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Straker, A.G., 2nd Lieut., 1916

De Ruvigny Roll of Honour Vol 2 Page 287

On the Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France, is the name of Second Lieutenant Albert Gray Straker, serving with the 7th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, who died 03/10/1916.

Albert Gray Straker was born on the 3rd October 1892 at Blyth, and was the eldest son of William Potts Straker, of 30 Beaconsfield Street, Blyth, and his wife Ann Isabella, daughter of Captain Robert Gray.

Albert was educated at the Blyth Secondary School and at St. Paul's College, Cheltenham.

He eventually returned to Blyth to take up a teaching post for the Blyth Education Authority.

He then joined the Durham University O.T.C., in May 1915. Obtained a commission in the Northumberland Fusiliers on the 9th August 1915 and was sent overseas in May 1916.

He took part in the taking of High Wood 15th - 16th September and was killed in action near Flers on the 3rd of October 1916.

His battalion were holding the newly captured line between and in front of Le Sars and Eaucourt L'Abbaye.

His Colonel later wrote:- "A willing and good officer, and has worthily maintained the reputation of the battalion. I deeply deplore his loss, and we are proud to have had him amongst us even for so short of time."

A brother officer "Thus did we lose one of our best officers, and I one of my best friends. Up to this time poor Albert was ever in the most dangerous places, choosing them unselfishly and thinking only of his men, by whom he was very well liked."

De Ruvigny Roll of Honour

Morpeth Herald 13/10/1916 carries a brief obituary:

Second-Lieut. Albert Gray Straker, 30 Beaconsfield Street, Blyth, was killed on October 3rd. He held a scholastic appointment under the Blyth Education Authority before he joined the army. He was killed on the anniversary of his birthday.

He is remembered in Alnwick A11.59 (Buckley, F., War History of the Seventh Northumberland Fusiliers, Newcastle upon Tyne, T.M. Grierson, Printer, [N.D.]), at Blyth on B42.14, B42.18, B42.24, B42.34 and B42.43

The CWGC entry for 2nd Lieutenant Straker

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