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ROH 1914-18 Wingrove Road Presbyterian




FENHAM (N'castle/Wingrove)

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NZ 226648

Original Location

Wingrove Road Presbyterian Church

Present Location

The church is now called Robert Stewart Memorial United Reformed Church

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Unveiled 18th January 1920 by W.J. Noble of West Denton Hall. Dedicated by Rev. Robert Stewart.

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(Dedicated to members who served)


How money was raised

Public subscription.

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Newcastle Daily Journal 19/01/1920 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 19/01/1920 reports unveiling.

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ROH 1914-18 Wingrove Road Presbyterian (F31.29)

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Wingrove Road Presbyterian Church 
   In memory of the men of this church who
   gave their lives in the First World War

   James Bunyan       William Harvey     Alexander Oliver
   Thomas W. Baynes   Ernest Hastie      Robert J.A. Roberts
   Norman Bell        Henry Jackson      Thomas Robson
   Louis Collier      George Leslie      James Rutherford
   Thomas Dickman     James Leslie       James Shearer
   Charles W. Elliott Thomas S. Mabon    Birnie Sim
   Fred Fenwick       William Mair       Bert Smith
   John Forster       Rev. John McNeil   George Tait
   Thomas Friar       William P. Miller  Oliver Tunnell
                      James Wright  

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