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Teasdale, F.W., Rfmn., 1917
In Klein-Vierstraat British Cemetery is the Commonwealth War Grave of S/25468 Rifleman Frederick William Teasdale, serving with the Rifle Brigade who died 24/07/1917.

Angela Conroy has submitted the following extracted from the Shields Daily News 16/08/1917:

'Fred W. Teasdale, Rifle Brigade, killed in action July 24th 1917. He was 19 years of age, and resided at 19 Whitby Street.

Mrs Teasdale received the following letter from a chaplain in the Australian army:-"Dear Madam,- I expect you have already heard from the military authorities of the death of your son, F. Teasdale, who, with two of his mates, was killed instantly by the bursting of an enemy shell whilst in his duties. Being in the neighbourhood his officer asked me to read the burial service. His body is buried in a military cemetery not far from the scene of his death. His company are erecting a cross to mark the spot, and the grave will be cared for by the military authorities. Your great sorrow will be mingled with pride in that your lad died a noble death, giving his life as a sacrifice that others might live. May God comfort you in your bereavement, and grant to his soul joy and peace in Paradise. "

There is a head and shoulders photograph of Fred which accompanies the article.

He is remembered in North Shields on N34.22 and in Tynemouth onT36.14 page 26

The CWGC entry for Rifleman Teasdale

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