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Gaff, R.O., Sgt., 1944
On the Malta Memorial is the name of 1598329 Sergeant Robert Osmond Gaff, erving with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, who died 21/10/1944.

Simon Glancey has submitted the following:

Sgt. Gaff was killed after bailing out of Consolidated Liberator VI EW166 ‘Z; of 31 (S.A.A.F.) Squadron, nicknamed the ‘Dukaduka Special,’ on a mission to bomb Maribor marshalling yards in Yugoslavia. The aircraft was rendered temporarily uncontrollable during the bombing run over the target, and the crew advised to prepare to bale out. Control was restored, but by that time Gaff, one of the waist gunners, had bailed out over the Adriatic, and he was lost without trace.
No 2 Wing S.A.A.F. Diaries, and also "The Men who went to Warsaw" by Lawrence Isemonger, Freeworld Publications Ltd (2002), ISBN 0958438846.

He is remembered in Blyth on B42.23

The CWGC entry for Sergeant Gaff

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