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Plaque 1914-18 Comrades Club





Original Location

Durham City Comrades Club. In the smoke room.

Present Location

The club had disappeared by 1931.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 11th November 1920 by Cllr. W. Thwaites, the Mayor of Durham.

Memorial Description

Plaque. “The frame work is of light oak with six mahogany pillars enclosing and separating the five oak panels on which in gold lettering the names are inscribed. A pretty headpiece bears in gold letter “Roll of Honour” and on an oak shield are the years 1914-1919. At the foot are the words “A loving tribute to the above named who fell in the Great War”. Rosettes of crape, the gift of the widow of one of the soldiers who name was immortalised, and laurel wreath were added on the occasion of the unveiling”.

Materials used

Light oak and mahogany


Roll of Honour / 1914-1919
“A loving tribute to the above named who fell in the Great War”.


How money was raised

Public subscription. A flag day started the fund.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Messrs. Jopling did the woodwork. Lettering and varnishing done by I. Arkless, both members of the club.


1. 2000 men from Durham City joined the Forces, of whom close on 400 fell.

2. “True, there are only 365 names recorded on the roll of honour, but since the unveiling proceedings the names of others who have been inadverdently omitted have been received, and at some future date additional panels will be added containing these names”. From the newspaper report.

3. The family of John Malia tell us that his name is incorrectly spelled as "Melia"

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Durham Chronicle 19/11/1920 reports unveiling.

Durham County Advertiser 19/11/1920 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

Dorothy Hall; Durham County Council; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale

Research In Progress

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Plaque 1914-18 Comrades Club (D47.125)

The layout of this memorial is not known.  
The following has been extracted from a 
newspaper report.
It has not been compared with the original 
nor with a good photograph.

