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Holmes, N., Cabin Boy, 1939-45

Newspaper photo

The Shields Daily News 23/05/1941 reports:

“Shields Youth War Prisoner.
Mrs. Nichol Holmes, of 1 Elnwood Road, Chirton, North Shields, has received a letter from her only son, Nicholas Holmes, aged 17, stating that he is a prisoner of war in Bordeaux and is well.

The ship is which he had served as a cabin boy was reported on April 1 as being gravely overdue and presumed lost.

The gratifying news has since been received that all the crew were saved simultaneously which, Mrs. Holmes received the reassuring letter from her son.

Nicholas Holmes was educated at the Ralph Gardner School, after which he began serving his time as a fitter with the Shields Engineering and Dry Dock Co.

He left, however, in January after serving 12 months at the engineering works to go to sea. He was on the first voyage when the vessel was lost through enemy action".

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