 43, Bideford Gardens, Monk-
   Hall, E. J. J.-121st Batt. Western Irish     seaton.
      Canadians. Late of The Gardens, Monk-  Hamlet, W.-Sapper, Tyne E.E., R.E. 1,
      seaton.                                   Clifton Terrace, Whitley Bay.
   Hall, James Edward.-2nd Lieut., North-    Harrison, Robert.-Sapper, Royal En-
      umberland Fusiliers. 16, Ocean View,      gineers. 16, Princess Gardens, Monk-
      Whitley Bay.                              seaton.
   Hall, E. J. J.-Pte. 121st Batt., Western  Harding, Leslie.-Sig., 5th Scottish Rifles,
      Irish (Canadians). Vancouver, B.C.,       B.E.F., France. 65, Beach Avenue,
      late Monkseaton.                          Whitley Bay.
   Hall, E.-Captain, Royal Engineers         Hamilton, C.G.-2/9 G.H., and H.L.I.
      Mentioned in Mesopotamia despatches.      35, Cambridge Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      11, Eastbourne Gardens, Monkseaton.    Head, L.H.-Private 1st N.F.A. 26, Park   
                                                Parade, Whitley Bay.
Page 11

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued                      

   Hoad, J. E.-Private 5th N.F. 5, Duke      Jarman, Cyril G.-Driver and Signaller,
      Street, Whitley Bay.                      R.F.A. 16, Uplands, Monkseaton.
   Hoad, R. T.-Corporal, 168th Battalion     Jobling, J. W.-Pte., R.A.M.C. “Rivelin,” 
      Canadians. 2, White Cottages, Whitley     South Parade, Whitley Bay.
      Bay.                                   Jobling, Robert Scott.-Royal Engineers,
   Hope, Stanley.-2nd Lieut., M.G.C. (Mil-      Belvedere House, Whitley Bay.
      itary Medal). 16, Queen’s Road, Monk-  Jacks, L. A.-Sergt., R.F.A. 28, Holly
      seaton.                                   Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Hodgson, T. M.-Sergt. R.M.S.M., late      Jackson, Alfred.-Sergt., A.S.C. 6, Mar-
      6th N.F. 27, Waverley Avenue, Monk-       den Crescent, Whitley Bay.
      seaton.                                Jackson, H.-Sergt., R.G.A. Eastfield
   Hodgson, Philip.-Private, R.M.L.I. 27,       Avenue.
      Waverley Avenue, Monkseaton.           Johnston, John.-Able Seaman, R.N.V.R.
   Holdsworth, C.-Cpl., 15th West Yorks         1st Royal Navy Brigade, Mons Star.
      (Leeds Pals). 19a, Esplanade, Whitley     “Kelvingrove,” Holywell Avenue, Monk-
      Bay.                                      seaton.
   Holdsworth, E.- 2nd Lieut., 29th          Jardine, George W.-Sergt., 44th Batt.
      Squadron, R.F. Corps. 29, The Crescent,   Canadians. Late Monkseaton, now
      Whitley Bay.                              Moore Park, Manitoba, Canada.
   Holmes, Maurice Lincoln.-1/5th Border     Jardine, Edward A.-78th Winnipeg
      Regiment. 48, Whitley Road, Whitley       Grenadiers. Late Monkseaton, now
      Bay.                                      Moore Park, Manitoba, Canada.
   Holmes, Stanley.-Captain, 12th D.L.I.     Jeffery, G. H.-Sergt., 4th Corps, Cyclist
      33, Warkworth Avenue, Whitley Bay.        Batt. 58, Cambridge Avenue, Whitley
   Horn, G. H.-Artists’ Rifles O.T.C. 28,        Bay.
      Princess Gardens, Monkseaton.          Johnson, J. E.-Private, 6th Field Am-
   Hopper, Thomas Knight.-Sergt., R.A.F         bulance, A.M.C. Late 11, Esplanade,
      Late of 30, Victoria Avenue, Whitley      Whitley Bay.
      Bay.                                   Jones, H.-Lance Corporal, 14th N.F. 38
   Hindmarch, John.-Corporal 4th Royal          Waverley Avenue, Monkseaton.
      Scots (late 16th N.F.) 48, Naters      Kane, J. J.-C.P.O., R.N.V.R. 34, Park
      Street  Whitley Bay.                      Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Hindmarch, Thomas D.-Private,  4th        King, Donald.-Private 1st R.M.L.I. 95,
      N.F. 48, Naters Street, Whitley Bay.      Beech Grove.
   Hindmarch, Geo. K.-Private, 52nd N.F.     Kilpin, W.-2nd Corporal, Royal Engin-
      48, Naters Street, Whitley Bay.           eers. 21, Lovaine Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Harding, Henry.-19th Northumberland       Kerr, P.-Cpl., R.A.S.C. (M.T.) “Kinross,”
      Fusiliers, B.E.F., France. 65, Beach      Evesham Avenue, Monkseaton.
      Avenue, Whitley Bay.                   Knowles, F. L.-Pte. N.F., 8, Park
   Horn, C. G.-Sergt. Prisoner of War           Parade, Whitley Bay.
      Company, 11th East Yorks. 12, Clar-    Knox, S. D.-R.N.A.S. St. Mary’s Light-
      ence Crescent, Whitley Bay.               house.
   Iley, J.-E.R.A., late H.M.S. “Brittania,” Kelly, Joseph.-R.N.A.S. Late “Black
      55, Victoria Terrace, Whitley Bay.        Horse,” Monkseaton.
   Jackson, Ellis M.-Captain, 9th N.F. Late  Kenney, R. R.-R.A.S.C. (M.T.), Malta.
      Park Parade. Whitley Bay.              Lythe, James N.-H.M.S. “Queen Eliza-
   Jackson, Robt.-Staff Sergt., R.A.O.C.,       beth.” 59, Beech Grove, Whitley Bay.
      France and Italy. 8, Marden Crescent,  Lythe, Richard, E.-Private, 10th West
      Whitley Bay.                              Yorks. 59, Beech Grove, Whitley Bay.
   Jackson, Alfred.-Staff Sergt. Major,      Laws, Herbert Arthur.-Sergt. Mechanic,
      O.S.C. 6, Marden Crescent, Whitley        Royal Air Force, with French Observa-
      Bay.                                      tion Balloon. Exchange Buildings,
                                                Whitley Bay.
Page 12

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.