   Roll of Honour

   Pte.          G. Ainsley         R.A.S.C.
   Pte.          R. Ainsley         D.L.I.
   Lance-Corpl.  F.G. Anderson      5th D.L.I.
   Pte.          G.W. Appleton      5th N.F.
   Gunner        W.H. Arnold        R.A.F.
   Pte.          T.R. Atkinson      18th N.F.
   Lance-Cpl.    H.G. Aves          A.I.F.
   Capt.         C.Y. Adamson       N.F.
   Pte.          A. Baker           N.F.
   Pte.          T. Baker           E. Yorks.
   A.B.          Banks              Royal Navy
                 R. Barker   
   Corpl.        A. Barnes          11th D.L.I.
   Bugler        E. Barron          N.F.
   Pte.          J.R. Barron        9th Yorks.
   Pte.          J.W. Barron        9th Yorks.
   Pte.          J.N. Beeby         2nd D.L.I.
   Pte.          N. Beeby           N.F.
   Lance-Cpl.    W. Bell            2-5th West Yorks.
   Pte.          G. Bell            1st K.O.S.B.
   Pte.          W. Bell            West Yorks.
   Corpl.        N.C. Berry         18th Hussars
   Pte.          G. Bilton          18th D.L.I.
   Pte.          T. Birkett 
   Pte.          J. Blagdon         9th E. Yorks
   Lance-Sergt.  W. Blakey          17th Middlesex Rifles
   Corpl.        J.E. Bone          8th Somerset L.I.
   Pte.          M.S. Bone          8th D.L.I.
   Pte.          J. Bowes           N.F.
   Pte.          R. Bowes           D.L.I.
   Pte.          W. Bowes           8th D.L.I.
   Pte.          J. ?Brass          Manchester Regt.
   Pte.          T. Breeze          6th N.F.
   Corpl.        J.E. Bond          Somerset L.I.
   Pte.          W.S. Bond
   Pte.          T. Bre?
   Pte.          Ball
                 J. Brook
   Lance-Cpl.    C. Brown           M.G.C.
   Pte.          J. Brown           ?6th (?8th)Yorks
   Pte.          J.V. De L. Brown   8th Yorks.
   Corp.         N. Brown           8th D.L.I.
   Corpl.        H. Brown           9th N.F.
                 R. Brydon
   Corpl.        J. Bulmer          R.I.R.
                 R.P. Burrell
   Lance-Corpl.  E.H. Burton        2nd Worcester
                 E. Burton
   Pte.          J. Bush            N.F.
   Pte.          W.H. Butterworth   6th D.L.I.
   Corp.         W. Boyd            8th D.L.I.
   Midshipman    E.G. ?Cadle        R.N.
   Corp.         L.I. Cadle         A.I.F.
   2nd Lt.        T.W. Callinan      8th D.L.I.
   Pte.          C.R. Carr          A.I.F.
   Sergt.        C.D. Carr          N.Z. Rifle Brigade
   Corp.         V.F. Carr          R.G.A.
   Sergt.        W.M. Carrick       18th D.L.I.
   Dr.           O. Casey           R.A.S.C.
   Pte.          J. Chapman 
   Pte.          C.W.R. Cherry      31st M.G.C.
                 W. Cheshire
   Pte.          T. Cheston         3rd E. Yorks
   Corpl.        W.F. Chicken       2nd Yorks.
   Sergt. Major  T. Chrisp          8th D.L.I.
   Pte.          J. Chirnside       7th Border Regt.
   Pte.          W.H. Clapham       10th E. Lancs.
                 A.H. Clement       Royal Fusiliers
                 W. Clement         R.F.A.
   Pte.          J. Coatham         18th D.L.I.
   Pte.          S.S. Collins       R.A.M.C.
   Pte.          W. Collin          11th South Wales Bord.
   Pte.          A. Cosgrove        
   Eng. Art.     E.W. Coxon         R.N.
   Pte.          R.E. Coyne         2nd Coldstream Guards
   Corpl.        W. Craggs          7th Yorks.
   Pte.          T.D. Cranmer       Y. and L.
   Bomb. Sergt.  J.O. Crombie       1st E. Yorks.
   Sergt.        C.T. Cross         18th D.L.I.
   Pte.          S. Cunningham      19th D.L.I.
   Pte.          J. Curry           Tyneside Irish
   Pte.          W. Colbert         18th D.L.I.
   Lt.           R. Christopher     Tank Corp.
   Pte.          E. Dixon           K.O.S.B.
   Pte.          J. Dowd            17th R.I.R.          
   Pte.          A. Davey           5th D.L.I.
   Pte.          T.E. Davey         N.F.
   Pte.          A. Davison         3rd Cam. High.
                 J. Davison         10th Hussars
   Pte.          E.W.S. Dawson      M.G.C.
   Pte.          S. Dent            D.L.I.
