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White, C.B., A/Smn., 1915
On Helles Memorial is the name of Tyneside Z/2042 Able Seaman Charles Bradlaugh White serving with the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (Nelson Battalion) who died 13/07/1915.

Dorothy Hall has submitted the following:-

Charles White was the son of John (born Ireland) and Jane (born South Shields) White and was born January 8th 1893 at New Seaham. Charles was one of seven children Margaret Jane (Perkinsville 1878) Oliver (Perkinsville 1881), John William (Perkinsville 1883) Mary E. (Oxhill 1886) Hypatia A.B.B. (1890 Oxhill) , Rosina Edna L. (1896 Tanfield). In 1901 they are living at 3 Joicey Terrace Oxhill. Oliver is working as a Miner and John is working at the Co-operative Store.

In 1911 the family are living at 37 School Terrace South Moor. Father John is a Coal Miner Stoneman and Charles (18) is a Driver underground in the Coal Mine. Only Charles, Hypatia and Edna are living at home.

Charles Bradlaugh White enlisted November 27th 1914 and joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. He was listed as missing later presumed killed July 13th 1915.

John Giodano Bruno and Jane White, of 9, Roseneath House, Oxhill Villas, Stanley, received his 1914-15 Star and his British and Victory Medals.

John William White published a book of poems "The Charms of Durham " in 1923. The following poem is dedicated to his brother Charles.

To My Brother.

To my dear brother, Charles B. White, A.B., Tyneside Z, 2042, R.U.V.R.,
who was reported wounded on July 13th, 1915, and has since been untraceable.

My fears, my hopes, and my yearnings,
The children of love and esteem,
Are with me from morning till sunset,
And with me in every dream;
The absence of news from a loved one,
The dread of the silent unknown,
Is filling my heart with an anguish,
I yearn for my brother, my own.

Oh! tell me ye winds in a whisper,
Of him whom I'm longing to see,
Nurture my hopes of my brother,
And bring some sweet message to me;
Banish my fears and my yearnings,
And say I will see him again,
For surely he named me when lying
Out on the desert and plain.

Wounded and lost in the battle,
His blood flowing out on the sand,
Whilst I am unable to tend him,
To give him a grip of my hand;
The torture I feel in my yearning,
The misery born from my fear,
Is drowning the hopes I have foster'd
And robbing my heart of its cheer.

But come, gentle zephyrs, be kindly,
And put back the hope in my breast,
Say he still lives and is fighting,
One of the bravest and best;
For surely that voice isn't silent,
That pure loving heart isn't still,
My own must be beating in concord,
Responsive to his loving thrill.

Yes, surely we'll meet in the future,
I'll grasp my own brother's hand,
And say I am proud of the sailor,
Who fought for his own native land;
The hope that is urging within me,
Is surely a message from you,
I'll let it remain in my bosom.
My fears they must bid me adieu.

Charles Bradlaugh White is remembered at South Moor on S129.01 and at Stanley on S135.04

The CWGC entry for Able Seaman White

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