   Luckham, Percy.-Lieut. R.N.A.S. Later     Little, Thos. A.-Cpl. No. 1 Section,
      R.A.F., 208 and 46 Squadrons, France.     D.A.C., Lowland Div. 211, Whitley
      32, Beech Grove, Monkseaton.              Road.
   Little, R.-Sergt. N.F. (Educational In    Little, Sam K.-1st Stoker, H.M.S. Ven-
      structor). Nile House, Whitley Bay.       erable, Portsmouth, Royal Navy. 211,
   Little, J. Maurice.-Private, London Regi-    Whitley Road.
      ment (Westminster Rifles). Nile House, Marriott, Reginald.-Lieut. Late Whit-
      Whitley Bay.                              ley Bay.
   Laidler, E. J.-1st Class Stoker, R.N.     McKeag, Ernest.-Sub-Lieut., H.M.S. “In
      H.M.S. “Attentive.” Dover Patrol          dia.” Late of 82, Whitley Road.
      Force.                                 March, M.-Pte., 1st Northampton Regi-
   Lawson, Reginald H.-250th Brigade,           ment, Uplands, Monkseaton.
      R.F.A. 50th Division, B.E.F.           Moffat, James.-2nd Lieut., N.F., M.C. 32,
   Letch, Joseph.-L.-Cpl 16th Batt. N.F.        Clifton Terrace.
      4, Mafeking Street, Whitley Bay.       March, G.-Pte., D.L.I., Army of Occu-
   Lambert, Noel V.-Wireless Operator.          pation, Uplands, Monkseaton.
      101, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.        Moore, Geo. W.-R. Eng., Mercantile Mar-
   Lambert, J.-Cyclist, late N.F. 36, Mar-      ine, (two S. African medals). 33, Park
      garet Road, Whitley Bay.                  Parade.
   Lincoln, J. W.-Lieut.-Colonel M.C.,       Moore, Harry.-Pte., No. 83590, R.A.M.C.,
      A.M.I.C.E., Signal Service, Royal En-     44th General Hospital, Indian Expedi-
      gineers. Station Road, Cullercoats.       tionary Force. 15, Cliftonville Gardens.
   Latimer, James.-Gunner R.F.A. 6, Mar-     Mayhew, Gordon.-Lieut., Dorset Regi-
      garet Road, Whitley Bay.                  ment, E.E.F. (still serving in Egypt).
   Lister, J.J.-Sergt., Remounts, R.A.S.C.      “Norwood,” Marine Avenue, Monkseaton.
      1914 Star. Mentioned in Despatches,    Mayhew, George H.-Cadet, H.M. Troop
      and the Meritorious Medal. 4, Ocean       ship, “Briton.” “Norwood,” Marine Av-
      View, Whitley Bay.                        enue, Monkseaton.
   Leach, G.S. (Military Cross).-Lieut.      Motyer, Herbert Edmund.-Private, 5th
      9th D.L.I. 14, Waverley Avenue, Monk-     Manchester Regt. 9, Balmoral Gardens.
      seaton.                                Maddison, G.-Sergt. 12/13 N.F. 11,
   Luckey, J.-Cyclist, late N.F. 19, Mar-       Duke Street, Whitley Bay.
      garet Road, Whitley Bay.               Maddison, James.-Private, 2nd C.M. 
   Lockerby, A. E.-Sergt., 15th Batt.           Rifles. Calgary, Alberta, Canada, late
      Cheshires. 17, Oxford Street, Whitley     of Whitley Bay.
      Bay.                                   Marshall, P.-Leading Aircraftsman,
   Lockerby, R. T.-Pte., R.A.M.C. Late          R.F.C. and R.A.F. Park School, Whit-
      17, Oxford Street, Whitley Bay.           ley Bay.
   Lockerby, R. T.-Pte., R.A.M.C. 31         Martin, C. J. P.-Sergt.-Major, R.E. 4,
      Casualty Clearing Station, British        Promontory Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      Salonika Forces. 20, Treherne Road,    Martin, E.-Lance-corporal R.E. 4, Prom-
      High West Jesmond (late of Whitley        ontory Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      Bay).                                  Martin, H.R.-Private N.F. and R.E.
   Locke, Richard.-2nd Lieut., 35th N.F.        4, Promontory Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      Ventnor Gardens.                       Mason, J.E.-Private 20th Northumber-
   Lamb, G. Fred.-Driver, R.F.A. Park View.     land Fusiliers. 58, Whitley Road,
   Lamb, George Howard.-Private, M.T.,          Whitley Bay.
      A.S.C. 29, North Parade.               McQuillen, Wm. T.-Captain 18th N.F.
   Little, K.-Corporal, R.A.S.C. 42, Lish       “Westward,” St. George’s Crescent,
      Avenue, Whitley Bay.                      Monkseaton.
   Little, W.-Bomb. Sig., (M.M.), D/250      Miller, Anthony S.-Driver, R.A.S.C.,
      Northumbrian Bde., R.F.A. 211, Whit-      late Lancashire Fusiliers. 62, Margaret
      ley Road.                                 Road, Whitley Bay.
Page 13

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.

   Miller, Robert.-Cyclist, late R.E. Prom-  Nixon, Thos. W.-Seaman, Navy, H.M.A.S.
      ontory Terrace, Whitley Bay.              “Australia.” Whitley Post Office. Liv-
   Miller, George.-Driver, R.A.S.C. 38,         ing at Gateshead.
      Margaret Road, Whitley Bay.            Norman, Jesse.-Telegrapist, Royal Navy.
   Miller, John L.-Mercantile Marine. 41,       “Normanville,” 2, Marden Road, Whitley
      Margaret Road, Whitley Bay.               Bay.
   McCullough, H.-Lieut., R.N.V.R. 4,        Norman, Arthur.-Bombardier, Royal
      Promontory Terrace, Whitley Bay.          Horse Artillery. “Normanville” 2, Mar-
   McAnelly, J.-Sergt. South Lancs Regi-        den Road, Whitley Bay.
      ment. 11, Linden Terrace, Whitley Bay. Nesbit, Richard.-R.F.A.
   McGlashan, G. D.-Major, R.E. Nuthurst.    Nesbit, John,-Gunner, R.F.A.
   McDougall, Norman.-Pte., Black Watch.     Nesbit, James. Signaller, D.L.I. All of 7,
      40, Cliftonville Gardens, Monkseaton.     Roseberry Terrace, Monkseaton.
   Milburn, J. J.-Private, A.S.C., trans-    Nettleton, J. A.-Private, 1st West
      ferred to 10th Lancashire Fusiliers.      Yorks. 12, Naters Street, Whitley Bay.
      40, Clifton Terrace, Whitley Bay.      Norman, L.-Sergt., 1st Batt., N.F.
   McArthur, Duncan.-Lance Corporal,         Oddy, F. R.-Lieut. R.A.F., 35th Squad-
      1/5 N.F. 29, Eastbourne Gardens,          ron. 12, Naters Street, Whitley Bay.
      Monkseaton.                            Oddy, H.-Private, Royal Scots, attached
   Moore, H.-Corporal, Guards. 15, High-        53rd Labour Co. 12, Naters Street,
      bury, Monkseaton.                         Whitley Bay.
   Morgan, Tom.-Private, West Yorks. 43,     Oliver, R.-M.T., A.S.C. 2, Park Parade,
      Margaret Road, Whitley Bay.               Whitley Bay.
   Mortimer, J. W. (M.M.)-Bombardier,        Oliver, Robert J.-Wireless Operator,
      R.G.A. “Rose Dene,” South Parade,         H.M.T. “Castalia.” 21, Oxford Street,
      Whitley Bay.                              Whitley Bay.
   Mortimer, W. S.-Royal Navy. “Rose         Owen, Robert H.-Trooper, 18th (Q.M.O.)
      Dene,” South Parade, Whitley Bay.         Hussars. (Mons Star). “Waterville,”         
   McIntyre, Stanley.-Lance Sergt. N.F.         Queen’s Drive, Whitley Bay.
      27, Alnwick Avenue, Whitley Bay.       Peel, George, Corp.-16th N.F., M.M. Nor-
   Mitchelhill, A.E.-Private, 6th Gor-          ham Road.
      don Highlanders. (Military Medal).     Parker, A.-Private, Army Service Corps.
      13, Sydenham Terrace, Whitley Bay.        2, Percy Terrace, Monkseaton.
   Main, Cecil R.-Staff Q.M.S. Humber        Pattinson, Harry.-Private, 2/6 (late 18th)
      Garrison (late 2/1st N.C.B.) 45, Beech    D.L.I. 21, Beech Grove, Monkseaton.     
      Grove, Whitley Bay.                       Pattinson, Frank.-Private, 2/6 (late
   Morrison, J. J.-Cyclist, Army Cyclist        18th) D.L.I. Mayorswell Street, Dur-
      Corps.                                    ham, late 21, Beech Grove, Monkseaton.
   McLeer, Wm. H.-Gunner, R.G.A. 66,         Platten, John W.-Sergt. Ophthalmic
      Margaret Road, Whitley Bay.               Section, A.A.M.C. “Burnham,” Holy-
   Nicholls, Norman.-Sapper, R.E., Sig-         well Avenue, Monkseaton.
      nals, 39th Division. Late 6 Trewitt    Pickerill, Harry T. H.-Driver, R.F.A.
      Road now Cable Station, Valentia Island,  20, Clifton Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      Co. Kerry, Ireland.                       Proctor, Maurice.-Leading Seaman,
   Nicholls, F.-Chief Petty Officer, R.N.R.     Navy; stationed at Whale Island, Ports-
      (D.S.M.) B.Sc. (Dunelm). 6, Trewitt       mouth. 51, Jesmond Terrace, Whitley
      Road, Whitley Bay.                        Bay.
      Monkseaton. [sic]                      Phillips, J. Ernest (M.M.)-Second Lieut.
   North, H.-Aircraftsman, R.N.A.S. and         7/8 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. For-
      R.A.F. Norham Road, Whitley Bay.          merly Northern Cyclists. “Northfield,”
   Nicholson, Fred.-Signalman, Royal            Tynedale Avenue, Monkseaton.
      Navy. 78, Ilfracombe Gardens.
   Narbeth, J.H.-Lieut. (Technical), Royal
       Air Force. Eastbourne Gardens.
Page 14