   Pte.          E. Dews            7th Yorks.
   Pte.          S.E. Dixon         1st R. Warwick.     
   Pte.          J. Dodds           22nd D.L.I.
   Cpl.          W. Donaldson       R.F.A.
   Pte.          M. ?Duffy          Y. and L.
   Pte.          Dobinson           22nd N.F.  
                 F. ?Endy
   Pte.          R. Elliott         20th D.L.I.
   Lance-Corpl.  R. Elliott         Loyal N. Lancs.
   Pte.          W. Elliott         R.A.M.C.
   Pte.          T. Ewbank          18th D.L.I.
   Pte.          J.J. Evans         10th (?18th) D.L.I.  
                 P. Fairley
   L. Cpl.       P. Fairley         2nd D.L.I.
   Pte.          G. Fairley         ?10th D.L.I.
   Pte.          J. Farthing        12th D.L.I.
   Pte.          P. Farthing        7th K.O.Y.L.I.
   Dr.           J. Flowers         R.F.A.
   Gun.          A. Freeman         R.F.A.
   Pte.          W.S. Featherstonehaugh  8th D.L.I.
   Pte.          A. Fenwick         D.L.I.
   Pte.          G. Fenwick         15th D.L.I.
   Pte.          W. Fenwick         8th D.L.I.
   Sergt.        M. Finan           N.F.
   Pte.          W. Fisher          N.F.
                 J. Fletcher
   Pte.          E. Foley           N.F.
   Sergt.Major   Forrest            18th D.L.I.   
   Corp.         G.R. Forster       19th D.L.I.
   Pte.          G. Foster          19th D.L.I.
   Pte.          J. Fox             D.L.I.
   Pte.          P. Gaffney         N.F.
                 J. Gallagher       Q.O.Y. Dragoons
                 J. Gill
                 H. Gilroy          26th N.F.
                 J. Gilvey 
                 G. Gleason
                 I.W. Golightly     16th N.F.
   Pte.          C.W. Goodyear      20th D.L.I.
   Pte.          G.R. Greenwell     R.A.S.C.
   Pte.          T. Grieveson       ?30th D.L.I.
   Pte.          A. Hall            5th D.L.I.
   Pte.          Matt. Hanley
   Pte.          Mich. Hanley       1st N.F.
   Sapper        S. Hardy           R.E.
   Pte.          C. Hargreaves
   Pte.          E. Harland         7th E. Yorks
                 J. Harrington      2nd D.L.I.
   Gun.          G.W. Harris        R.F.A.
   Pte.          J.W. Harris        R.F.A.
   Pte.          G.H. Harrison      22nd D.L.I.
   Pte.          T. Hart            7th Yorks.
   Sergt.        G. Hauxwell        7th D.L.I.
                 J. Hawkins
   Corpl.        W. Hazelgreaves    Buffs
                 P. Hayes           3rd Lincs.
   Corpl.        L.S. Heckles       Scottish Horse
                 J. Hendrick
   Lance-Corpl.  G.C. Heron         R.E.
   Pte.          H. Heron           11th Royal Scots
   Pte.          W. Heron           4th London
   Pte.          J. Heslop          D.L.I.
                 A. Hodgson
                 J. Hodgson
                 H. Hodgson         3rd D.L.I.  
   Lance-Corpl.  T. Hogg            13th D.L.I.   
                 E.M. Holland       50th Yorks. 
                 J. Hook
   Pte.          J.L. Holliday      5th D.L.I.
                 M. Hook
   Pte.          R. Hopper          Tank Corp.
   Pte.          T. Hopper          D.L.I.
   Pte.          W. Hodson          8th D.L.I.
   Pte.          R.A. ?Humble       25th N.F.   
   Pte.          T. Harker          11th D.L.I.  
   Pte.          T. Hamble          26th N.F.
   Pte.          Hulley        
   Pte.          H. Ingles          8th E. Yorks. 
   Pte.          W. Jackson         8th D.L.I. 
   Pte.          T.W. Jarvis        8th D.L.I.
   Pte.          W. Jarvis
                 J.T. Johnson       13th D.L.I.        
   Pte.          J.J. Johnson       Labour Corps.
   Gun.          E. Johnson         R.F.A.
   A.B.          N. Johnson         R.N.   
   Pte.          J. Johnson         16th N.F.
   Pte.          E.W. Keeble        D.L.I.
                 H. Kelly 
   Trooper       J. Kelly           D.G.  
   Pte.          A. Kerwin          9th Yorks.
                 W.Y. Keys          Wells.
   Pte.          T. King            2nd N.F.
                 J.F. Kinsley       R.I.R.
