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Thompson, J.K., Capt., Korea, 1952

Photo: B. Chandler

In Rothbury Cemetery is a family headstone which reads:

In loving memory of
son of John S. & Jane Kidd
of Rothbury
who fell asleep Novr. 7th 1913
aged 35 years.
Also Jane Kidd, beloved wife of
John S. Kidd
who died February 23rd 1922
aged 79 years.
John Smails Kidd
husband of the above
died May 16th 1927 aged 84 years.
Capt. John Kidd Thompson
M.C. R.A. beloved son of
Andrew and Bessie Thompson
killed on active service
in Korea, June 22nd 1952,
aged 33 years,
& buried at Tanggok,
Fusan, Korea.

He is remembered in Rothbury on R24.01 and R24.10, in Morpeth on M17.06 and in Thropton on T16.02

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