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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Wellesley Training School





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NZ 319800

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Wellesley Nautical School, Links Road.

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Roll of Honour. The top is drawn by hand and features sailor for the Navy and a soldier for the Army. At centre is an old battleship . Down the side are Nelson’s words “England Expects that every man will do his duty”. The names are printed in two columns, with the date of ?enlistment, and the sphere of service.

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Roll of Honour of old boys of / Wellesley Training Ship / on / Active Service / 1914.


Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Tony Harding

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Tony Harding

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Wellesley Training School (B42.08)

BLYTH    Wellesley Nautical School

Left hand column  
   NAME             Date of      SERVICE                   
   Absalom, Wm.     15.1.10    1st Batt. North. Fus.     
   Atkinson, Wm.    5.2.10     H.M.S. “Queen Mary”      
   Armstrong, R.    14.10.10   1st Batt. D.L.I.          
   Alcock, G.       19.3.12    H.M.S. “Conqueror”       
   Beer, G.         23.9.07    Royal Army Medical Corps  
   Brown, H.A.      6.4.08     H.M.S. “Africa”          
   Bestford, R.     10.2.09    2nd Batt. D.L.I.          
   Burgess, W.H.    18.8.09    2nd Batt. K.O.L.I. [sic]  
   Bradshaw, Ed.    15.3.10    H.M.S. “Apollo”          
   Burnett, T.      19.10.10   “      “Terrible”        
   Brown, T.        18.2.11    North. Fusiliers.         
   Beresford, A.    19.3.11    H.M.S. “Venerable”       
   Barlow, J.W.     22.4.13    Royal Naval Barracks      
   Bennett, J.      22.4.13    H.M.S. “London”          
   Battista, W.A.   6.5.13     “      “Russell”         
   Brewster, T.     18.9.13    “      “Royal Arthur”    
   Brown, J.H.      2.10.13    “       “        “        
   Booth, A.E.      14.7.14    Royal Naval Barracks      
   Bland, Wm.       3.6.12     15th Platoon E. Yorks.    
   Basnett, J.      5.11.14    1st Batt. E. Lancashire.  
   Balmbra, J.      13.2.12    4th D. Royal R.A.         
   Bell, C.         1.12.14    H.M. Yacht “Verona”     
   Bird, J.C.       17.10.11   H.M.S. “Conqueror”       
   Banks, H.        28.10.11   2nd Batt. E. Lancashire.  
   Barker, F.       18.1.12    R. Irish Fusiliers        
   Bearpark, L.     11.4.12    H.M.S. “Philomel”        
   Bruce, W.J.      15.4.12    2nd Batt. D.L.I.          
   Barton, E.L.     11.9.12    H.M.S. “Adamant”         
   Batey, A.E.      16.10.12   “      “Indefatigable”   
   Birkett, J.      23.10.12   2nd Batt. D.L.I.          
   Berry, F.        17.4.13    H.M.S. “Dominion”        
   Casey, J.        19.6.08    5th Batt. North.Fusiliers 
   Clennen, T.      21.11.08   2nd Batt. K.O.S.B.        
   Crowe, A.A.      21.5.09    H.M.S. “Victory”         
   Christlow, T.    1.10.09    4th Batt. D.L.I. - Killed.  
   Crowe, W.        29.1.12    H.M.S. “Formidable”      
