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Garson, J., Pte., 1914

Shields Daily News 02/12/1914

Illustrated Chronicle June 1915

Northumberland Hussars August 1914

Illustrated Chronicle June 1915

Northumberland Hussars passing down the North Road

Medal Index Card

In Boulogne Eastern Cemetery is the Commonwealth War Grave of 801 Private Jacob Garson, serving with 'B' Squadron Northumberland Hussars, who died 21/11/1914.

Jacob Garson was born in June 1886 at 54 Princess Street, North Shields the only son of two children to Jacob Garson, [born 1846, Huavath, Sandwick, Orkney, Scotland, died 1901], and his wife Eleanor, nee Douglas, born North Shields 1854, died 30th November 1909. They were married on the 25th March 1879. The other child was Jacob's sister Eleanor, born 8th November 1890 at North Shields.

Jacobs father, also called Jacob was a Master Mariner and was one of seven children to William Garson, a fisherman, [born 1800, Sandwich, Orkney, and his wife Euphemia born 1816]. Jacob senior died on the 26th October 1901 at Albany Hospital, after being taken ill from the ship Woodford, ship nu 11065, on the 3rd October, he died from Hemorrhage and gangrene and other complications. His address was given as 34 Linskill Terrace, North Shields, Tynemouth.

Eleanor was the second daughter of a William B. Douglas, born 1822, died 16th January 1872, and his wife Elizabeth, born 1824, died on the 13th May 1896. The other daughter was a Georgina, who died 15th November 1901, she married a Charles Rutherford.

In 1865, Jacob senior was residing at 54 Princes Street, in 1894, he then was residing at 6 Brandling Terrace, then 34 Linskill Terrace, North Shields, Tynemouth.

In 1891, Jacob junior, was residing at 10 Nile Street, Tynemouth with his uncle, Charles Rutherford and his wife Georgina and their two daughters Beatrice and Janet. In 1901, Jacob's mother Eleanor, Jacob and his sister also called Eleanor were visiting the Mary J. Pomfret family home at 6 Bold Street, Southport, Ormskirk, Lancashire. Jacob's mother died on the 30th November 1909.

In 1911, Eleanor now 20, was residing at 34 Linskill Terrace, with Jacob who is working as a Clerk for Smith and Garson Estate Agents and valuations.

Eleanor, his sister got married on the 13th June 1914, at the Stephenson Street, Congregational Church, North Shields to a James Wilfred Irvine, [born 6th September 1885], son of Captain J. and Mrs J.W. Irvine of Tynemouth. She was given away by her brother Jacob. The best man was a Mr Alan Hunter from Monkseaton.

Eleanor and her husband resided at 11 Albury Park Road, Tynemouth, Northumberland, and were still residing there in 1939, James Irvine was a Managing Director of an Iron Foundry. Eleanor Irvine died on the 25th April 1972.

Jacob junior was a clerk at Smith and Garson Estate agents and Valuations then based at 83 Howard Street, North Shields, this was a partnership formed around July 1904, of William Stackpole Garson and a Mr Smith. Jacob was also a member of the Tynemouth Parish Church. Jacob also played Golf at the Tynemouth Golf Club.

Rev. Bro. Revd. David T. Youngson, PPAG Chaplain, Northumberland offers the following:

The information given below in respect of some of the brethren is the best possible conclusions from Lodge records, Grand Lodge records and Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

2327 St Oswin Lodge
Year of Warrant 1889
Freemasons Hall Norfolk Street North Shields

801 Private GARSON Jacob
Household Cavalry
Northumberland Hussars B Squadron

The son of Jacob and Eleanor Garson of North Shields, he was born at North Shields. A Clerk, he was Initiated on the 21st April 1913; Passed 19th May 1913 and Raised on the 16th June 1913. Residing at Tynemouth, he enlisted at Newcastle and died of wounds on the 21st November 1914 aged 28. He is buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France, Grave Reference: III.A.61."

He was a member of the Newcastle & District Motor Club and joined up in the early days of war, being attached to the Northumberland Hussars.

Jacob was now boarding at 11 Albury Park Road, Tynemouth, Northumberland, [at his sister and her husband James residence], when he enlisted on the 13th August 1914, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and was allocated service nu 801 in 'B' Squadron, Northumberland Hussars.

