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Memorial 1914-18 Marine Engineers' Association





Original Location

Club premises at 41 New Arcade.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 11th December 1920 by the Mayor of Sunderland; dedicated by Rev. F.J. Cutts, Chaplain to the Mission to Seamen.

Memorial Description


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(Dedicated to 43 members who fell)


Who commissioned

Marine Engineers Association

How money was raised

Marine Engineers Association

Present condition

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1. “If the ‘New Arcade’ is referring to St. Thomas's Arcade, which I think it is, then this arcade was damaged by German bombing in the same air raid that demolished St. Thomas's Church. The arcade was re-opened after repairs but was later demolished to make way for the building of the new telephone exchange." (Alan Vickers)

2 Alderman Walker's address at the unveiling included the fact that he had direct connection with marine engineering. "His father was a member of the craft, and a younger brother of his was lost off Flamborough Head whilst acting in a similar capacity."

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Northern Echo 13/12/1920 reports unveiling.

Sunderland Echo 08/12/1920 reports proposed unveiling; 11/12/1920 reports unveiling.

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Dorothy Hall; Alan Vickers; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale

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Memorial 1914-18 Marine Engineers' Association (S140.120)

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The following has been extracted from a 
newspaper report and has not been compared 
with the original nor with a photo.

   W.J. Kennedy      C. Griveson
   A.S. Fleming      A.E. Millican  
   J.W. Allan        H. Plenge
   G. Cowell         C.E. Harrison
   R.H. Horsborough  J.C. Erskine
   R. Phillipson     R. Goodfellow
   J.D. Storey       J.W. Manson
   R. Simpson        W. Burlinson
   T. Chambers       W.J. Allan
   J.N. Pratt        G. Moore
   J.T. Douthwaite   G.A.V. Taylor
   M. Watson         J.C. Esdon
   E. Landreth       F. Morgan
   J.J. Sparks       F.V. White
   W.W. Wilson       A.A. Quenet
   S. Bell           G.J. Boswick
   T.M. Potts        W.M. Gibbins
   T. Judge          F. Potts
   O.G. Colvin       D.W. Brown
   J.M. Hudson       T. Blenkinsopp
   A.E. Bennett      R.M. Butters
   C. Landreth       J. Shotton
   W.S. Morgan

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