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Plaque Police 1914-18 1939-45 Memorial Garden





Map ref

NZ 357692

Present Location

Middle Engine Lane, Wallsend.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Memorial Description

Memorial in the shape of a notice board. There are two halves. The left half shows the names and locations of Police personnel who died in the two great wars. The right hand side lists the names of those who died during the course of their duties.
The names are in gilded lettering behind transparent panels. The headings are in sans serif lower case lettering; the surnames are in upper case with the Christian names in lower case.


Northumbria Police Memorial Wall


Who commissioned

Northumberland Police.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: James Pasby

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James Pasby

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Plaque Police 1914-18 1939-45 Memorial Garden (W7.46)

Frame 1
Pane1                             Panel 2  

  1st World War 1914-1918              2nd World War 1939-1945

  Gateshead Borough Police	    Gateshead Borough Police
    Hill       R                        Watson      Ernest E
    Scott      T                        Schofield   George
    Smith      W
    Tailford   J                      South Shields Borough Police
                                        Armstrong   Joseph S.
  South Shields Borough Police          Lamb        Leslie
    Bloom      Thomas E                 Watson      Christopher
    Castall    Henry
    Donaghy    John E                 Sunderland Police   
    Edmondson  Richard                  Thompson    William H
    Farthing   John J
    Felstead   Oswald                 Tynemouth Borough Police
    Lillico    George R                 Cowell     L
    Romaines   William R                Daley      N.A.
    Smith      Ralph P                  Peverell   W.T.

  Sunderland Police                   Newcastle City Police
    Bousfield  William E                Anderson    John T
    Bromwich   James E                  Dickson     Victor
    Burge      Harry                    Elliot      Bernard
    Calvert    George                   Hiddes      Henry
    Cragg      Thomas G                 Hindmarsh   James
    Douglas    John                     Marriott    Robert
    Gannon     James W                  Middleton   Harvey
    Harrison   Thomas E                 Railton     Alfred
    Jackson    Edward                   Robinson    George
    Meldrum    Thomas                   Robson      James
    McLagan    Allan H                  Smith       John A.W.
    Nelson     John R
    Spoors     Thomas W              Northumberland County
    Tindall    John                  Constabulary
    Wood       Andrew P                 Bewick     John W
                                        Cherrey    Robert J
  Newcastle City Police                 Gilbert    Charles
    Batey      George                   Hall       Ernest
    Brain      George E MM              Hudson     Oliver
    Brown      Robert                   Liddle     Richard
    Dale       Richard A                Nelson     Tom J
    Earl       Thomas A                 Pearson    John L.W.
    English    John
    Haddock    John
    Hogg       John
    Hudson     Robert
    Keane      William
    Lindsay    Thomas
    Maughan    Ernest
    Nairn      William H
    Thompson   Nicholas
    Wheeler    John

 Northumberland Constabulary 
    Cowie      Henry
    Law        William
    McLennan   David B
    McDougall  Robert
    Shotton    John
    Strother   John
    Taylor     John
    Wooley     Robert
    Yorke      Edward BR
Frame 2
Left hand column

    Officers who died in the course of their duty

   Blyth Police                       Date of death
   PC  Harford          Patrick        13/08/1851

   Gateshead Borough Police
   PC  Scott            Thomas         06/10/1854
   PC  Graham           John           25/01/1889
   Sgt Laidler          Walter J       21/06/1934
   PC  Armstrong        Brian          12/09/1966

   River Wear Police
   PC  Wilson           Newby          06/09/1849
   PC  Hird             Robert         21/10/1852
   PC  Wilton           Benjamin       17/03/1863
   PC  Hird             William        29/11/1866
   Sgt Hasker           John S         04/11/1895
   PC  Longridge        William R      23/12/1911
   Insp Lakin           James          23/02/1913
   PC  Page             Charles P      21/06/1940

   River Tyne Police
   Sub Insp Pickering   Richard        06/01/1873
   PC  Haken            William        January 1880
   SC Mills             Thomas PS      03/02/1940
   PC  Rogerson         Charles M      18/01/1953

   South Shields Borough Police
   PC  Rodgers          Thomas         21/05/1914
   PC  Wheatley         George W       26/12/1957

   Sunderland Borough Police
   PC  Gray             Edward         11/03/1854
   PFm Dryden           William        04/11/1895
   Supt Best            William        22/02/1902
   SC Dale              Thomas S       01/04/1916
   DC Taylor            Ernest J       30/10/1942
   SC Slawther          Lancelot C     16/05/1943
   PWRC Eves            Thomas E       24/05/1943
   PC  Abbs             Raymond        11/05/1952

   Tynemouth Borough Police
   Insp Anderson        James          24/12/1889
   Cc Anderson          Alexander      28/11/1893
   PC  Potts            William        22/07/1933
   PC  Clements         Mornington A   10/04/1941
   PWRC Murray          George C       10/04/1941
   PWRC Hannah          John W         12/10/1941

   Newcastle Upon Tyne City Police
   PC  Atkinson         William        June 1756
   PC  Watson           Thomas         26/10/1856
   PC  Bain             Donald         17/12/1867
   PC  Ellison          William        07/06/1886
   PC  Robinson         John           02/10/1894
   PC  Hinson           James          22/08/1898
   PC  Pragnell         George         09/01/1915
   PC  Leggett          Henry          29/07/1928
   PC  Swinburn         Charles  MM    21/06/1931
   PC  Melville         Robert         30/08/1931
   Sgt Henderson        James S        10/10/1938
   PC  Donaldson        Thomas W       09/03/1960
Frame 2
Right hand column

   Tyne Dock & Piers Police
   Sgt Graham           John A         March 1922

   Newcastle Upon Tyne Police Fire Brigade
   PFm Batey            George         13/10/1877
   PFm Mitchell         Peter          13/10/1877
   PFm Murphy           William        23/09/1890
   PFm Grey             James          23/09/1890
   PFm Bowey            William        11/10/1890
   Supt Murray          Norman V       06/10/1940

   Northumberland County Constabulary
   A/Sgt Hall           William        21/12/1867
   PC  Grey             George         18/01/1873
   Sgt Hately           John           06/03/1875
   PC  Scott            Thomas H       28/11/1880
   PC  Henderson        Christopher P  28/06/1907
   PC  Mussell          George B  KPM  15/04/1913
   Sgt Barton           Andrew  KPM    15/04/1913
   PC  Telford          Robert         15/06/1915
   PC  Gibson           John           October 1917
   PC  Liddle           Roger          30/09/1941
   SC Gilbert           Charles        14/12/1942
   SC Hudson            Oliver         14/12/1942
   PC  Pattison         Ralph H        07/02/1949
   PC  Fyfe             John           23/07/1958
   PC  Grey             William A      24/05/1960
   PC  Benson           Victor H       26/09/1961

   Northumbria Police
   WPC Moses            Shirley        29/08/1976
   PC  Cavagin          Malcolm D      05/07/1981
   PC  Buckley          Daniel         14/02/1982
   PC  Bull             Bernard L      31/01/1991
   PC  Urwin            Michael        01/12/1992
   Sgt Forth            William        21/03/1993
   PC  Mcclughin        Samuel D       22/04/1996
   PC  Carroll          Joseph G       13/04/2006
   Insp Gunn            Philip         21/05/2010
   PC  Rathband         David J        29/02/2012
   PC  Davidson         John           06/11/2017

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