After training, Jacob embarked for France from Southampton on the Minneapolis, ship nu 110515, on the 5th October at about 1 pm, disembarking at Zeebrugge. On the 8th October at about 9 am they struck-out westwards to Ostend. Acting as a flank guard for the Division. October 10th arrived at Ghent. October 14th Ypres was entered, the place had been looted by the Germans. October 23rd Hooge Chateau.

On the 31st October he was wounded by a bullet through his lung at Polygon Wood, he was evacuated to the No 7 Base R. S. Hospital at Boulogne, but died of his wounds on the 21st November 1914.

In his will he left 4478 17s 4d to Eleanor Irvine [his sister], wife of James Wilfred Irvine.

Newcastle Journal - Saturday 28/11/1914:

DEATH OF LOCAL SOLDIER IN HOSPITAL. Trooper Jacob Garson of the Northumberland Hussars, died in hospital in Boulogne, on Saturday, word to the effect being received yesterday by his friends in North Shields. Garson who was 28 years of age, was shot through the lungs during the operations in which the Hussars were recently engaged in Belgium.

Shields Daily News 28/11/1914:

DEATHS. GARSON. At hospital, Boulogne, on November 21st Trooper Joseph Garson, of Northumberland Hussars, aged 28 years, beloved son of the late Captain Jacob and Eleanor Garson.

Shields Daily News 30/10/1914:

WITH THE NORTHD. HUSSARS. North Shields Men Wounded at the Front. With regard to the list of wounded Northumberland Hussars which is printed in another page, two of the names are those of very well known Shieldsmen, namely Jacob Garson, son of the late Captain Jacob Garson of North Shields and Stanley Dodds, eldest son of Mr Wm. Dodds, formerly an alderman of Tynemouth, and now residing in Newcastle. Mr Dodds served his time as an electrical engineer. It is stated that both men being expert cyclists were engaged as despatch riders for the regiment.

Morpeth Herald 30/10/1914:

Colonel Cookson gives news of the following wounded 'Trooper J. Garson, Tynemouth, bullet wound in lungs'.

Shields Daily News 02/12/1914:

TROOPER JACOB GARSON, of North Shields, who died at Boulogne on November 22nd, from a wound received during the cavalry operations in Belgium about five weeks ago. Deceased, who was 28 years of age, was a motor cyclist despatch rider to the Northumberland Hussars.

Tynemouth Parish Church Monthly Magazine January 1915.

54 past and present members of the Parish Hall have joined the colours, and amongst those who have laid down their lives are David Wallace and now Jacob Garson. Two others have been wounded (Stanley Dodds and M. G. Morrison). So our friends take their place in the Noble Army of Martyrs.

Shields Daily News Friday 05/02/1915:

KILLED IN ACTION. A Tynemouth Trooper's Will. Trooper Jacob Garson, of the Northumberland Hussars, of 11 Albury Park Road, Tynemouth, formerly of Linskill Terrace, North Shields, who died at the base Hospital, Boulogne, on the 21st November last, aged 25 years, left unsettled property of the gross value of 5,478, with a net personalty 3,600. Probate has been granted to his sister, Mrs Eleanor Irvine, the sole executor.

Tynemouth Parish Church Monthly Magazine May 1915:

Next month we hope to have room in our magazine for the list of those members who have 'willingly offered themselves.' This we hope to make as complete as possible, so that we may have a permanent record of those of our own who offered to lay down their lives for liberty and righteousness. It is a list to be proud of. Already its first fruits have been accepted: first, David Wallace; then Jacob Garson; and now Nevill Brook. Brave lads, their reward shall be eternal.

Shields Daily News Thursday 30/09/1915:

TYNEMOUTH ROLL OF HONOUR. Local Men Who Have Fallen in the War. Below we give a list of residents of the Borough of Tynemouth who have lost their lives in the present war. As this list may be re-published, with additions, at a later date, it is desirable that any corrections or additions which relatives may desire to make should be sent in at once to the Editor, 'Shields Daily News'. Names which are not to be found in the list should also be sent to the Editor, with the necessary information, so that they may be included in the revised list.

Source of photo: Northumberland Hussars on the way to Newcastle Central Station August 1914 Illustrated Chronicle June 1915

Jacob Garson is remembered at North Shields on N34.08, Tynemouth on T36.09, T36.14, and Newcastle in NUT239 page 276, and at Gosforth on G9.31, the Northumberland Masonic Roll of Honour and the Masonic Roll of Honour Part 1.

The CWGC entry for Private Garson

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