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued

   Phillips, Eric B.-L.-Cpl. 1/5 Lancashire  Ross, William.-Sergeant, 55th Remount
      Fusiliers, formerly 2nd Batt. N.C.B.      Squadron. 65, Glenthorn Road, West
      “Northfield,” Tynedale Avenue, Monk-      Jesmond, Newcastle. Late of 59, Beech 
      seaton.                                   Grove, Whitley Bay.
   Phillips, Arthur L. (M.M.)-Sergt. 1/5     Ross, Charles C.-Private, 11th Northum-
      N.F. “Northfield,” Tynedale Avenue,       berland Fusiliers. 28, Ventnor Gardens.
      Monkseaton.                            Robson, Maurice.-Private, Northumber-
   Pyke, G. W.-Second Lieut., Northumber-       land Hussars. 10, The Crescent.
      land Fusiliers. 26, The Crescent,      Robson, Wm. D.-Private, N.F. 51, Jes-
      Whitley Bay.                              mond Terrace, Whitley Bay.
   Pyke, J. Leslie.-Pte., 4, Section, “D.”   Robson, Arthur.-Lieut., Interpreter,
      Company, 19th Battalion Machine Gun       P/W Staff. 7, The Gardens, Monk-
      Corps. 26, The Crescent, Whitley Bay.     seaton.
   Price, Harold E.-Sergt., 16th N.F., 2,    Robson, J. Oswin.-Lieut., 5th N.F. 31,
      Delaval Road, Whitley Bay.                Roxborough Terrace, Whitley Bay.
   Price, F. de Ball.-Lieut., 4th West Yorks, Robson, Harold G.-5th N.F. 31, Rox-
      2, Delaval Road, Whitley Bay.             borough Terrace, Whitley Bay.
   Pyle, G. R.-Pte. Australian Imperial      Robson, C.-(M.M.)-Lance Corporal,
      Forces.                                   Royal Engineers. 28, Holly Avenue,
   Potter, M. R.-Tyne Electrical Engin-         Whitley Bay.
      eers, North Midland Field Company,     Raitt, W.-Second Lieut., R.G.A. 41,
      46th Division, B.E.F.  Whitley Bay.       Kenilworth Road, Monkseaton.
   Pilditch, P. W.-Pte., R.A.M.C. Princes    Ratcliffe, J.-Engine Room Artificer,
      Gardens, Monkseaton.                      Royal Navy. 32, Grafton Road, Whitley
   Parrack, Joseph.-Private, 9th Royal          Bay.
      Scots. 12, Windsor Gardens.            Richards, John.-Private, Tyneside Scot-
   Potts, William.-Rifleman, 4th K.R.R.C.       tish. 27, Rosebery Terrace, Monk-
      49, Bideford Gardens.                     seaton.
   Potts, John W.-Sergt., 50th Command,      Rutherford, J.R.-Private, M.G.C. 8,
      R.D.C. “Scoville,” Queen’s Road.          Beech Grove, Whitley Bay.
   Pounder, Thomas.-Corporal, Wireless       Rumney, John Hall.-Northumberland
      Station. 15, Windsor Gardens.             Fusiliers. 92, Oxford Street, Whitley
   Pickering, R.F.-Royal Irish Regiment.        Bay.
      75, Kenilworth Road, Monkseaton.       Rumney, Nicholas.-Border Regiment. 59,
   Pallister, Thos. W.-Field Service Com-       Victoria Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      pany R.E. 3, Alnwick Avenue, Whitley   Rae, Alexander.-Headquarters staff, 494
      Bay.                                      Field Co., R.E., Cavalry Barracks, Col-
   Pringle, J. Darwin.-2nd Lieut., R.A.S.C.     chester.
      (M.T.) 3, Highbury, Monkseaton.        Room, H. S.-Sapper, Tyne Electrical
   Pembrey, John Cripps.-Gunner, Royal          Engineers. 22, Eastbourne Gardens,
      Navy. 54, Beach Avenue, Whitley Bay.      Monkseaton.
   Pembrey, Herbert Seymour.-Engineer,       Richardson, Jos. T.-2nd Batt., Cold-
      H.M. Transports. 54, Beach Avenue,        stream Guards. 18, Alexandra Terrace,
      Whitley Bay.                              Whitley Bay.
   Reid, J.-“Signals,” Royal Engineers. 436, Richardson, A. R.-Sergt., R.A.S.C. 30,
      Park View, Whitley Bay.                   Grosvenor Drive, Whitley Bay.
   Reid, W. S.-Driver, R.F.A. 5, Rosebery    Richardson, E. S.-Gunner 183rd Siege
      Terrace, Monkseaton.                      Battery, R.G.A. 30, Norham Road,
   Revell, H.-Sergt., R.A.S.C. 11, Melrose      Whitley Bay.
        Avenue, Monkseaton.                  Russell, E.-Lieut., Durham Light In-
   Ross, George Robert.-Private, 4th East       fantry. (D.C.M.) 2, Roxburgh Terrace,
      Yorks. 28, Ventnor Gardens.               Whitley Bay.
                                             Roxby, Theodore.-Driver, R.A.S.C.,
                                                M.T., Promontory Cottage, Whitley Bay.
Page 15

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.                     

   Ryle, E.R.-Private, M.G. Corps. 21,       Spence, G. W.-Private 9th York and
      Marine Avenue.                            Lancashires (late 2/1st N.C.B.) 24
   Robinson, W.-Pioneer, R.E. 13, Lov-          Albany Gardens, Whitley Bay.
      aine Avenue, Hill Heads, Whitley Bay.  Stebbings, Geo. W.-Leading Air Crafts-
   Robinson, H. J.-Sapper, Northumbrian         man. Independent Air Force. 25,
      Royal Engineers. Shotley House, 15,       Brighton Grove, Monkseaton.
      Victoria Avenue, Whitley Bay.          Stokoe, J. R.-Second Class Stoker, Royal
   Robinson, R.-Pioneer, R.E., 6, Jesmond       Navy. 16, Countess Avenue, Whitley
      Terrace, Whitley Bay.                     Bay.
   Robinson, J. L.-Coy. Sgt.-Major, 16th     Sansom, Chas. G.-Petty Officer, R.N.V.R.
      Batt., N.F. 23, Norham Road, Whitley      23, Brighton Grove, Monkseaton.
      Bay.                                   Schofield, Jas. A.-Private, York and
   Robinson, James D.-Corporal, Royal           Lancs. Regiment. Cliff Cottage, Cul-
      Air Force, France.-39, Eskdale Ter-       lercoats.
      race, Whitley Bay.                     Sharp, C. L.-Private, Liverpool Scottish.
   Simm, Arthur.-R.F.A. 4, Princes Gardens.     27, Highbury, Monkseaton.
   Simm, Percy.-Sergt., 8th Light Armoured   Sharp, H.-Private, N.F. 9, Highbury,
      Motor Battery. 11, Albert Terrace.        Monkseaton.
   Simm, Stanley.-Interned, Germany. 11,     Sutton, G. F.-Trooper, 1/1 Northumber-
      Albert Terrace.                           land Hussars. 32, Park Parade, Whit-
   Skentelbery, Norman.-Lieut., R.G.A.          ley Bay.
      (Reg Forces). “P.” Anti-Aircraft Bat-  Sutton, Arthur.-Private, 19th N.F. 32,
      tery. British Army of the Rhine.          Park Parade, Whitley Bay.
   Stephens, W. H.-R.Q.M.S., Northumber-     Sutton, Walter.-Private, K.O.Y.L.I. 32,
      land Fusiliers. “Normanville,” 2,         Park Parade, Whitley Bay.
      Marden Road, Whitley Bay.              Stoddon, A. G.-Signaller, R.G.A. 4,
   Smith, W. G.-Corporal, West Yorks and        Edwards Road, Whitley Bay.
      A.P.C. 90, Ilfracombe Gardens, Monk-   Stoddon, R. S.-Wireless Operator, Japan.
      seaton.                                   4, Edwards Road, Whitley Bay.
   Saint, A. P.-Major (M.C.), R.A.M.C.       Storey, Albert.-Private, 1st West Yorks,
      D.A.D.M.S., 14th Division, “Selborne,”    late 28th N.F. 33, Victoria Terrace,
      Monkseaton.                               Whitley Bay.
   Smith, John.-Private, R.M.S.M. 67, Beech  Storey, Edwin.-Private, Royal Fusiliers,
      Grove.                                    late 18th N.F. 33, Victoria Terrace,
   Smith, J. W.-A.C. 2, Royal Air Force.        Whitley Bay.
      138, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.        Storey, Fred.-2nd Lieut. N.F., late
   Smith, A. B.-Coy. Q.M.S., Royal Engin-       Northern Cyclists and Army Cyclists.
      eers. Sunnyside, Monkseaton.              285, Park View, Whitley Bay.
   Smith, H. G.-Coy. Q.M.S. Royal Engin-     Story, Robert.-Captain, R.E. 3, King’s
      ers. Sunnyside, Monkseaton.               Drive, Whitley Bay.
   Smith Samuel E.-Stoker, Navy, H.M.S.      Stratford, Stephen Winter.-R.S.F.
      “Broke.” 66, Margaret Road, Whitley       4, Duchess Street, Whitley Bay.
      Bay.                                   Sutherland, C. M.-Cpl., R.A.S.C.
   Smith, S. A.-Major, Royal Engineers.         Turnlea, Windsor Crescent. 
      Sunnyside, Monkseaton.                 Sutherland, Jas.-Cpl., R.E. Turnlea,
   Smith, L.-Lance-Corpl., Tyneside Irish,      Windsor Crescent, Whitley Bay.
      Northumberland Fusiliers. 17, Victoria Shields, W.-R.Q.M.S., 6th and 37th Batt.,
      Terrace, Whitley Bay.                     Northumberland Fusiliers. 65, Marine
   Scott, A.-Pte., 5th (R.) Durham Light        Avenue, Whitley Way.
      Infantry. 40, North Parade, Whitley    Scott, C. W.-Pte. 3rd D.L.I. (Still servi
      Bay.                                      ing). 4, Grafton Road, Whitley Bay.
   Scott, W.-Sapper, 56th Divisional Signal  Stamper, P. S.-2nd A.M., R.A.F., 13, Vic- 
      Coy., Royal Engineers. Waterworks,        toria Terrace, Whitley Bay.  
      Marden.                                Shaw, Frederick Watkin.-Pte. A.T.C.
                                                27, North Parade, Whitley Bay.                                        
Page 16

