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Photo: James Pasby


Chair Thompson 1915 Baptist





Original Location

Baptist Church

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 29th June 1919 by Rev. J.D. Raw.

Memorial Description

Large centre chair, 46 inches high x 24 inches wide (1.16m X 608mm)
At centre top is a small plaque bearing the dedication in lower case sans serif apart from the name which is in upper case.

Materials used



To the cherished memory of
my dear husband Joseph Thompson
who was killed in action Sep. 25 1915
also of our son Ron who died Aug. 8 1915
Presented by Mrs M. Thompson


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Who commissioned

Mrs. M. Thompson, widow


1. “The memorials erected in Esh Winning Baptist church in memory of those connected with the church who have fallen in war were dedicated . . .The memorials took the form of . . . a large centre chair by Mrs. M. Thompson in memory of her soldier husband . . .”

2. See Every Name A Story

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Photos: James Pasby

Durham Chronicle 04/07/1919 reports unveiling.

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