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Lyons, G.J., Py/Off/Stkr., 1916

Photo: Brian Chandler

In Blyth Cemetery is the Commonwealth War Grave with a private headstone of 283619 (Ch.) Petty Officer Stoker George Jack Lyons, serving with H.M.S. Trident, Royal Navy who died 29/04/1916.

Born at Chilham, Canterbury.

The memorial to four seamen reads:

to the
memory of

They that go down
to the sea in ships
and occupy their
business in Great
Water, these men see
the works of the Lord
and His wonders in
the deep

Robert Larcombe, P.O. Tel., aged 32 years
Edward A. Howard, A.B., R.F.R. aged 28 years
John Smith, Sto. aged 23 years
who were killed at sea on H.M.S. E30 April 7th 1916
Also of George J. Lyons, P.O. Sto., H.M.S. Trident
who died April 29th 1916 aged 40 years

Erected by their shipmates

George Jack Lyons is remembered at Blyth on B42.40 and on our List of Ships’ crews

The CWGC entry for Petty Officer Stoker Lyons

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