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Henderson, R., AC2, 1939

Photo: Brian Chandler

On the Runnymede Memorial is the name of 618765 Aircraftman 2nd Class Robert Henderson, serving with the Royal Air Force, who died 04/09/1939.

In Blyth (Cowpen) Cemetery is a family headstone which reads:

In loving memory of
the beloved sons of
Robert and Hannah Henderson
.Robert Henderson R.A.F.missing presumed killed 5th Sept. 1939
aged 25 years
Wilfred Henderson
died 31st March 1947 aged 18 years
Deeply mourned

Simon Glancey has submitted the following:

A.C.2 Henderson was killed when Vickers Wellington 1c L4268 of 9 Sqn was lost on a mission to attack enemy ships at Brunsbuttel harbour. The Wellington was shot down in the target area with the loss of all five crew members.
Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War: 1939-1940, Second Edition; W.R. Chorley; 2013; Ian Allan Publishing; ISBN 978 1 906537 40 1, page 76

He is remembered in Blyth on B42.19 and B42.23

The CWGC entry for Aircraftman 2nd Class Henderson

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