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Pooley, G.H., Pte., 1914-18 (1932)

Photo: pooleydee George with his son Thomas

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Photo: pooleydee Shotton Cemetery

Photo: pooleydee

George Henry Pooley Family Group

In Shotton Cemetery is the unmarked grave of George Henry Pooley.

George Henry Pooley was born at 2 East Terrace, Waterhouses, Durham, in August 1877, baptised on the 23rd September 1877 at St. Paul's church, at Waterhouses, the eldest son of 5 boys of Henry George Pooley, son of George Pooley, [1832 - 1910], and Susan Tabner, [1832 -1918], [born 16th August 1854, Mildenhall, Suffolk, who died in October 1887], and his wife Hannah Armitage, [nee Shaw], [born Bradford, 1857, died 1929], they were married on the 2nd December 1876.

They had 6 children, Susannah, born January 1886, [who married James Gibbs, born 1877], William born 1883, James 1880 - 1901, Thomas born 1881, Charles born 1888 - all born at Waterhouses.

When her first husband Henry George Pooley died, Hannah remarried Matthew Johnson, born in 1857 at Houghton-le-Spring.

George Henry Pooley resided at Hamilton Row, Waterhouses, in 1891, then moved with the rest of the family to 18 Wilson Terrace, Haswell Plough, Durham. He married on the 18th December 1906 Elizabeth Shackler born Houghton-le-Spring, 1885.

George Henry was employed by the South Hetton Coal Company as a Weightman in a coal mine.

They were residing at George Street, Haswell Plough, Durham, in 1911 with their son Thomas Henry, [born 29th October 1909, baptised on the 1st December 1909, at Chapel Lane, Haswell, died June 1960]. Also in the same household was his stepsister? Sarah Johnson who was aged 18. On the 2nd May 1912, Susannah was born, baptised on the 29th May 1912 at Chapel Lane, Haswell, [married Robert E. Dale, born 1910, who died 1971], died March 1970 Sunderland, followed by a birth William Shackler, [born 7th November 1917, baptised on the 9th December 1917, St. Paul's, Haswell, Durham, died June 1957]. In 1939, William was residing at 59, Thornlaw North, Thornley, Durham, living in a household of Richard Harrison, [along with his brother Thomas Henry], he married on the 28th April 1944, to Florence May Musgrave, [1924 -1993].

George Henry enlisted into the 19th (Service), Battalion Durham Light Infantry at Sunderland, on the 1st March 1915, he was 36 years 6 months, 5 feet 1 and a quarter inches tall, Fresh complexion, grey eyes, dark hair. He was given the service number 19/312.

He was transferred to 'A' Company, 3rd Battalion Durham Light Infantry who were based at South Shields on the 30th October 1915, prior to this he had been posted to the 21st Battalion Durham Light Infantry from the 29th July 1915. George did not serve overseas, as he was discharged because of Obesity. Resulting in being short of breath on exertion, Legs deformed. The Medical Board report dated 10th February 1916 also states that the injuries are not aggravated by service.

He was discharged on the 24th March 1916 and was awarded the Silver War Badge. Being no longer physically fit for War Service under Kings Regulations Para 302 XVI. His character was described as fair.

He spent a total of 1 year and 24 days in the Army. He was entitled to a pension from the 18th May 1916 as a 'out' Chelsea pensioner. D79871.

On his discharge he was residing at Mary Street, Haswell Plough, Durham, where the family moved to in 1917.

George Henry died in December 1932 and is buried in an unmarked grave at Shotton Cemetery.

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