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Thompson, J.K., Sgt., 1919
The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 23/1/1919 reports the following:

A Sergeantís Death at Tynemouth.
Fall over the Cliff.
The body of a soldier, afterwards identified as that of Sergt. James Kithie Thompson, R.G.A., was found yesterday on the rocks at the east side of Tynemouth. The deceased, who was stationed at the Castle, complained on Tuesday of being unwell, and he had not been seen since that night. The body was found by two corporals, who communicated with the police, and afterwards assisted to carry the remains to the mortuary at Tynemouth Haven. The deceased is supposed to have fallen over the cliffs, which are about 103 feet high at the point where the body was found. The injuries were of a shocking nature. Thompson was 42 years of age, and belonged to the south of England.

No entry has been found in either CWGC or SDGW records.

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