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Malia, J.P., (alias Clark), Pte., 1917
In Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay is the Commonwealth War Grave of 11769 Private Joseph Patrick Malia, serving in 'A' Company with the 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry who died 23/06/1917.

Joseph Patrick Malia was born on the 28th January 1895, and was baptised in St Godric Church.

His great-nephew John Malia has supplied the following:

I have been researching my family history for a few years now. I was having problems finding out about one of my great uncles, Joseph Patrick Malia, born 1895 in Durham City. Recently I found information on him. On around 1909 he went to live with an aunt and uncle in Shotton whose surname was Clark. When he joined up and was sent to France he met up with his oldest, brother James Malia, who told him - when he found out that he had joined up in the name of Clark - he should get his surname changed to Malia as that was his name, and not Clark. They both went to the company sergeant to try and get this done but Joseph Patrick was killed in action.

My granddad James Malia sent a letter to the army to get the name of Joseph Patrick Clark, 11769, changed to Joseph Patrick Malia (I have copies of the letter). The army did agree that Joseph Patrick Clark was an alias and that his name was Joseph Patrick Malia. His gratuities and medals went to my granddad and his siblings because his mam and dad were dead.

His name on the memorial in France was recorded as Joseph Patrick Clark. When I had gathered all the information I sent it to the CWGC to ask if they could change Joseph Patrick Clark's surname to Joseph Patrick Malia. I have now received a letter from them to say they will change the surname to Malia on their records and will change the surname to Malia on the memorial in France.

Joseph Patrick Malia is remembered in the DLI Book of Remembrance page 160, where his name is shown as "Clark".

The CWGC entry for Private Malia

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