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.

   Sewell, Joan.-Two years (1914-16) ser-    Thompson, R.-Private, R.A.S.C. 6, Jes-
      vice in France. Mons Star. Late           mond Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      T.F.N.S. 24, Ocean View, Whitley Bay.  Thompson, Gerald W.-M.C., 2nd Lieut.,
   Salkeld, C. Irene.-Nurse V.A.D., Whit-       Royal Garrison Artillery, 15, Waterford
      ley. Three years’ service in France.      Crescent, Whitley Bay.
      23, Victoria Avenue, Whitley Bay.      Thompson, Norman Ellis.-Private, 6th
   Stott, W. B.-Lieut., Royal Naval Re-         N.F. 7, Gordon Square, Whitley Bay.
      serve.                                 Thomson, William.-Gunner, 297th Seige
   Stott, James.-Mercantile Marine Offices.     Battery, R.G.A. 6, Kingswood Avenue,
   Sanderson, J.-3rd Batt., M.G.C. 2,           High West Jesmond, and 7, Gordon
      Park Parade, Whitley Bay.                 Square, Whitley Bay.
   Stephenson, Harold.-Captain, 9th D.L.I.   Teasdale, R.-Gunner, R.G.A. 4, Ash-
      M.C. Park Parade.                         brooke, Monkseaton.
   Sisterson, W. J.-C.Q.M.S., Royal En-      Taylor, J. G.-Sapper, Royal Engineers.
      gineers, 28th Division. 81, Beech Grove,  49, Eskdale Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      Whitley Bay.                           Taylor, William Frederick.-Trooper
   Sisterson, W. H.-Mercantile Marine.          Northumberland Hussars. 39, Countess
      81, Beech Grove, Whitley Bay.             Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Skelton, Robt.-Lieut., 5th D.L.I. Late    Taylor, John George. 2nd A.M., R.A.F.
      of “Sherborne,” Marine Avenue.            39, Countess Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Sheret, David.-2nd Lieut., R.E. Late      Taylor, A. S.-Air Mechanic, Royal Air
      Beech Grove.                              Force. Norham Road, Whitley Bay.
   Temple, Geo. F.-Engine Room Artificer,    Taylor, George Gray.-Pte. 4th Lincoln-
      R.N., late H.M.M.S. “Liverton.” 20,       shire Regiment. 25, Eskdale Terrace,
      Beach Avenue, Whitley Bay.                Whitley Bay.
   Temple, J. N.-Royal Air Force, 2nd        Taylor, John U.-L.-Cpl. 1/6 Batt. West
      Aircraftsman. Egypt.                      Yorks. Faroe House, Monkseaton.
   Temple, J. N.-Aircraftsman, R.W.A.S.      Turnbul.-Lieut., R.E. (Croix d’ Hon-
      and R.A.F., Egypt. 30, Beach Avenue,      neur). 15, Carlton Terrace, Whitley
      Whitley Bay.                              Bay.
   Temple, G. F.-Engine Room Artificer,      Turnbull, W. J.-Private 1/5 York and
      R.N., late H.M.S. “Tiverton.” 30, Beach   Lancasters. 20, Victoria Terrace, Whit-
      Avenue, Whitley Bay.                      ley Bay.
   Temple, John Norman.-Aircraftsman.        Turnbull, James W.-Engineer, Trans-
      R.N.A.S. and R.A.F., Egypt. 20, Beach     port. 182, North Parade.
      Avenue, Whitley Bay.                   Turner, T. A.-Bombardier, R.G.A. 27,
   Trevor, B. G.-Lieutenant (M.C.), King’s      Oxford Street, Whitley Bay.
      Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 24,      Turton, Chas. Frank.-L.-Cpl. 16th N.F.,
      Charles Avenue, Whitley Bay.              Later transferred to Cheshire Regiment.
   Trueman, F.-Corporal 1st So. Staffs.         Served four years in France. 19, Alex-
      Regiment. 17, Hill Heads, Whitley Bay.    andra Terrace, Whitley Bay.
   Tiffen, Joseph.-Remounts, R.A.S.C.        Turton, Stanley.-Pte. 2nd K.O.Y.L.I.
      Belle Vue House, Old Brewery, Monk-       19, Alexandra Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      seaton.                                Turton, Charles Alexander.-Sergeant,
   Thompson, J. C.-Lieut. 1st N.F., 9,          Cyclists Battalion, N.F., transferred to
      South Parade, Whitley Bay.                Royal West Surrey Regiment. Now in
   Thompson, Bwyn H.-Sapper, R.E. Sig-          R.A.F. in France. 19, Alexandra Terrace,
      nals, attached to 38th Brigade A.F.A.     Whitley Bay.
   Thompson, T.-Gunner, R.F.A. 6, Jes-       Tinn, H. G.-Sergt. 17th N.F. 17, Gordon
      mond Terrace, Whitley Bay.                Square, Whitley Bay.
                                             Tinn, F. J.-Bombardier R.G.A. 3, Carl-
                                                ton Terrace, Whitley Bay.
                                             Tipper, Reginald V.-Signaller, R.G.A.
                                                2, Bideford Gardens, Whitley Bay.
Page 17
                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued. 
   Tyson, Leathley-Private, Labour Corps.    Wallis, Austen B.-Second Lieut. D.L.I.
      5, Bideford Gardens.                     “Woodgate,” Holywell Avenue, Monk-
   Tyson, T. L.-R.F.A. 5, Bideford Gar-         seaton.        
      dens, Monkseaton.                      Wintrip, H. R.-Rifleman, 20th Batt.
   Trotter, Fred.-Sapper, Royal Engineers,      King’s Royal Rifle Corps. 39, Park
      Wireless Section. 60, Margaret Road,      Parade, Whitley Bay.
      Whitley Bay.                           Wright, A. E.-Corporal, attached 12th
   Trigg, Edward.-Private, N.F. 10, Marden      Lincolns. 438, Park View, Whitley Bay.
      Crescent, Whitley Bay.                 Ware, Harold.-Private 5th N.F. 19, Lish
   Telford, J.-Colour Sergt., 2nd Batt.,        Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      Tyneside Irish, B.E.F. Also Reg. Q.M.  Webster, F. B.-Sergt. M.T., A.S.C.
      Sergt., Legion of Frontiersmen. Also   Wright, F.-Driver, R.A.S.C. 20, Ash-
      Cpl., Imperial Yeomanry, South Africa.    brooke, Monkseaton.
      64, Percy Road, Whitley Bay.           Walker, Robert W.-Lieut. 23rd N.F.
   Thorne, W. J.-Air Craftsman, 1st Class,      26, Waverley Avenue, Monkseaton.
      R.N.A.S. and R.A.F. Clifton Terrace,   Whitehorn, Roland T. (M.M.)-L-Cpl.
      Whitley Bay.                              R.E. Of “Egremont,” Whitley Bay.
   Tatham, Duncan.-2nd Lieut., R. Scots.     Wake, Edward G.-8th Co., R.A.M.C. Late
      M.C. and Bar, and Croix-de-Guerre.        1st N.F. Field Ambulance, R.A.M.C.
      Brook Street.                             (Tyneside Scottish), late Northern
   Willis, I. Norman.-Corporal, 1/18 London     Cyclist Batt. Hazlemuir, Charles Av.,
      Regt. 20, Park Parade.                    Whitley Bay.
   Wilson, A. G.-Lieut., M.G.C. 15, Prin-    Wood, R.S.-Pte. 9th York and Lancaster
      cess Gardens, Monkseaton.                 Regt., for four years. 4, Park Terrace,
   Wilson, Robert, M.M.-Sergt., R.E., 1914-     Whitley Bay.
      1919; also served in South Africa,     Watson, Thomas.-Sapper, Northumbrian
      1899-1902, Imperial Yeomanry. 21,        Royal Engineers.
      Roxburgh Terrace, Whitley Bay.         Wherly, George.-1st Batt. East Yorks,
   Walton-Hetherington, E.-Signaller,           21st Division. 3, Eastbourne Gardens,
      R.G.A. Late Beech Grove; now 21,          Monkseaton.
      Delaval Road, Whitley Bay.             Walton, Alfred E.-L-Corpl., K.O.Y.L.I.
   Weir, A.U.-6th N.F. 1914-1919, wounded       50, Warkworth Avenue.
      and prisoner. 62, Beach Avenue, Whit-  Watt, John Robert.-Driver, Royal Field
      ley Bay.                                  Artillery. 13, Cambridge Avenue,
   Wallace, Thomas.-Captain, M.C., 1st Bor-     Whitley Bay.
      derers. (Park School).                 Walters, W. Lyon.-Pte., Irish Guards.
   Wilkinson, J. G.-Pte. 48th Coy.,             24, Cliftonville Gardens, Whitley Bay.
      R.A.O.C. 55, Park Avenue, Whitley Bay. Watkin, Eric.-Sapper, Royal Engineers.
   Wilkinson, Percy N.-Cpl. Tank Corps,         4, Bideford Gardens, Whitley Bay.
      (mentioned in despatches). 51,         Young, John William.-S.P.O., Royal
      Esplanade, Whitley Bay.                   Navy. 19, Marmion Terrace, Monk-
   Wilkinson, Harry.-Leading Air Crafts-        seaton.
      man, R.N.A.S., (2 years) and Royal Air Young, Stephen Henry.-A.B., Royal Navy
      Force (1 year). 18, Ocean View, Whitley   19, Marmion Terrace, Monkseaton.
      Bay.                                   Young, Alex.-Driver, Motor Transport,
   Wilkinson, Cecil V.-Staff Sergeant,          R.A.S.C. 5, Queen’s Drive, Whitley Bay.
      R.A.M.C. 51, Esplanade, Whitley Bay.   Yule, J. V.-A.C.1., R.A.F. “Wilton,”
   Wilkinson, S. A. H.-Private, South           King’s Road, Monkseaton.
      Staffs. Sydney Villa, Bideford Gardens.Youll, R. A.-Capt., M.C., Durham Light
   Wilkinson, F. Maxwell.-R.E. 45, Marine       Infantry and 3rd Batt., Tank Corps.
      Avenue.                                   “Glaholme,” Grosvenor Drive, Whitley
   Wilkinson, Stanley H.-2nd Lieutenant,        Bay.
      R.A.F., 51, Esplanade, Whitley Bay.
Page 18

