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Pratt, R.F., Surg.Prob., 1917

Photo: James Pasby

In Longbenton (Benton) Cemetery is the Commonwealth War Grave of:

Surgeon Probationer
R.F. Pratt, R.N.V.R.
H.M.S. "Tartar"
17th June 1917 Age 20.

Northumberland Record Office: (Dudley School Project) photocopy of photograph showing the Headmaster of Dudley School standing next to his son Raymond; also the headmaster's entry in the log for June 18th 1917 which reads "Master received word that his son has been killed in The Channel and will therefore be absent the remainder of the week in order to visit Dover and bring home the body for burial".

An old photograph shows Raymond Pratt as a child. On the back are the words “Raymond Pratt. Mother used to work for Mrs. Pratt, wife of headmaster of Dudley School. (Raymond was killed in the war)”.

H.M.S. "Tartar" struck a mine on the 24th June 1917.

Temporary Surgeon Probationer Raymond Pratt is remembered in Dudley D34.01, D34.03 and at Morpeth on M17.06, M17.12 and M17.30.

The CWGC entry for Surgeon Pratt

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