   Pte.          H. Kirk            2nd D.L.I.
                 J. Kirwin          W.R. 
   Pte.          J. Kay
   Pte.          J.A. Laing         M.G.C.
   Pte.          F. ?Lawther        R.L.R.   
   Sgt.          A.C. Le Caunt      13th N.F.   
   Pte.          L.A. Le Caunt      9th Yorks.      
   L-Corpl.      F. Lockey          18th D.L.I.    
                 G. Liddell 
   Pte.          T. Lockwood        ?13th D.L.I.   
                 T. Loftus
                 M. Lowery          25th N.F.
                 F. Lumsden
   Pte.          A. Lee             D.L.I. 
   Lance-Corpl   R. Lee             21st Canadian
   Pte.          W. Lock            15th D.L.I.
   Corpl.        J.R. Madden        R.F.A           
   Sergt.        A. MacNamara       Yorks.
   Pte.          Mewlay             8th N.F. 
   Lt. Col.      P.L. Maddison      8th D.L.I.
   2nd Lt.       G. Maddison        7th Norfolk
   Corp.         W. Marshall        8th D.L.I.
                 J. Mason
                 R. Matthews
   Corp.         A.F. Maynard       R.N.V.R.
   Pte.          T. Markham         15th D.L.I. 
   Pte           G.F. McGregor      22nd D.L.I.  
   Pte.          F.P. Merris        7th West Yorks. 
                 J. Melia 
                 Jos. Melia
   Pte.          J. Metcalfe        M.G.C.
   Pte.          P. Minto           1st Cam. High
   Pte.          E. Mitchell        5th Shropshire L.I. 
   Pte.          J.D. Mobbs         20th D.L.I. 
                 A. Moore
   Corp.         W. Morant          D.L.I.
   Gun.          E. Morgan          R.G.A.
   Pte.          J. Morgan          8th D.L.I.
   Pte.          W.A. Morley        10th Essex
   Corpl.        C. Morris          18th D.L.I.
   Pte.          S. Mong            D.L.I.       
                 R. Murdock  
   Pte.          W.H. Myers         2nd Border
   Pte.          J. Maxwell         D.L.I.
   Pte.          McDermott          D.L.I. 
   Pte.          Nelson             6th West Yorks. 
   Sergt.        A.G. Noble M.M.    8th E. Yorks.       
   Sergt.        A. Norwood         27th N.F. 
   Pte.          W. Naylor          Yorks.
   Bomb.         J. Oliver M.M.     R.F.A.     
   Pte.          A. O’Connor        8th D.L.I.    
   Pte.          J. Oughton         1st N.F.
   Master-At-Arms F.G. Parry        R.N.
   Pte.          G.V. Parry         K.O.Y.L.I. 
   Pte           G.W.P. Peacock     Can. Ex. Force
   Lance-Corpl.  J. Pedwell         8th D.L.I.
   Pte.          W. Pedwell         8th D.L.I.
   Corpl.        J. Pennington      13th N.F.
   Pte.          H. Perrin          15th London 
   Pte.          T. Peverall        8th E. Yorks.
   Gun.          W.E. Phillips      R.F.A. 
   Pte.          G.A. Pickering     5th N.F. 
   Trooper       A. Potter          7th Hussars  
   Pte.          J. Powney          27th N.F. 
   Pte.          J. Pratt           16th D.L.I.
   Pte.          T. Pratt           7th Yorks.
   Bandsman      G. Preece          22nd D.L.I. 
   Pte.          E. Procter         N.F.
   Trooper       J. Procter         10th Hussars   
   Pte.          J. Purvis
   Pte.          A. Potts           Hussars
   Pte.          J. Raine           M.G.C.
                 -. Ramshaw
   Pte.          J. Reay            D.L.I. 
   Pte.          G.A. Reed          4th D.L.I.    
   Pte.          T. Radshaw         1st Essex
   Pte.          A. Richardson      6th West Yorks.
   Gun.          J. Ritchie         A.I.F. 
   Lt.           F.J. Roberts
   Lt. Col.      G.C. Roberts       Cheshires  
   Sergt.        T. Robey 
   Sadler (sic)  A.V. Robinson      R.F.A.
   Pte.          R. Robinson
   Pte.          T. Robinson        Somerset L.I. 
   Sapper        J.A. Robson        R.E. 
   Trooper       J. Rollin          9th Lancers  
   Sergt.        J.L. Rowan
   Pte.          F. Rowntree        R.A.M.C.
   Driver        W. Rowntree        R.F.A. 
                 C. Rule
   Pte.          J.W. Rule  
   Pte.          J.W. Russell       8th D.L.I. 
   Gnr.          R. Todd            R.F.A.
   Pte.          J.R. Salisbury     N.F.