   The following have made the great

   Adamson, John Percival.-5th D.L.I.        Barrow, John.-Petty Officer, H.M.S.
      Killed in action, April 10th, 1917.       “Ettrick.” Killed in action, 7th July,
   Andersen, Frank.-Botha’s Horse, A.           1917. 14, Laburnum Avenue, Whitley
      Squadron, West and East Africa Cam-       Bay.
      paigns. Died in Durban Military Hos-   Brown, George.-2nd Lieut. 108th Squad-
      pital, April 26th, 1917. Late Old         ron, Royal Air Force. Missing, since
      Village, Monkseaton.                      reported dead, October, 1918. 16, The
   Adam, Chas. J.-Pte., 79th Cameron High-     Crescent, Whitley Bay.
      landers (Canada). Died of wounds re-   Baker, James.- Gunner, R.G.A. Died of
      ceived in action, 1916. Late Cartington   wounds in France, April, 1917. 47, Rye
      Place, Whitley Bay, and Penrith, Cum-     Hill, Newcastle, (Late Countess Avenue,
       berland.                                  Whitley Bay).
   Adam, Charles J.-Pte., 79th Cameron High- Birkett, Roy. Died of wounds in France,
      landers. Died of wounds received in ac-   December 19th, 1918. 23, St. Ronans
      tion at Langmarck, 1915. Humboldt,        Road, Monkseaton.
      Saskatchewan, Canada. Late of Carting- Blair, J. Ernest.-Pte. 9th N.F. Died
      ton Place, Whitley Bay.                   of wounds, 10th July, 1916. 19, Delaval
   Bell, Albert E.-R.N.D. Killed in action,     Road, Whitley Bay
      November 13th, 1916. 38, Oxford Street,Bootland, William.-Private, 7th Queen’s
      Whitley Bay.                              Royal West Surreys. Posted as missing
   Bell, Frank C.-Lance-Corpl., N.F. Killed     October 11th, 1917. Later presumed
      in action, April 2nd, 1917. 38, Oxford    killed on that date. 6, Delaval Road,
      Street, Whitley Bay.                      Whitley Bay.
   Bell, Albert A.-Messroom boy. Lost at     Brewis, Thomas Foster.- Royal Naval
      sea by the torpedoing of the s.s. “Euph-  Division. Died of wounds at Arras,
      orbia.” December 1st, 1917. 1, Edwards    May 3rd, 1917. 4a, Park Avenue, Whit-
      Road, Whitley Bay.                        ley Bay.
   Bell, Frank R.-Private, Royal Fusiliers.  Crawford, John Russell.-2nd Lieut.,
      28, Percy Avenue, Cullercoats. Late of    9th Batt., Sherwood Foresters (Notts.
      11, Devonshire Terrace.                   and Derby. Killed at Threpral, 28th
   Blake, J. G.-Labour Batt. Killed in          September, 1916, aged 21 years.
      action, Nov. 26th, 1917. 5, Duke       Cordner, Frank.-Ship’s Carpenter. Lost
      Street, Whitley Bay.                      at sea by enemy action, December 3rd,
   Blakey, Andrew H.-Lieut., R.N.R.,            1917.
      H.M.S. “Mastiff.” Died on service,     Brooks, Arthur H.-Private, Royal Dublin
      19th Feb., 1919. 6, Queen’s Road, Monk-   Fusiliers. Jesmond Cottage, Victoria           
      seaton.                                  Terrace.
   Brown, Norman Poole.-Private, East        Bennion, Randle.- Pte. Tyneside Scot-
      Yorks (late Lance Corporal E.R.Y.I.Y)     tish. Killed 1st July 1915. 268, Whit-     
      Died in Fulham Hospital, London, from     ley Road, Whitley Bay.
      wounds received in action, Feb. 22nd,  Campbell, G.-Private 18th Highland
      1919. 9, Victoria Avenue, Whitley Bay.    Light Infantry. Killed in action. 74,
                                                Cambridge Avenue, Whitley Bay.
Page 19
                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued   
   Carroll, John.-Lance Corporal, 9th Lan-   Dutton, Henry.-Pte. N.F. Killed in
      cers. Killed in action, Battle of Marne,  action, August 16th, 1917. 27, North
      October, 1914. 30, Station Road, Whit-    Parade, Whitley Bay.
      ley Bay.                               Embleton, John J.-Cpl. 19th Batt. N.F.
   Currey, Wilfred J. L.-Private, N.F.          Killed in action September 28th, 1918.
      Killed in action 28th September, 1918.    175, Whitley Road.
      30, Station Road, Whitley Bay.         Futers, Norman.-Captain, N.F. 17, Bal-
   Coates, Frederick Noel.-2nd Lieut., 22nd     moral Gardens.
      Tyneside Scottish. Killed in action,   Forster, Bernard.-Private, 1st Northern
      April 2nd, 1917. 8, South Parade, Whit-   Cyclists’ Battalion. Killed in action
      ley Bay.                                  April 9th, 1917, aged 20 years. 2, Clov-
   Chappy, Athol Isdale.-2nd Lieut. 3rd         elly Gardens, Monkseaton.
      Essex Regiment (Regular Forces). 27,   Gibson, J. A.-Second Lieut. 9th Batt.
       Grosvenor Drive, Whitley Bay. Killed     Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Died of   
      while attacking “The Quadrilateral,”      wounds. 69, Park Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      St. Quentin, Sept. 24th, 1918.         Grice, L. V.-Lieut., 23rd Battalion, N.F.
   Charlton, Robert.-Private, 23rd N.F.         Killed in action, France, April 13th,
      18, The Fold.                             1918.
   Christopher, Richard.-Lieut., Tank        Gibson, John.-Private, Naval Division.
      Corps. “Hendersyde,” Marine Avenue.       Jesmond Terrace.
   Counter, Thomas Albert.- Northern         Gillespie, Charles.-Pte. King’s Own
      Cyclist Battalion, attached 23rd Batt.    Rles. Missing, July 31st, 1917, and pre-
      N.F. (Tyneside Scottish). Killed in       sumed dead by War Office. 3, Promon-
      action, February 12th, 1917. St. Mary’s   tory Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      Lighthouse.                            Gilhespie, Chas. S.-2nd Lieut., 3rd
   Cowen, H. W.-Second Lieutenant 6th           Loyal North Lancs. Died of wounds,
      Battery, R.G.A. Killed in France, 29th    December 12th, 1917, at No. 8, General
      September, 1918. “Brierley,” 53, Holy-    Hospital, Rouen. 64, Eastbourne Gar-
      well Avenue, Monkseaton.                  dens, Whitley Bay.
   Clark, Sydney B.-Lieut., R.N.R. Lost      Geddes, Matthew.-Sergt. Royal Scots.
