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Longstaff brothers, 1939-45

George Longstaff

John Longstaff

Oswald Longstaff

William Longstaff

Newcastle Journal 31/03/1943 reports:-

The following were all sons of Mr. and Mrs. W. Longstaff of 78 Redburn View, North Shields who served in the 1939-45.

They were all educated at Ralph Gardner School.

George Longstaff served with the Royal Navy in Middle East

John Longstaff, aged 19, was a Sergeant Pilot in the Royal Air Force, having received his wings in Canada.

Oswald Longstaff, aged 18, served with the Merchant Navy.

William Longstaff, aged 21, was a Corporal in the Royal Air Force.

Newcastle Journal 31/03/1943 newspaper article

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