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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Bede College





Original Location

Bede College.

Which war


Memorial Description

Roll of Honour, pre-printed, behind glass in a plain wood frame. There is a border of leaves and berries. The prayer is in a cartouche below the title, with a cross at centre. Names are handwritten in two columns. This is number 1 of two identical rolls.

Materials used

Paper behind glass.


Roll / of / Honour / for the Dead.
Grant them O Lord eternal rest and / let light perpetual shine upon them.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge, London

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall

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Additional Notes

a. Durham at War have researched this name on this War Memorial. Arthur Henry Corner

Research acknowledgements

Dorothy Hall; David Butler

Research In Progress

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Bede College (D47.127a)


  for the Dead.
  Grant them O Lord eternal rest and
  let light perpetual shine upon them.
  Joseph W. Coulson     ‘93-‘94    William Henry Stockdale   ‘08-‘10
  James A. Nichols      ‘99-‘01    Joshua Graham             ‘08-‘10
  John W. Huggins       ‘05-‘07    Richard Robson Corker     ‘10-‘12
  John Patterson        ‘06-‘08    Arthur Henry Corner       ‘11-‘13
  William H. Bayles     ‘07-‘09    John Duke                 ‘11-‘13
  Thomas Minks          ‘07-‘09    George Philbey            ‘11-‘13
  Laurence Shortridge   ‘07-‘09    Sydney C. Cureton          -----
  William G. Graham     ‘09-‘11    Robert Jones              ‘06-‘08
  Robert H. Robson      ‘09-‘11    Thomas C. Smyth           ‘06-‘08
  Joseph H. Atkinson    ‘10-‘12    Anthony E.L. Parker       ‘05-‘07
  Sidney H. Cunningham  ‘10-‘12    John Clayton Spraggon     ‘14-‘16
  Robert Hogg           ‘11-‘13    Jacob Crabb               ‘14-‘16
  Robert Stafford       ‘11-‘13    Robinson Wallace          ‘14-‘16
  Alfred Barker         ‘12-‘14    Nathaniel Bewick          ‘14-‘16
  Robert Hogg           ‘12-‘14    Arthur D.L. Vickers       ‘07-‘09
  John Edward Prickett  ‘12-‘14    Joseph Neall              ‘15
  Joseph Matthew Watson ‘12-‘14    Thomas Emery Bainbridge   ‘13-‘15
  Andrew Wilson         ‘12-‘14    George McPherson          ‘06-‘08
  Cyril Stanley Hall    ‘13-‘15    Ernest Albert Godbold     ‘15   
  William Graham Hall   ‘13-‘15    Fred. G. Smith            ‘00-‘02
  James Moore           ‘13-‘15    Reginald Victor Armstrong ‘05-‘07
  William Arnett        ‘07-‘09    Robert Percy Kellett      ‘14-‘16
  Henry Tait            ‘12-‘14    Francis Lupton            ‘13-‘15

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