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70th Brigade Anniversary 1940
On 20th May each year we mark a sombre Anniversary as far as the North East of England is concerned. This is the date of the Battles of Ficheux and Mercatel, in Northern France in 1940, when the three Battalions of the 70th Infantry Brigade faced an assault by multiple Panzer columns, one led by Erwin Rommel, and, despite delaying the German armoured advance by 5 hours in a heroically desperate action, were eventually overwhelmed - losing many men killed and many more wounded and captured.

The men of the Brigade could now perhaps be regarded as having a very special musical Memorial, in the shape of the haunting song "Piper to the End" by Mark Knopfler, whose uncle - Lance Corporal Piper Laidler was killed, his pipes with him, as a member of 1st Tyneside Scottish on that day.

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