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Matthews, T.R., 1st Mate, 1915
On Tower Hill Memorial is the name of First Mate T.R. Matthews, serving with the Mercantile Marine, who died 14/10/1915.

Rev. David Youngson has submitted the following:

A Master Mariner of Chirton West View, North Shields, he was born at North Shields. He was Initiated on the 16th June 1908 aged 47; Passed 27th August 1908 and Raised on the 16th December 1908. He was the husband of Mrs. Matthews of Bainbrough Terrace, North Shields.

He died on the 14th October 1915 with age on CWGC as 50 and is remembered on the Tower Hill Memorial, London.S.S. "Combe"

S.S. Combe ship number 135180, of 2,030 tons was a non-commissioned ammunition ship which was lost on 12th October 1915 on a voyage from UK to Archangel. The cause was not recorded. S.S. Combe was a steel steam sloop of 2030 tons, length 83.88m (275 ft) breadth 11.88m (39 ft) and had a draught of 5.66m (18.6 ft). Owned by Stephenson & Clarke Ltd and registered in London, the shipmaster was a W. Lawrence.

The SS. Combe ship number 135180, was chartered by the RFA in 1915 to be used as an ammunition ship. On her last trip she was bound for Archangel from the Mersey, leaving Liverpool on 12/10/15 loaded with ammunition. She lost her escort on the 14/10/15 and was presumed lost. Lloyds posted her as missing with all hands 31/12/15. Her end appears to be a mystery. The SS Combe was built by Wood & Skinner & Co. Ltd., at Newcastle in 1912.

Thomas Robert Matthews is remembered at South Shields on S86.005 and in our List of Ships’ crews

S.S. Combe
The CWGC entry for 1st Mate Matthews

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