   Clinch, J.       2.2.12     “      “Hibernia”        
   Cartwright, G.   3.1.13     Royal Marine Artillery   
   Carney, A.       22.8.13    1st Batt. So. Wales Bord. 
   Claridge, R.     11.5.14    H.M.S. “Ganges”          
   Cranston, N.     4.3.13     6th Batt. B. Coy. N.F.    
   Cowan, T.        18.7.12    14th Batt. N.F.           
   Casson, J.       24.2.11    Royal Naval Brigade       
   Collinson, T.    1.10.14    2nd Batt. D.L.I.          
   Cox, Jas.        1.1.10     12th Batt. Cheshire.      
   Cooper, W.H.     28.5.12    12th Batt. Welsh.         
   Davies, Ed. K.   21.9.07    H.M.S. “Britannia”       
   Donnelly, M.     2.6.09     1st Batt. D.L.I.          
   Dunn, Thos.      29.5.11    North. Fusiliers.         
   Dunleavy, Jas.   19.9.05 [?]6th Batt. North.Fusiliers 
   Ellis, Geo.      6.5.09     2nd Batt. Royal Berks.    
   Easson, W.       19.10.12   1st Batt. D.L.I.          
   Emery, W.        16.9.13    Royal Naval Barracks      
   Edwards, Geo.    4.2.13     Royal Naval Division      
   Foster, Ben.     6.6.08 [?] Cheshire Regiment         
   Flatley, J.      20.9.10    11th Coy R.G.A.           
   Frost, F.E.      3.10.10    H.M.S. “Gambrian”        
   Frith, D.        7.10.10    “      “Fishguard”       
   Foster, A.       15.11.10   “      “Inflexible”      
   Fordy, W.        20.3.12    “      “Shannon”         
   Fletcher, J.     20.3.12    “          “              
   Frost, J.        9.11.12    2nd B. D.L.I. - Wounded   
   Fairs, J.W.      24.2.13    H.M.S. “Queen”           
   Fletcher, N.     29.5.11    West Yorkshire Regt.      
   Fishburn, A.     1.10.14    2nd Batt. D.L.I.          
   Fethon, C.P.     10.12.14   Band Royal Horse Gds.     
   Greenacre, T.    26.5.09    1st Batt. K.O.Y.L.I.      
   Gates, Jas. T.   7.9.09     3rd Batt. D.L.I.          
   Green, M.        3.10.10    H.M.S. “Lord Nelson”     
   Graham, W.       27.11.11   “      “Natal”           
   Gartry, J.       18.7.13    “      “Achillies” [sic] 
   Garritty, Hugh   29.5.11    Lancashire Fusiliers.     
   Gallagher, M.    5.5.11     “                 “       
   Hickman, Z.      11.8.08    K.O.S. Borderers.         
   Hutchinson, W.   12.12.08   2nd Batt. K.O.Y.L.I.      
   Hussey, Jas.     16. 1.09   H.M.S. “Suffolk”         
   Harrison, Jas.   9.7.09     2nd Batt. Manchester Reg  
   Hulbert, J.      5.11.09    87th R.I.F.               
   Hughff, J.W.     24.12.09   H.M.S. “Queen”           
   Harrison, T.W.   18.4.10    2nd Batt. E. Lanc. Regt.  
   Higgins, M.      1.12.10    2nd Batt. Manchester Reg.  
   Hessay, A.       24.3.11    H.M.S. “Audacious”       
   Hessay, B.       18.7.12    North. Fusiliers.         
   Hobson, J.W.     3.10.13    R.N.B. Shotley            
   Harthen, J.      15.4.12    H.M.S. “Duke of Edinb’gh” 
   Houghland, E.    16.10.12   “      “Inderatigable” [sic] 
   Henley, F.       27.3.13    “      “Hawk” Drowned.   
   Hewison, J.      22.8.13    1st Batt. So. Wales Bord. 
   Hall, J.J.       26.1.14    H.M.S. “Ganges”          
   Hadfield, Wm.    23.1.12    8th Batt. Cheshire Regt.  
   Howitt, F.                  Welsh Borderers, - Killed 
   Harper, Wm.      1.1.11     6th Batt. E. Yorks Regt.  
Right hand column