                 C. Saxby
                 J. Scarth          2nd Coldstream Guards 
                 D. Scott
                 J. Sewell
                 J.B. Sewell        8th D.L.I. 
                 J. Shankie         18th D.L.I. 
   Pte.          F.A. Shaw          12th D.L.I.
   2nd Lieut.    S. Shepherd 
                 T.H. Shepherd      West Yorks.
   Pte.          A. Smith           7th Scottish Rifles
   Sergt.        J. Smith           10th D.L.I. 
   Pte.          J.H. Smith         6th E. Kent  
   Lance-Corpl.  J.A. Smith         8th D.L.I.
                 J.G. Smurthwaite   2nd Y. and L.
   Pte.          A. Snowdon         19th D.L.I.
   Pte.          A. Spence          2nd Grenadier Guards
   Pte.          C.H. Spence        20th D.L.I.
   Pte.          C. Stephenson      Lincs.
   Pte.          C.W. Stephenson    D.L.I.
   Pte.          R. Stephenson      3rd N.F.
   Pte.          R. Stephenson Jnr. 2nd N.F.
   Bomb.         J. Stewart         R.F.A. 
   Lance-Corpl.  J.B. Stewart       6th Yorks.
   2nd Lieut.    J.G. Stobart       R.B.
   Corpl.        G. Strong          9th Yorks.
   Pte.          J. Strong          10th D.L.I.    
   2nd Lieut.    K.B. Stuart        8th D.L.I. 
   Pte.          T. Summerbell      8th N.F.
   2nd Lieut.    F.D. Summerscales  22nd D.L.I.  
   Sig.          F. Sutton          R.N.D.
   Pte.          C.R. Sweeting      18th D.L.I.
   Gun.          A.E. Short         R.F.A. 
   Dr.           A. Tait            R.F.A.
   Corpl.        E. Tait            22nd D.L.I.
   Pte.          J.J. Tait          10th D.L.I.
   Pte.          P. Tait            K.O.Y.L.I.
   Pte.          W. Taylor          East Yorks. 
   Sapper        T. Telford         R.E.  
                 T. Thew            11th D.L.I. 
   Sapper        A. Thomas          R.E.
                 W. Thompson        8th D.L.I.
   Pte.          A. Thwaites        8th D.L.I.
   Lt.           F.C. Tilbrook      7th D.L.I.       
   Gun.          R. Todd            R.G.A.
   2nd Lt.       J.S.M. Tombs       R.F.A.
   Pte.          S. Trevitt         18th D.L.I.
   Corpl.        Richard Trow       1st East Yorks.
   Gun.          Robert Trow        R.G.A. 
   2nd Lt.       A. Tumilty         Dublin Fus.
   Sapper        C. Vasey           R.E.
   Pte.          J. Vasey           D.L.I.
   Sgt.          T.H. Vasey         12th D.L.I.
   Pte.          R. Vasey           7th East Yorks.
   Pte.          A. Vest            1st East Yorks.
   Pte.          C. Vest            2nd D.L.I.  
                 J. Wade            3rd D.L.I.
   Pte.          J.A. Waggott       2nd D.L.I.
   Pte.          J.H. Walburn       N.F.
   L.Cpl.        F. Walker M.M.     10th R. Hussars 
   2nd Lt.       T.J. Waller        3rd N.F.
                 A. Walton          5th D.L.I. 
   Corpl.        J. Walton          1st West Yorks. 
   Pte.          N. Walton          16th D.L.I.   
   2nd Lt.       H.F. Walton        27th N.F.
   Pte.          T. Walton
                 H. Wandless        8th D.L.I.
                 E. Warrant
                 H. Watson          9th D.L.I.
   Pte.          W.A. Watson        18th D.L.I.              
   Pte.          T. Woodward        18th D.L.I. 
   Sergt. Maj.   E.M. Watts         10th N.F.
   Pte.          F. Williamson      R.A.S.C. 
   Pte.          A. Wealands        13th D.L.I.         
   Pte.          J. Welsh           7th Yorks.
   Pte.          F.E. Welsh         10th D.L.I. 
   Pte.          H.H. Welsh         15th D.L.I.  
   Pte.          J. Wise            18th D.L.I.
   Pte.          T.C. Wright        D.L.I.
   Sergt.        W.G. Wright        N.F. 
   Pte.          A.J. Wright        N.F. 
   Pte.          F.E. Wills         10th D.L.I.
   Sergt.        H.H. Wills         D.L.I.
   Pte.          J. Wilson          18th West Yorks.
   Pte.          R. Young           3rd D.L.I.
   Sergt.        R. Yale            19th D.L.I. 

“A loving tribute to the above named who fell in the Great War”.

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