      by torpedoing of H.M.S. “India,” 8th      Missing. Countess Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      August, 1915. 6, Queen’s Road, Monk-   Holmes, Andrew.-Second Lieut. 13th
      seaton.                                   D.L.I. Killed in action 20th October
   Dawson, Thomas.-L.-Cpl. Scots Guards.        1918. 33, Warkworth Avenue, Whitley
      Killed in action November 27th, 1917.     Bay.
      Railway Inn, Hill Heads.               Hardy, Charles Edwin.-Captain, Tyneside
   Dobinson, Robert.-Private, Tyneside          Scottish (late Quayside Coy., Northum-
      Scottish. Killed in the Battle of the     berland Fusiliers). Killed in action on
      Somme, July 1st, 1916. 17, The Ford,      April 13th, 1918. 7, Highbury, Monk-
      Monkseaton.                               seaton.
   Dunn, Charles.-Pte.10th N.F., ex-Cyclist  Hopper, W. G.-Lieut.,D.L.I., Machine
      A Company. Died of wounds in France       Gun Section. Killed September, 1918.
      September 21st, 1917. 34, Duchess St., Heron, J. T.-1st Tyneside Scottish.
      Whitley Bay.                              Killed in action, June 5th, 1917. 26,
   Dobeson, Leslie.-R.N.R. Lost at sea by       Jesmond Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      enemy submarine, July 16th, 1918. 12,  Howell, W. H.-Private, Post Office
      Mason Avenue, Whitley Bay.                Rifles. Killed in action Whit Sunday,
   Dove, Maurice Scott.-1st Batt. Worcesters.   1917. Whitley Post Office. Living at
      Killed, March 25th, 1918. 18, Percy       Walker.
      Avenue, Whitley Bay.
Page 20

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.
   Husband, G. W.-Bombardier, R.G.A.         Hewson, John Errington.-Sergt. 11th
      Died of wounds in France, July 23rd,      Batt., N.F. Died 9th July, from wounds
      1918; interred at Perneo British Ceme-    received in action. 16 Victoria Ter-
      tery. 19, Princes Gardens, Monkseaton.    race, Whitley Bay.
   Holdsworth, E.-2nd Lieut. Royal Fly-      Harriott, J. W. F.-Corporal, 36th Batt.,
      ing Corps. Killed in action 23rd Septem-  N.F. Killed in action in France, Sept.
      ber, 1917. 29, The Crescent, Whitley      27th, 1918. 13, Grafton Road, Whitley
      Bay.                                      Bay.
   Hately, Clarence.-Able seaman, Tyne-      Higgins, Thomas Parson.-Private,
      side, 4/201, R.N.V.R., Drake Battalion,   A.S.C., M.T. Died in France, July 6th
      1st R.N. Brigade, R.N. Division. Killed   1918, from injuries received July 4th.
      in action near the Dardanelles on the     5, Victoria Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      14th June, 1915. 15, Clovelly Gardens. Henderson, Thomas.-Sapper, Royal En-
   Hope, Richard.-Private, Royal Innis-         gineers. Died of wounds, 19th Septem-
      killing Fusiliers. Killed in action,      ber, 1916. Park House, Park Terrace,
      August 8th, 1918. 82, Oxford Street,      Whitley Bay.
      Whitley Bay.                           Heads, Leslie.-Private, 4th Battalion, Lin-
   Hogg, Robert Wallace.-Tank Corps.            colnshire Regiment. Died of wounds at
      Killed 25th March, 1918. Aged 22 years    Aix la Chepelle, Germany, May 5th,
   Hoggarth, Norman Scott.-Lieut., 6th          1918.                 
      Leicestershires. Died prisoner of war  Johnson, Robt.-2nd Lieut., 9th N.F.
      in Germany, May 30th, 1918. 8, Grafton    Goldspink Lane, Newcastle. (late of Park
      Road, Whitley Bay.                        School, Whitley Bay.
   Hatton, Herbert.-1st Gordon High-          Joy, H. Ernest.-Private, N.C.B. 4, Col-
      landers. Killed in action November        lingwood Terrace.
      6th, 1914. 20, Norham Road, Whitley    Jobling, Tom N.-Corporal N.C.B. Died
      Bay                                       in Lincoln Military Hospital, 12th Dec.,
   Holland, Harry.-Private, 8th King’s          1915. “Rivelin,”, South Parade, Whitley
      Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Killed      Bay.
      in action, Italy, 21st August, 1918.   Jobling, William Bowdon.-R.N.V.R.
      25, Esplanade, Whitley Bay.               Tyneside. Died April, 1916.
   Head, A.E.-Lieutenant, 1st Tyneside       Kindleysides, J. W.-Sergt. 9th York-
      Scottish (20th Batt. N.F.) Killed in      shire, transferred from 16th Hussars.
      action on the Somme, July 1st, 1916.      Killed in action, September 20th, 1917.
      26, Park Parade, Whitley Bay              16, Duchess Street, Whitley Bay.
   Heywood, Fred.-Private, West Yorks.       Leach, Ewart.-Private, 9th Yorks and
      Killed in action, March 28th, 1918. 20,   Lancs. Regiment. Killed in action on
      Victoria Terrace, Whitley Bay.            the 9th June, 1917, in trench called
   Hopper, James Arthur (M.C.)-2nd Lieut.       Canada Street, Zonnebeke, Yepres.
      N.F. (late Quayside Co., 9th N.F.)     Lewis, H.-Pte. N.F. Drowned December
      Killed in action near Arras, April 10th,  27th, 1915.
      1917. 30, Victoria Avenue, Whitley Bay Lynes, Alfred.-Leading Air Craftsman.
   Humphreys, John Davenant.-Pte.               Died in hospital, France, March, 1919.
      D.L.I. Killed in action October 15th,      8, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay.
      1917. 27, North Parade, Whitley Bay.   Lauder, Thos. Andrew.-Pte. Coldstream
   Hunt, Cecil Wells.-L-Cpl. 12/13 N.F.         Guards. Died of wounds in France,
      Died of wounds March 15th, 1918. 43,      December 1st, 1917. 78, Cambridge
      Beech Grove, Whitley Bay.                 Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Heathcock, Alex. C.-Private, K.O.S.B.     Lawson, C.H.-E.R.A., R.N.V.R. Killed
      27, Percy Road.                           in action, 11th March, 1915.
   Hardy, Fred.-2nd Lieut. Tyneside Scot-           
      tish (late Quayside Coy., Northumber-
      land Fusiliers). Killed in action, Sep-
      tember, 1917. 7, Highbury, Monkseaton.
Page 21

