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Photo: J. Brown


Roll of Honour Fallen 1914-18 Institute




East Chevington

Original Location

East Chevington Institute.

Present Location

Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland, The Abbot’s Tower, Alnwick Castle.

Which war


Memorial Description

Roll of Honour, 3 feet high x 2 feet wide, including frame which is 3 inches wide. In the top left corner is a picture of a sinking ship with a lifeboat. At top right is a soldier tending a wounded soldier, with a burning town in the background. The centre of the painting is of a classical arch, draped in a black curtain, which is being held back by a grieving woman at bottom left. At bottom right are a soldier and a sailor standing guard with reversed rifles. The whole is painted in water-colours, with the names listed in two columns and written by hand, using old fashioned script.

Materials used

Paper behind glass


In memoriam.
They Have Gone To Eternal Bliss / And Theirs Was A Glorious End / For Greater Love Hath No Man Than This / That He Lay Down His Life For His Friend.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Richard Bell, 1920.


1. These were formerly in East Chevington Institute. The whole village was demolished under opencast coal operations.

2. At the foot is a small plate which reads "Restored and presented by Northumbria Army Cadet Force to the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers Museum".

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown

Weekly Courier 23/11/1985 contains article on restoration and handing over of the memorials.

Research acknowledgements

Capt. P. Marr, R.N.F. Museum; J. Brown; the late David Wilkinson

Research In Progress

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Roll of Honour Fallen 1914-18 Institute (E7.01)


     In memoriam.

     They Have Gone To Eternal Bliss 
     And Theirs Was A Glorious End 
     For Greater Love Hath No Man Than This 
     That He Lay Down His Life For His Friend.

     Pte. Avery     C.B.   N.F.    Pte. Johnston,   A.     N.F.
     Sgt. Amos      ?      N.F.    Lt.  Laidler,    A.     N.F.
     Pte. Anderson, G      W.Y.?   Lt.  Laidler,    W.E.R. N.F.
     Pte. Brown,    R.     S.S.    Pte. McCloud,    A.     N.F.
     Pte. Brown,    F.R?   N.F.    Pte. McCloud,    C.P.   N.F.
     Pte. Burn,     J.     T.S.    Pte. McCloud,    M.     N.F.
     Lt.  Bell      R.T?   N.F.    Pte. Moir,       J.     N.F.
     Sgt. Buddle    J.     N.F.    Pte. McKenzie    L.     N.F.
     Pte. Bates     C.H.   N.F.    Lt.  Mitchinson  A.     N.F.
     Cpl. Crisp     T.     T.S.    Pte. Nichol      J.     N.F.
     Pte. Connelly  J.     N.F.    Pte. Patterson   J.     G.H.
     Pte. Conroy    E.     N.F.?   L/C. Robinson    A.     N.F.
     Pte. Craigs    G.R.   N.F.    Sgt. Ross        R.     N.F.
     Pte. Connelly  L.     N.F.    Pte. Ross        E.     N.F.
     Cpl. Dalby     J.     N.F.    Pte. Robertson   G.     E.Y.
     Pte. Dixon     W.     N.F.    Pte. Robertson   R.     Len.?
     L/C. Donkin    R.     N.F.    Pte. Skelton     R.     N.F.
     Pte. Davidson         N.F.    Sp.  Stanton     J.     R.E.
     Pte. Elder     J.R.   N.F.    Pte. Stewart     J.G.   N.F.
     Pte. Edwards   T.     N.F.    Sgt. Scott       J.     N.F.
     Pte. Edwards   T.     N.F.    Pte. Snowdon     J.     N.F.
     Pte. Forster   H.     N.F.    A.S. Smith       D.     R.N.D.
     Pte. Forster   J.E.   N.F.    S.M. Smith       W.     N.F.
     Pte. George    J.R.   N.F.    Pte. Smith       G.     M.S?
     Pte. Edward    H.     ?       Pte. Simpson     G.     N.F.
     Pte. Hardy     C.     N.F.    Pte. Tait        R.     ?
     Pte. Hogg      G.     N.F.    Pte. Tait        J.     N.F.
     Sgt. Hakin     G.     R.F.A.  Pte. Tait        W.     N.F.
     Pte. Heppell   J.     N.F.    Pte. Todd        G.     N.F.
     Pte. Henderson W.     N.F.    Pte. Todd        R.     N.F.
     Pte. Henderson J.     ?       Pte. Thompson    E.     N.F.
     Cpl. Harkins   J.     N.F.    Pte. Urwin       J.     N.F.
     Pte. Hunter    J.     N.F.    Pte. Westle      J.     N.F.
                                   Dr.  Whitfield   H.     R.F.A.

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