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Hopper, C.H., App., 1943
On Tower Hill Memorial is the name of Apprentice Charles Henry Hopper, serving with the Merchant Navy who died on the 20/07/1943.

He was the son of W. G. and Nora Hopper, of Durham.

The Fort ships were a class of 198 cargo ships built in Canada during World War II for use by the United Kingdom under the Lend-Lease scheme. They all had names prefixed with "Fort" when built. The ships were in service between 1942 and 1985, with two still listed on shipping registers until 1992. A total of 53 were lost during the war due to accidents or enemy action. One of these, Fort Stikine, was destroyed in 1944 by the detonation of 1,400 tons of explosive on board her. This event, known as the Bombay Explosion, killed over 800 people and sank thirteen ships.

Charles Henry Hopper was aboard the Fort Pelly ship number 168346, which was sunk by German aircraft off Augusta Sicily on the 20th July 1914, in Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily.

I./KG 1 (based at Viterbo) - Lost 1.St. Ju 88A 4 (V4+AH) FTR from ops over Augusta harbor, 100%, 4 MIA.
II./KG 1 (based at San Pancrazio) - Lost 6.St. Ju 88A—4 (V4+FP) FTR from ops over Augusta harbor/Sicily, 100%, 4 MIA.
III./KG 54 (based at Grottaglie) - No aircraft lost or damaged. Off Augusta, the transports Fort Pelly (7131 BRT) and Empire Florizel (7056 BRT) were sunk, and the Ocean Virtue (7124 BRT) was damaged.
III./KG 100 (based at Foggia) - Mission unsuccessful. Aircraft driven off by AA fire before missiles could be launched.

He was associated with the Scouts of 1st Durham (St.Oswald's) Group.

Charles Henry Hopper is remembered at Durham on D47.038, D47.040 , D47.054 and D47.158 and in our List of Ships’ crews.

The CWGC entry for Apprentice Hopper

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