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.   
   Laidlow, Edwin Victor.-1st Batt. Lon-     McGowan, William.-Pte. 36th Northum-
      don Scottish. Killed October 31st, 1914,  berland Fusiliers. Died in Paisley
      aged 23 years. First Whitley Bay man      Hospital from gas and shell shock, July
      killed in the war.                        16th, 1918. 4, Oaklea Bungalow, Monk-
   Little, W. Erick.-Private London Regi-       seaton.
      ment (Civil Service Rifles). Died at   McDougall, Alan.-Private, Black Watch.
      St.Omar, April, 1915. Nile House,         Killed in action, September 19th, 1918.      
      Whitley Bay.                              40, Cliftonville Gardens, Monkseaton.
   Little, Aynsley.-Private Australian Im-   Noble.-Major, Tyneside Scottish. Killed        
      perial Force. Killed at Poizores,         in Battle of Somme, July 1st, 1916.        
      France, March 30th, 1917. Nile House,  Newton, J. T.-Bombardier, R.F.A. Died   
      Whitley Bay.                              of wounds, September 24th, 1918. 19,      
   McAllister, Charles.-Capt., Royal Dublin     The Gardens, Monkseaton.
      lin Fusiliers, attached 3rd West Yorks.Oliver, Wilfred.-Private, Canadian Force,        
      Killed 27th May, 1918, at Pontafert,      166, Euclid Avenue, Toronto. Late of 1,          
      France. Southwood, Holywell Avenue,       Waverley Avenue, Monkseaton.      
      Monkseaton.                            Pettigrew, Pte. Charles Herbert.-2nd
   McGowan, William.-Pte., 36th Batt.,          Northumbrian Field Ambulance.        
      Northumberland Fusiliers. Died Pais-      R.A.M.C. Killed in France, April 16th,
      ley Hospital, Scotland, July 16th, 1918.  1917. 7, Elmwood Grove, Whitley Bay.
      (Gassed and shell-shock). Oaklea,      Pilter, Robert C.-Rifleman, 11th King’s       
      Bungalow, Grange Farm, Monkseaton.        Royal Rifles. Died at Cairo, November            
   Morriss, Mark.-Cpl., 31st Batt., Cana-       12th, 1918. 23, North Parade.
      dians. Killed in action, Courcellette, Pelton, Thos. M.-Captain of Transport.        
      September 26th, 1916. Late Victoria       Lost at sea by enemy action, April 25th,        
      Avenue, Whitley Bay.                      1916. 10, Waverley Avenue, Monkseaton.
   Moore, W.T.-Lance-Corpl., 2nd West        Phillips, Ernest.-Private, N.C.B. North  
      Yorks. Reported killed, April 24th, 1917. Shields Railway Station. Late of Station     
      44, Grafton Road.                         House, Station Road, Whitley Bay.
   Mitchelhill, William.-Sergt. 6th Gor-     Potter, Chester Arthur.-R.F.A., 62nd 
      don Highlanders. Died of wounds in        Division. Died of wounds received in
      France, 20th December, 1918. 13, Syd-     action on the 1st April, 1918. 3, Gordon
      enham Terrace, Whitley Bay.               Terrace, Whitley Bay.
   Murray, Patrick Austin.-Captain 25th      Platten, Walter Henry.-Second lieut.             
      N.F. Killed in Battle of the Somme,       South Wales Borderers, attached 19th          
      July 1st, 1916. 4, Burnfoot Terrace,      Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Killed in action        
      Whitley Bay.                              10th September, 1916. “Burnham,”     
   Merkle, Robert Jardine.-2nd Lieut., 2nd      Holywell Avenue, Monkseaton.   
      Batt. Durham Light Infantry. Killed    Price, Hugh.-2nd Lieut. 3rd West Yorks.     
      in action, Sept. 15th, 1916, aged 23      Killed in action October 11th, 1918. 2, 
      years. “Gerahom,” Marine Avenue, Monk-    Delaval Road, Whitley Bay.
      seaton.                                Robson, C.H.-Captain, R.A.M.C. Killed
   McDougall, Adam.-Pte. Black Watch            in action, December 1st, 1917.              
      Killed in action September 19th, 1919. Robson, E.A.-Pte., 2nd Gordon High-  
      40, Cliftonville Gardens, Monkseaton.     landers. Killed in action, July 14th,   
   Meikle, John.-Lieut., Royal Canadian         1917.    
      Dragoons. Killed in action, August 8th,Robson, James Hymers.-15th Northum-   
      1918, aged 28 years. “Gerahom,”           berland Fusiliers. Died Rudgeley Camp,
      Marine Avenue, Monkseaton.                December 21st, 1915. Crescent Tower,
   Maclaren, Robert.-Pte., 1st Tyneside         Windsor Crescent, Whitley Bay.
      Scottish. Killed in the Somme Battle            
      July 1st, 1916. 43, Naters Street, Whitley.    
Page 22

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.              

