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Bettison, M.H., Capt., 1916

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 26/04/1916

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 25/04/1916

In Ridge Wood Military Cemetery is the Commonwealth War Grave of Captain Mark Hedley Bettison, serving with the Durham Light Infantry who died 18/04/1916.

The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 24/04/1916 carries a brief reports of his death and 26/04/1916 has the photo shown here.
The report reads:
"Capt. Mark H. Bettison Killed.
The death is announced, in our obituary notices, of Captain Mark H. Bettison, of the Durham Light Infantry. Captain Bettison, who is reported to have been killed in action on April 18, was the youngest son of the Rev. H. and Mrs. Bettison, of Whitfield Rectory, Northumberland. He leaves a widow, Mrs. Alice H. Bettison."

Lloyds Bank TSB Group Archives, 25 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7HN has a "Book of Remembrance for 1914-18 which contains "Photographs of the members of the Directorate and Staff who lost their lives during the Great War 1914-1918" in which a photograph of Captain Bettison is included, as being attached to the Newburn branch of the bank.

He is remembered in Barnard Castle on B135.04 and B135.20, in Ryton on R33.01 and R33.08.08, in Newcastle upon Tyne on NUT049, in Haltwhistle on H5.06, in Whitfield in W43.01 and W43.02 and in the D.L.I. Book of Remembrance page 89

The CWGC entry for Captain Bettison