   NAME             Date of    SERVICE
   Hawkesley, W.    1.10.14    2nd Batt. D.L.I.  
   Inglett, Jas.    14.2.11    Royal Field Artillery.
   Johnstone, T.    5.12.10    H.M.S. “Redpole”
   Jackson, R.      31.3.11    “      “Suffolk”
   Johnson, J.      17.10.11   “      “Neptune”
   Joyce, J.H.      26.9.13    2nd Batt. D.L.I.
   James, W.        2.10.13    H.M.S. “Queen Mary”
   Joyce, Jas.      23.1.12    6th Batt. N.F.
   Jeffery, G.W.    1.10.14    2nd Batt. D.L.I.
   Kelly, M.        15.3.10    Army Service Corps.
   Keightly, N.     31.3.11    H.M.S. “Bulwark,” Killed.
   Kelly, J.        24.9.12    “      “Queen Mary”
   Kirkley, A.      12.4.13    4th Batt. West Yorks.
   Kelly, John      30.9.11    Loyal N. Lancs. Regt.
   Lane, W.         23.9.09    2nd Batt. D.L.I.
   Little, Geo.     5.1.10     5th Dragoon Guards
   Lycett, B.J.     12.6.11    H.M.S. “Achillies” [sic]
   Levers, C.H.W.   18.7.13    Royal Naval Barracks
   Lawton, J.       11.5.14    “         “          “
   Lamb, Michael        .06    Mine Sweeper
   Lane, A.         6.11.14    H.M. Yacht “Thistle”
   Lea, Jas.        11.12.09   H.M.S. “Himalaya”
   Leith, Alex.                Northumberland Fusiliers
   McArdle, C.      9.12.07    44th Coy R.G.A.
   Martin, P.       11.3.08    H.M.S. “Sapphire”
   Molloy, J.       27.8.09    17th Coy Army S. Corps.
   Marchant, W.     28.10.11   2nd Batt. E. Lancs. Regt.
   McCaw, S.E.      19.3.12    H.M.S. “Monmouth” - Dr’d
   McKenzie, F.     20.3.12    “      “Shannon”
   Murdy, J.        10.4.12    2nd Batt. D.L.I.
   Michaux, J.      14.3.13    H.M.S. “Centurion”
   McMullen, D.     1.6.08     Royal Naval B. Chatham.
   Moat, J. [?]     20.10.11   12th Batt. Lancs. Fusiliers.
   Martin, A.       14.9.12    4th Batt. D.L.I.
   McFarlane, G.    13.8.10    “        “
   McClelland, W.   25.9.14    2nd Batt. D.L.I.
   McKnight, Geo.   8.11.14    Royal Field Artillery
   Mather, Jno.     5.5.11     Tyneside Commercial B.
   Mulholland, S.   12.12.10   H.M. Yacht “Verona”
   Newman, C.W.     19.2.08    1st Batt. Royal Berks.
   Noon, Wm.        22.12.09   Lancaster Regiment.
   Neville, H.      25.4.10    H.M.S. “Black Prince”
   Newman, T.       20.3.12    “      “Formidable”
   O’Neil, H.       11.11.10   3rd Batt. D.L.I.
   Owens, J.        16.2.11    R.N.B. Chatham.
   Ogilvie, F.W.    27.5.11    H.M.S. “Dominion”
   Parker, G.       9.8.11     “      “Achillies” [sic]
   Parker, J.       5.9.13     “      “Carnavon” [sic]
   Pepper, M.       5.10.09    East Yorks Regiment
   Richardson, G.W. 14.4.08    H.M.S. “Talbot”
   Rawson, A.       27.10.09   2nd Batt. Leinster Reg.
   Rogers, R.       21.12.09   Wellingtou Barricks [sic]
   Robinson, J.     7.3.10     Royal Welsh Fusiliers
   Richardson, J.   2.2.12     H.M.S. “Cochrane”
   Rawlinson, M.    7.3.13     Royal Naval Barracks
   Redford, W.B.    25.7.13    H.M.S. “London”
   Richardson, W.   26.9.13    2nd Batt. D.L.I.
   Rowe, R.         16.2.14.   Royal Naval Barracks
   Richards, C.     28.9.12    6th Squadron, R.F.A.
   Renwick, J.      19.10.09   H.M.S. “Cressy” - Saved.
   Richardson, J.   2.2.12     “      “Pembroke”
   Robinson, Jas.      .05     1st Northumberland Fus.
   Storey, W.H.     14.8.07    2nd Batt. K.O.Y.L.I.
   Strong, H.B.     11.3.09    2nd Batt. Essex Regt.
   Simpson, R.      22.12.10   H.M.S. “Queen”
   Sharpe, W.H.     31.3.11    K.O. Yorks L.I.
   Saunders, H.     17.10.11   H.M.S. “Neptune”
   Saunt, W.        24.11.11   “      “Hercules”
   Skillon, D.      21.5.12    “      “Cochrane”
   Senior, T.N.     21.5.12    “      “Prince of Wales”
   Scott, T.        24.2.13    “      “Marlborough”
   Stewart, James              Royal Engineers
   Smith, H.A.      9.10.14    Royal Scots Fusiliers.
   Shipman, W.                 H.M.S. “Africa”
   Shipman, G.                 “      “Leviathan”
   Turner, J.       27.5.08    “      “Hindustan”
   Timms, Hy.       18.11.11   1st Batt. D.L.I.
   Tait, Ed.        24.9.12    H.M.S. “Queen Mary”
   Thewlis, L.      20.2.14    Royal Naval Barracks.
   Thorley, H.      25.5.14    “        “           “
   Underhill, J.    12.12.08   2nd Batt. K.O. Yorks L.I.
   Valentine, Wm.   8.8.08     2nd Batt. Seaforth Highl’d
   Wood, Alex.      11.3.08    H.M.S. “Renown”
   Wilson, W.G.     25.4.10    “      “Levithan” [sic]
   Weston, W.       29.4.10    “      “Fearless”
   Warwick, W.      8.7.10     1st Batt. W. Yorks. Regt.
   Waller, A.       10.11.10   H.M.S. “Lancaster”
   Wears, A.E.      22.7.13    “      “Achillies” [sic]
   Watson, E.B.     22.5.14    Royal Naval B. Shotley.
   Watson, Jas.     23.5.13    B. Company N.F.
   Wilson, A.       6.11.14    H.M. Yacht “Thistle”
   Winter, Reginald 3.9.13     Tyneside Scottish, 2nd Co.
                                       Moore, Printer, No. Shields. 

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