   Robson, Reginald.-5th Northumberland      Redshaw, Claud.-Private, 19th N.F.
      Fusiliers. Missing and presumed killed    Died from wounds received in action,
      at Butte de Warlencourt, Nov. 14th, 1916. July 30th, 1916.
      Crescent Tower, Windsor Crescent,      Renwick, L.-Private, 14th Batt. N.F.
      Whitley Bay.                              Killed in action November 14th, 1917.
   Robson, Amos, M.M.-Sergt. Major. Fell     Rutherford, W.C.-Lieut. 19th N.F.
      in action, May 27th, 1918.                Died at St. Omar, 10th March, 1919.
   Robson, Fred W.-Private, 14th N.F. 28,       8, Beech Grove, Whitley Bay.
      Warkworth Avenue.                      Rodriguez, Frank.-L.-Cpl. 10th Batt.
   Robson, Thomas R.-Private, 6th N.F. 4,       D.L.I. Killed in action May 10th, 1917.
      West Parade,  Newcastle. Late of 27, Es-  25, Briar Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      planade, Whitley Bay.                  Renton, Norman.-Lance-Corpl., North-
   Richards, Harry.-Lieut., 13th Notts and      umberland Fusiliers. Killed in action
      Derby. Esplanade.                         in France, June 16th, 1917. Late of 14
   Ridley, Pattison R.-Lieut., M.C., N.C.B.     Victoria Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      20, Linden Terrace.                    Renshaw, W. H.-Pte. 21st Northumber-
   Robinson, Chas. Frederick.-Pte., Duke of     land Fusiliers (2nd Tyneside Scottish).
      Wellington’s. Died at the Military Hos-   Died through wounds, 7th March, 1919.
      pital, Nottingham, Feb. 15th, 1919. 1,    3, Trewitt Road, Whitley Bay.
      George’s Place Front Street Cullercoats Strong, Cyril.-Gunner, R.F.A. (Military
      Late of Albany Gardens, Whitley Bay.      Medal). Killed in action. 59, Marine
   Robinson, Arthur.- Private 2nd Argyll        Avenue, Whitley Bay.
      and Sutherland Highlanders. Killed in  Sellers, John Harrison.-Sec. Lieut., 3rd
      action August 18th, 1916.                 Batt., attached 2nd Batt., Northumber-
   Richardson, F. A.-Pte., 13th Northum-        land Fusiliers. Killed in action near
      berland Fusiliers. Killed in action       Ypres, Whit Monday, May 24th, 1915.
      Somme, July 1st, 1916. 33, Norham         Seaward, The Links, Whitley Bay.
      Road, Whitley Bay.                     Scott, John Ellison.-Capt. 7th D.L.I.
   Reed, Frederick Hetherington.-Lieut.         Killed in action May 27th, 1918. 18,
      5th Batt. Western Cavalry, Canadians.     Brook Street, Whitley Bay.
      Killed at Cambrai, October 2nd, 1918,  Scott, Walter John.-Chief Officer, s.s
      after four years’ active service.         “Clintonia.” Lost at sea by being tor-
   Rogerson, Tom W.-Sgt., Tyneside Scot-        pedoed by German submarine, August
      tish. Killed 1st July, 1916. 39, Cam-     1st, 1915.
      bridge Avenue, Whitley Bay.            Shields, Tommy.-1st Gordon Highlanders.
   Renshaw, William Henry.-Private, 21,         Killed in action, April 26th, 1917, at
      Northumberland Fusiliers. 37516 Died      Monehy-la-Preux. 65, Marine Avenue,
      through wounds, 7th March, 1919, aged     Whitley Bay.
      24 years. Merton House, 3, Trewitt     Smith, Geo. B.-Pte., King’s Own Scottish
      Road, Whitley Bay.                        Borderers. Killed April 9th, 1917, at
   Revell, Oswald R.-Pte., 25th Northum-        Arras. Front Street, Monkseaton.
      berland Fusiliers. Killed October 12th,Smith, George.-R.N.R. Lost at sea Dec.
      1917, Passenchellale Ridge. 45, Rox-      1st, 1918. Ivy Cottage, Whitley Road.
      burgh Terrace, Whitley Bay.            Snowdon, Robert, M.M. Sergeant 13th
   Reed, Irvin.-Pte., Royal Fusiliers. Killed   N.F. Killed in action, April 14th, 1917.
      in action, August 23rd, 1918. “Silver     Railway Inn, Hill Heads.
      dale.” 31 Grosvenor Drive Whitley Bay. Storey, Arthur.-Private 6th N.F. Miss-
   Revell, John Watson.-Private 1/9th           ing since April 11th, 1918. Now pre-
      D.L.I. Posted as missing July 21st,       sumed to be dead. 33, Victoria Terrace,
      1918, now presumed to have been killed    Whitley Bay.
      on that date.-11, Melrose Avenue,      Scorer, T.H.-Pte., 4th Northumberland
      Monkseaton.                               Fusiliers. Died of wounds. 24, Ocean
                                                View, Whitley Bay.
Page 23

                                       Roll of Honour.-Continued.                     
   Saint, W.B.-Royal Flying Corps. Killed    Thompson, Henry Taylor.-A.B. 2/200,
      in air fight, September 15th, 1916.       Royal Naval Division. Taken prisoner,
      “Selborne,” Monkseaton.                   October, 1914. Died, prisoner of war in
   Smart, William.-Private, 11th Batt. N.F.     Germany, October 27th, 1918. 11, Esk-
      Killed July 7th, 1916. Late of 15, Vic-   dale Terrace, Whitley Bay.
      toria Terrace, Whitley Bay.            Wallis, Alfred.-Lieut, R.M.L.I., Royal
   Stobbs, John O.-Sapper, Royal Engineers.     Naval Division (63rd). Killed in action
      Killed in action, August, 1916. 30, Sta-  near Cambrai, October 8th, 1918. “Wood-
      tion Road, Whitley Bay.                   gate,” Holywell Avenue, Monkseaton.
   Sutton, Victor.-Driver, Royal Engineers.  Woods, James John.-Northumberland  
      Died, Prisoner of War, Nov. 25th , 1918.  Fusiliers. Died from influenza, Nov.
      32, Park Parade, Whitley Bay.             28th, 1918. 36, Hotspur Avenue, Hill
   Sowerby, Richard.-Late Northern              Heads, Whitley Bay.
      Cyclists. Died from wounds received    Williams, J.D.-Sergt., 1/8 West York-
      in action, July 30th, 1917. 87, Cam-      shire Regiment. Killed in action, Oct-
      bridge Avenue, Whitley Bay.               ober 9th, 1917. 28, Holly Avenue,
   Taylor, John Wood.-Sapper, Royal             Whitley Bay.
      Engineers. Killed in action in Salon-  Wiles, J.D.-447th Field Coy. Royal En-
      ike, November 28th, 1917. 39, Eleanor     gineers. Died in Trelon Hospital,
      Street, Cullercoats, late Burn House,     France, October 20th, 1918. 17a, Park
      Alnwick Avenue, Whitley Bay.              Avenue, Whitley Bay.
   Todd, Edward D.-Late Northern Cyclists.   Young, Thomas Sydney.-A.B. Royal
      Died from wounds received in action       Navy. Lost his life in Submarine K.4.
      April 30th, 1917. 87, Cambridge           19, Marmion Terrace, Monkseaton.
      Avenue, Whitley Bay.                   Young, William Robertson.-Steward on
   Thompson, Ellis.-2nd Lieut., 4th N.F.        the “Long Clara.” Killed by enemy
      and 18th Durham Light Infantry.           action, January 4th, 1916. Alne House,
      Killed in action at Arras, 18th May,      Ocean View, Whitley Bay.
      1917. 7, Gordon Square, Whitley Bay.   Younger, Chris.-N.F. Killed in action
   Thompson, Wilfrid Taylor.-Lieutenant,        38, Margaret Road, Whitley Bay.
      -14th Batt., Durham Light Infantry.
      Killed in action at Loos, 26th September,
   Thompson, J.W.-Pte. 1st of 4th N.F.
      Killed in action, October 26th, 1917. 55,
      Cambridge Avenue.
   Thompson, Edward Octavius.-Pte. 4th
      Northumberland Fusiliers. Reported        The following omitted from previous pages
      killed, April 10th, 1918. 23, Lovaine Av- of Roll of Honour:-
      enue, Hill Heads, Whitley Bay.
   Thompson, John James.-Pte., 5/622         Tait, Wm. H.-Private, 12th N.F. Station
      R.M.L.I. Killed in action, Dardanelles,   Road, Poppleton, Yorkshire. Late of 37,
      May 6th, 1915. 11, Eskdale Terrace,       Countess Avenue.
      Whitley Bay.                           Warham, Stanley.-Lance-Corpl., M.G.C.
   Towler, Arthur.-R.A.M.C., C.C.S.             47, Park Parade.
      E.E.F. Died at Damascus. 48, Mar-      Watson, Raymond.-2nd Lieut., N.F. De
      garet Road, Whitley Bay.                  mesne Farm, Bedlington. Late “Rose-
   Trevor, H.F.-Lance-Corpl., 9th North-        croft,” Queen’s Road, Monkseaton.
      umberland Fusiliers. Died of wounds,   Wright, George A. E.-R.N.V.R., “Sed
      May 5th, 1917. 24, Charles Avenue,        bergh,” Stocksfield. Late 21, Park Av-
      Whitley Bay.                              enue.                           
Page 24
      In presenting our Readers with this Souvenir Roll of
      Honour, we must take occasion to say that it does not
      number on its pages the full list of those of the Urban
      District who saw service during the Great war; neither
      does it number all who went from our midst, and probably
      made the great Sacrifice.
      The names recorded in this brochure are those
      voluntarily handed in to us from whose who served, or
      by their friends or relations, in response to our invitation,
      and to those we must tender our cordial thanks.
      We should certainly have preferred to have presented
      our readers with a perfect list, but that was manifestly
      impossible. Our record, however, will prove itself to be the
      most extended of any that has hitherto been compiled



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