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Marshall, J.L.M., Sjt., M.M., 1942
On the Alamein Memorial is the name of 843866 Serjeant Jacob Louis Miller Marshall, serving with the Royal Horse Artillery who died 23/07/1942.

Colin Boyd has provided the following:

Jacob was the son of George and Annie Marshall of South Newsham, Blyth. He was a pre-WWII regular soldier serving in the 3rd Regiment of the Royal Horse Artillery. He served in Palestine and was awarded the General Service Medal with Palestine clasp which was forwarded to his mother after his death.

Jacob was awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in the Western Desert which appeared in the London Gazette of 26/04/1942. The original recommendation reads:

"At 1230 hrs on 2nd January 1942 Lance-Sergeant Marshall led his section of 2 pounder guns to within 1000 yards of a battery of enemy infantry guns scoring direct hits on two of the guns and setting a tractor ablaze. Both these guns and the tractor were captured while the enemy withdrew with the other two guns. Lance-Sergeant Marshall then led his section forwarded close behind the retreating Germans and put another vehicle out of action, capturing two officers and three other ranks. While under fire from these light guns and other heavier guns behind Lance-Sergeant Marshall showed conspicuous gallantry and leadership with his two guns unaccompanied by any supporting troops except 25 pounder fire from guns behind them."

Jacob was still serving with the 3rd Regiment in the Western Desert when he was killed in action on 07/07/1942.

On the CWGC entry his second Christian name is given as "Louise".

Jacob Louis Miller Marshall is remembered in Blyth on B42.23

The CWGC entry for Serjeant Marshall

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